halloween themed show

Why the Zodiac Signs Love Halloween!

Aries- Because it is an amazing excuse to get their party on! Also to dress up more sultry ;)

Taurus- Can you say candy, pumpkin spice everything, and all the fall themed aesthetics and smells! Actually Taurus probably just loves fall the whole package including Halloween.

Gemini- Because they can be anyone they want to be that day or even multiple people and creatures.

Cancer- They get excited to hand out candy, make DIY costumes, and maybe take their children or little siblings out to Halloween events and trick or treating.

Leo- So they can show off their acting skills and/or their creativity.

Virgo- They take Halloween as a chance to impress by being a party host, by handing out the best candy, or maybe by coming up with a really clever costume.

Libra- They love all the socializing events like pumpkin patches, parties, haunted houses, and trick or treating.

Scorpio- They live for all of the scary movies and Halloween themed shows in October!

Sagittarius- They get excited for the parties and pranks! This sign is likely to dish out the pranks if they don’t get treats!

Capricorn- Just all of the darkness and fascination that surrounds Halloween.

Aquarius- They are down for all the mischief on Halloween. A little partying, some pranks, and maybe attempt a spell in a graveyard :o

Pisces- This sign gets excited to show of their creativity and uniqueness with a costume but secretly loves Halloween for all its creepiness.

Vaguely in-theme for #halloween right? Show at @gristleartgallery @gristletattoo next month with my art collective @copycatviolence . #trekellartsupplies sponsoring the show by providing us with lovely cradled birch panels to work on.