halloween themed show

some autumn/halloween aesthetics are: pumpkins, the colors orange, red, yellow, and brown, black cats, windy days, oversized warm sweaters, stepping on fallen leaves to hear the crunch, candy corn, old books, apple cider, pumpkin spiced/flavored everything, rainy nights, skeletons, halloween themed movies/shows on tv, junk food suddenly becoming orange and halloween themed, ghosts, spiderwebs, candy apples, pumpkin picking, haunted houses, corn mazes, those plastic pumpkin candy buckets, silhouette of bats against the night sky, witch hats, dumping your candy bag on the floor of your best friend’s living room and trading with them, dark red lipstick, the smell of dead leaves, vampires, fall scented candles, and jumping into leaf piles.

Top 5 Underrated Anime to Watch for Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! I know that I usually would open the askbox or do some kind of event for the holidays, especially my favorite one, but I just didn’t have time this Halloween and think that I have enough requests in the askbox to work on without adding others. So I decided to continue with this new thing I’m doing or anime analysis with a recommendation of the top 5 underrated anime I think you guys should watch this or any other Halloween. I worked hard on this so please enjoy!

5. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

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This is probably my favorite series of all time. Written by the author of Assassination Classroom, Yuusei Matsui, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is an occult detective fiction that tells the story of Neuro Nougami, a mystery-eating demon that, due to eating all the mysteries in demon world, comes to the Human World to find the ultimate mystery. With the help of teenager Yako Katsuragi, he founds a detective agency and the two go around solving cases around Japan. It’s not so much a straight-up horror or Halloween-themed show, which is why I have it so low on the list for how much I adore this series; it has very dark comedy and the characters definitely come across a lot of horrible things and characters as they investigate murder after murder. It’s a villain of the week type of show with a few recurring villains, especially when you go farther and read the manga, but you’ll, as messed up as it is, never get bored with the way the antagonists murder their victims. The show is highly stylized in just the way I love and the main characters Neuro and Yako have an amazingly original and fun friendship you loved to watch. The recurring protagonists are dynamic and original (one of them is a sentient braid of hair named Akane), the story arcs are fun, and it expertly plays hopscotch with the line between light-heartedness and fucked upness in an absolutely delicious way that makes it a juxtaposingly dark and fun show with the same weird, wacky, and twisted humor of Assassination Classroom, but about demons you won’t be afraid to watch at night but will definitely get you in the dark and spooky mood. I cannot recommend it enough.

4. Blood: the Last Vampire

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The Blood Series (Plus, C, etc.) are an anime Halloween classic and the original animated film did not used to be considered underrated at all, in fact, it was a staple, and for good reason! The artwork is beautiful with a stylized realism and amazing shading work that is just stunning to see. And the animation is just as smooth, crisp and realistic to match. The story is actuall pretty compelling and scary too, and pretty straight-forward. In the year 1966, Saya is the last of the pureblood vampires and is a stone-cold badass that spends her days killing the blood-sucking, bat-demons: chiropterans. The story takes place on her mission at a high school near the Yokota Air base where she is to pose as a student and hunt down the hiddern chiropteran. It’s a straight-forward but bloody story with terrifying artwork and just amazing direction, writing, and animation in both the sub and dub that, despite its loss of relevance over the last 16 years, still holds up remarkably well. If you’re looking for something bloody, edgy, and dark that isn’t Hellsing, this is a classic place to start.

3. School Live!

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If Japanese Horror has taught us anything, it’s that it can do a whole lot, by showing very little, and School-Live freaking nails that concept. The series follows the girls of the Megurigaoka School Living Club, specifically the super cheerful and optimistic Yuki Takeya, who experienced delusions of a regular moe-moe school life while the girls live in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It tricks the audience by setting the show up like a traditional moe club girl anime to be fully immersed in Yuki’s delusions, but tbh, I don’t feel totally guilty spoiling that because it’s pretty easy to predict that there’s something seriously wrong with it about five minutes in and it’s one of those shows you really enjoy a lot more once the secret it out. It’s ridiculously smart in the way it portrays it’s zombies and horror, far more unnerving than The Walking Dead’s gratuitous use of shock-value gore and violence (although I do also love that show), it really just plays double-dutch with how it comforts and yet at the same time alarms you through Yuki’s expertly portrayed delusions and growth, and especially in watching the growth in both the characters and the show openings—it’ll have you on the edge of your seat the whole damn time AND give you a couple best girls to choose from. What better way to spend your Halloween?

2. Highschool of the Dead

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Now on the opposite side of the zombie spectrum. Highschool of the Dead is a very straightforward zombie invasion story with overly-straightforward ecchi, harem themes to it—understandably so, it was written by a hentai artist after all—about a group of high schoolers trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s the straight up horror of The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later. Now I’m not saying this show is underrated because it’s not well known—it’s on every horror anime list and the manga, although on hiatus, is still a top seller. I’m calling it underrated because I don’t think that people give it nearly enough credit. Yes, the fanservice is ridiculous at times as is the way all the girls are constantly falling for Takumi, but the characters are all really dynamic and interesting, including the main audience-insert character Takumi, who actually, isn’t a totally pathetic, Gary-Stu audience insert. He’s funny, strong, courageous, and handsome with some real emotional baggage, and it’s actually pretty easy to see WHY girls fall for him. Similarly, the girls all have personalities, even if they do fall along the lines of harem tropes, these are pretty strong, independent and interesting women. And don’t even get me started on Kohta. I love that chubby little gun otaku so much I can’t even fucking stand it. Overall, I just think it’s a really solid story with one of the greatest English dubs I’ve ever seen that I think people are way too quick to drop because of its fanservice and if you stopped watching after the third panty shot in the first 10 minutes, go back and power through because you’re really missing out on a great dumb, fun series.

And at number one is…

1. Blood Lad

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GREAT fucking show and I am shocked that not as many people are as crazy about it as I am. Blood Lad tells the story of Staz Charlie Blood a powerful vampire in the Demon World who is obsessed with humans, anime, and Japanese culture. One day, a human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, stumbles into the Demon World, which he’s thrilled about! …until she’s eaten alive by a carnivorous plant and turned into a ghost and he then takes on the responsibility of bringing her back to life. Huge Halloween-esque fun as they go about battling werewolfs, Staz’s vampire relatives, and even Frankenstein-themed monsters—seriously, I’m shocked this isn’t on at least one Halloween list I’ve watched. Maybe that’s because even with all these horror themes and references, it’s a really fun show. It’s an action and supernatural black comedy with cute and funny romantic tensions and love triangles, ridiculously fun and likeable characters, and just a fantastically entertaining occult story. I adore this anime and while it won’t have you screaming, it’ll get you pumped for a fun Halloween in the same way the American film Hocus Pocus would. It’s ironic, satirical, and just absolutely wonderful, and is a must watch, for Halloween or otherwise.

So yeah, those are my recommendations! Let me know what animes all of YOU recommend for Halloween or otherwise and I’d be happy to post them. And remember, to celebrate this blog’s first anniversary, I’m accepting fanworks for sports and shounen anime that YOU all produce so send those in if you’ve got them! Thanks for all the support and keep on sinning!

–Admin Ryou

The Woodsman

Over the years, Henry had gone on various missions and hunts with Dipper and Mabel. It wasn’t all the time; especially when the triplets were born and someone needed to stay home and guard them.

(When he did go Henry was the voice of reason, the calm one, advocating mercy over death, handcuffs over a broken kneecap.

Shocking to anyone but the three of them, Mabel was the one Henry had to talk down the most, rather than her brother, the literal demon.)

Thus, it wasn’t until Henry was 42 that he became The Woodsman.


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Netflix and Chills! 

Celebrate Halloween on Netflix! This post is created by me, nothing to do with Netflix officially, I just made the picture cuz I thought it would look cool. Below is a list of Halloween themed shows and movies available on Netlfix streaming that you can play for Halloween! Enjoy! 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

S2 “Halloween” Haloween night is usually a slow night for the evil creatures, since it seems kinda cliche. But humans still make mischief on the night. And one such human, casts a spell that turns everyone into their costumes for real.

S4 “Fear Itself” Buffy and friends go through a haunted house and find thier worst fears come to life.

S6 “All the Way” Dawn lies to Buffy and goes out with a boy on Halloween, but when the boy turns out to be a vampire ignoring the Halloween-no-killing rule, Buffy and the guys must save her…again.


S4 “It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester” Investigating two mysterious deaths in a small town, Sam and Dean discover a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon.


S5 “Life of the Party” At a Halloween party Lorne’s advice begins to happen literally.

American Horror Story

S1 “Halloween Part 1 & 2″ the ghosts can leave the house on halloween night. Tate runs into some ghosts from his past.

S3 “Fearful Pranks Ensue” the witches raise the dead in Halloween

S4 “Edward Mordrake Part 1 & 1″ the freaks don’t want to perform on halloween in fear of a ghost coming to visit.

Freaks and Geeks

Tricks and Treats - Lindsay spends Halloween making mischief with her new friends while Sam goes trick or treating even though he’s in High School now.


S2 “Orange Alert” The Bravermen’s gear up to celebrate their favorite holiday, Halloween! Max wants to go trick or treating for the first time, so his parents do their best to prepare him for the night, since he has aspergers.


S3 “All Halliwell’s Eve” The sister’s go to the 1600’s to save a witch and her baby

Monster Squad 

A group of kids take on the classic (Universal inspired) monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman.

Family Guy

S9 “Halloween on Spooner Street” Stewie’s candy is stolen by bullies

Ghost Whisperer

S5 “Head Over Heels” The Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is haunting Melinda and when the legendary book mysteriously shows up at Aiden’s school Melinda becomes worried for Aiden’s safety.

Quantum Leap

S3 “The Boogieman” Sam leaps into a Horror novelist and strange things begin to happen.

How I met Your Mother

S1 “Slutty Pumpkin” Ted holds out hope of seeing the Slutty Pumpkin, a girl he met at a Halloween before.

S7 “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns” Ted finally meets the slutty pumpkin again.

Everybody Loves Raymond

S3 “Halloween Candy” Ray plans an evening of sex on Halloween

Power Rangers

S1 “Trick or Treat” Kimberly goes on a Halloween game show…cuz those exist.

S1 “Life’s a Masquerade” Isn’t set on Halloween but has a cool Frankenstein monster in it. and costumes.

S2 “Zedd’s Monster Mash” Tommy faces some real Halloween monsters after he’s kidnapped by Goldar. 

Dreamworks Spooky Stories

“Scared Skrekless” Shrek and Co tell scary stories

“Monsters vs Aliens Mutant pumpkins” Ginormica and co battle mutant pumpkins!

Dreamworks Spooky Stories Vol. 2

“Monsters Vs Aliens: night of the Living Carrots” Picks up right after the previous special

Also included another MVA short, Megamind, and Shrek.

From R.L. Stine:


A group of kids find out a haunted maze at the carnival is more realistic than they thought. 

Mostly Ghostly

Max helps a pair of sibling ghosts solve the mystery of their missing parents. 

Mostly Ghostly: Have you met my Ghoulfriend?

Max and Cammy’s first date on Halloween night, is interrupted by Phears, the specter.

The Haunting Hour: Don’t think about it 

A girl struggling to fit in lashes out by playing pranks on the cool kids. 

Goosebumps Good show for the season but the Halloween episodes in particular are 

S5 “The Haunted Mask” Carly Beth’s scary mask begins to change her. 

S5 “The Haunted Mask 2″ A boy’s creepy Halloween mask won’t come off and begins to harm him. 

S2 “Attack of the Jack O'Lanterns” Jack O‘Lantern aliens terrorize some trick or treaters. 

The Haunting Hour series Another good show for the season. The halloween episode is 

S2 “Pumpkinhead” - a group of siblings fear the legend of a farmer who takes kids heads and turns them into pumpkins.


Roseanne Collection 

“Boo!” The first classic Halloween episode of the series. The Conner’s try to prank each other on Halloween.  


S2 the class attempts to out on a performance of Rocky Horror for Halloween. 

 New Girl 

 S2 “Halloween” Jess gets hired as a zombie at a haunted house. 

 S3 “Keaton” Jess hosts a Halloween party and a Michael Keaton batman costume helps cheer up Schmidt.

30 Rock 

S4 “Stone Mountain” The TGS crew have a big halloween party. 

Spooky Buddies

The buddies encounter the Halloween Hound and evade an evil sorceror on Halloween night. 

Bob’s Burgers 

 S3 “Full Bars” the kids go to the rich part of town in search of full bars. 


 S3 “Halloween/Ellie” Louie takes his daughters trick or treating and encounter some punks.


S1 “Chuck vs the sandworm” Chuck encounters a double agent while his sister has a Halloween party. 

Malcolm in the Middle 

S2 “Halloween Approximately” -Malcolm and his brothers build the ultimate stealth weapon.

S7 “Halloween” - Reese and Dewey evade an old man they egged while Loos tries to get out of work so she can trick or treat. 

My Babysitter’s a Vampire 

S2  "Halloweird" In a total “not rip off” of Buffy, a mask makes people turn into real-life versions of their costumes.

The Vampire Diaries

S1 “Haunted” Matt takes Vicky to a haunted hous ebut the night takes a terrifying turn

That 70’s Show

S2 “Halloween” The gang visit their old burnt down school while Kitty remincies about their first Halloween in the house.

S3 “Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too young to Die” A Halloween episode filled with parodies of Alfred Hitchcock movies: “Rear Window”, “Vertigo”, “The Birds”, “North By Northwest” and “Psycho”.

CSI Miami

“By the Book” A body is found that appears to have had the blood drained by a Vampire


“Mummy in the Maze” A mummy found in a Halloween maze leads to an investigation. Bones has a Wonder-ful costume!

The Office

S2 Halloween

Downsizing leads corporate headquarters to order Michael to fire somebody by the end of October. Michael procrastinates until Halloween, when he still has not decided whom to fire. When he decides to fire Creed, Creed manages to convince Michael to fire Devon.

S6 Koi Pond

While on the way to a business meeting, Michael falls into a koi pond. The staff tease him so he holds an anti-bullying seminar. Pam and Andy go cold-calling to stir up some new business; they reluctantly use clients’ mistaking them as a couple to their advantage.

S7 Costume Contest

Michael freaks out when Darryl goes over his head by taking an idea to corporate. The employees partake in a Halloween costume contest in the office. Meanwhile, Pam tries to get the truth from Danny about their dating history.

S8 Spooked

Erin works to make a spooky, non-childish Halloween party, with help from Gabe. Dwight becomes friends with Robert’s son, and Pam and Jim debate the existence of ghosts. Meanwhile, Robert tries to figure out everyone’s deepest fears in order to culminate a ghost story.

Parks and Recreation

S2 Greg Pikitis

Leslie enlists the help of Dave and Andy in order to catch a local teen vandal. Meanwhile, Ann struggles to make her Halloween party fun and gets help from an unlikely source.

S4 Meet n Greet

Ben is mad when Andy and April decide to throw a Halloween party at their house without asking him. Tom emcees an event for Leslie’s campaign but manages to also promote his company. Meanwhile, Ron and Ann give Andy and April an unusual wedding present.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

S6 “Who got Dee Pregnant” The gang think back to their Halloween party to figure out who got Dee pregnant.

Pretty Little Liars

S2 “The First Secret” in a flashback some backstory to the mystery of A is revelaed. 

S3 “This is a Dark Ride” The girls get aboard the Rosewood ghost train

S4 “Grave New World” A clue suggests that Ali may still be alive so they crash a cemetery party to find her. 

Why the Zodiac Signs Love Halloween!

Aries- Because it is an amazing excuse to get their party on! Also to dress up more sultry ;)

Taurus- Can you say candy, pumpkin spice everything, and all the fall themed aesthetics and smells! Actually Taurus probably just loves fall the whole package including Halloween.

Gemini- Because they can be anyone they want to be that day or even multiple people and creatures.

Cancer- They get excited to hand out candy, make DIY costumes, and maybe take their children or little siblings out to Halloween events and trick or treating.

Leo- So they can show off their acting skills and/or their creativity.

Virgo- They take Halloween as a chance to impress by being a party host, by handing out the best candy, or maybe by coming up with a really clever costume.

Libra- They love all the socializing events like pumpkin patches, parties, haunted houses, and trick or treating.

Scorpio- They live for all of the scary movies and Halloween themed shows in October!

Sagittarius- They get excited for the parties and pranks! This sign is likely to dish out the pranks if they don’t get treats!

Capricorn- Just all of the darkness and fascination that surrounds Halloween.

Aquarius- They are down for all the mischief on Halloween. A little partying, some pranks, and maybe attempt a spell in a graveyard :o

Pisces- This sign gets excited to show of their creativity and uniqueness with a costume but secretly loves Halloween for all its creepiness.

Reasons Why Halloween Is The Best Holiday EVER.
  • horror movies! even though I watch them daily, some people watch them only at Halloween!
  • it’s in October! tis’ the autumn season!
  • red, orange, yellow and brown leaves falling from the trees
  • hot apple cider
  • Pillsbury halloween cookies
  • perfect sweater weather, chilly but not too cold
  • Bath&BodyWorks releases pumpkin candles and body products
  • trick or treating!
  • pumpkin spice lattes 
  • carving pumpkins! yummy guts!
  • roasting pumpkin seeds
  • Tim Burton movies! (ahem Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • kids halloween movies (Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown)
  • pumpkin pie!!
  • halloween themed shows! (The Addams Family, The Munsters, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of The Dark?)
  • black cats and rats and bats!
  • THE DECORATIONS! skeletons, witches, skulls, coffins!
  • decorating cupcakes and cakes and cookie all halloween!
  • caramel apples
  • pumpkins!!! pumpkin patches and picking!
  • dressing up in costumes and face paint!
  • the overall atmosphere; the smell of halloween in the air
  • candy overload! especially themed for halloween
  • seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples, pumpkins and corn
  • Yankee Candles autumn editions!
  • haunted houses and corn mazes
  • dark nights with full moons and a sky full of stars
  • halloween/fall themed nails and makeup
  • the old traditions that live on of halloween 
  • SAMHAIN <3
  • fall leaves crunching beneath your feet
  • halloween activity going on around town
  • bobbing for apples
  • Devil’s Night (the night before Halloween)
  • All Hallows Eve & Day Of The Dead
  • COSTUMES! time to dress up and paint your face how ever you wish
  • Halloween parties! serving spooky treats, dressing up and playing some creepy music with of course actives to keep the guest entertained 
  • cheap yet cute decorations from the dollar store
  • Halloween events at Canada’s Wonderland, Six Flags, Disney Land/World YOU NAME IT! Any amusement park
  • creepy corn mazes and haunted houses

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Jimmy/TSJF/LNJF Questions:

by: jfallonlove, mrsfallontimberlake, buymeapenguinplz

1. A guest you’d like to see on The Tonight Show.

2. A musical guest you’d like to see on The Tonight Show.

3. A game you miss from Late Night that you’d like to see on The Tonight Show.

4. A favorite guest from The Tonight Show.

5. A favorite guest from Late Night.

6. Favorite Jimberlake moment.

7. Favorite Jimmy gif.

8. Favorite cooking segment.

9. Favorite musical guest.

10. Favorite Root.

11. Favorite Jimmy impression.

12. Favorite song of Jimmy’s.

13. Favorite movie of Jimmy’s.

14. Favorite SNL sketch of Jimmy’s (as cast member).

15. Favorite SNL sketch of Jimmy’s (as guest).

16. Favorite segment from Late Night.

17. Favorite segment from The Tonight Show.

18. Favorite “Thank You Note.”

19. Favorite “#Hashtag.”

20. Do you watch The Tonight Show every night?

21. Favorite sketch from Late Night.

22. Favorite sketch from The Tonight Show.

23. Favorite song Jimmy has sung with guests.

24. What are your thoughts on Fuzzy Fallon?

25. Favorite Jimmy quote.

26. Favorite theme song - Late Night “Here I Come” or Tonight Show “Hey Hey Hey Hey”

27. Best Higgins moment.

28. Favorite stand-up comedian that has been on either show.

29. City you’d like The Tonight Show to visit.

30. Favorite musical impression of Jimmy’s.

31. Song you most want Jimmy to sing.

32. Favorite thing about the set(s).

33. Favorite location so far?

34. Favorite member of the social media team.

35. Favorite History of Rap?

36. Best lip-sync battle.

37. Favorite writer.

38. Who would you like to see do a lip-sync battle with Jimmy?

39. Would you rather be interviewed by Jimmy, play a game with Jimmy, be in a sketch with Jimmy or sing with Jimmy?

40. Favorite character by a writer.

41. Favorite Jimmy SNL break.

42. If Jimmy were to host SNL again, what sketch would you want him to revive?

43, Favorite classroom instruments video.

44. Favorite casual outfit.

45. Favorite suit/tie combo.

46. If Jimmy were to host SNL who should make surprise appearances?

47. Favorite Jimmy/Higgins banter.

48. Have you ever been to a taping?

49. Have you ever been to a monologue rehearsal?

50. Favorite magazine cover.

51. Besides BriWi, Christie, and Obama who would you want to see him slow jam the news with?

52. Favorite ragtime cover.

53. Favorite Jimmy interview where Jimmy was the guest.

54. Favorite Jimmy selfie.

55. Have you ever met Jimmy?

56. What would be your reaction if you met Jimmy?

57. Favorite revival/reunion moment (i.e Full House guys, Jesse and the Rippers, Footloose, etc).

58. Best moment from Timberweek.

59. Favorite Jimerlake gif.

60. Favorite instrument Jimmy plays.

61. Favorite Jimmy video.

62. Favorite Weekend Update musical performance.

63. Favorite joke from Weekend Update.

64. Favorite ‘during the commercial break’ moment.

65. Favorite reoccurring character from SNL of Jimmy’s.

66. Dream episode line up - 2 guests, 1 segment/game, 1 musical guest/comedian.

67. Late Night segment, game or parody that needs to be revived on Tonight Show.

68. Favorite Jimmy haircut.

69. Favorite Jimmy charade.

70. Least favorite guest.

71. Favorite BriWi rap.

72. Favorite Update moment with a walk-on guest.

73. Favorite SNL cast member that Jimmy worked with.

74. Favorite “EW” episode.

75. Do you own any Tonight Show merchandise?

76. Do you own any Late Night merchandise?

77. Favorite Jimmy tick (i.e nose scrunch, lip bite, licking lips etc)

78. Favorite Jimmy and Nancy picture.

79. Favorite Jimmy and Winnie picture.

80. Talk show that Jimmy should do a guest appearance on.

81. Favorite 'casual’ Jimmy picture.

82. Favorite 'photo shoot’ Jimmy picture.

83. Who would you want to replace Higgins for a day?

84. Who would you want to replace Jimmy for a day?

85. Who would you want to replace The Roots for a day?

86. Favorite Video Vision.

87. Favorite Head Swap.

88. Favorite Lip Flip.

89. What costumes would you want Jimmy, Higgins and The Roots in if they were to do a Halloween themed show?

90. What Christmas song would you like Jimmy to cover?

91. What tv show would you like to see Jimmy guest star in (not a talk show or SNL)?

92. What person of history would you want brought back from the dead to have Jimmy interview?

93. Does Jimmy follow you on Twitter?

94. What musical guest of the past would you like to bring back to life to perform with Jimmy?

95. Moment you became a falpal.

96. Favorite falpal blogs.

97. Have you made any friends from being a falpal?

98. What is one sentence you would say to Jimmy if you met him?

99. Be in the audience of an SNL episode he’s hosting or an episode of The Tonight Show?

100. Favorite Jimmy fanfiction.