halloween straws

Strawhats Halloween Costumes


Simple Ghost, as long as he can get treats.

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Zombie with loads of stitches. Since he already has stitches.

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Mage, especially since she can use her climatact to enhance her costume.

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Knight in shining armor (allforhisprincesses)

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A puppet (with a long nose HAHA)

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Pumpkin Head + overalls. 100% will scream at his own reflection if his costume is too scary.

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Mutated Beauty. I feel Robin’s costume will be on a scarier side compared to the rest. She likes this kind of stuff.

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Super Hero + dances half the time

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Chilling the way he is.

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the signs as dumb things my cousin has said
  • aries: today someone told me i have hands like a troll. do i?
  • taurus: i believe the vending machines are out to get me.
  • gemini: pop culture? no, i listen to country music.
  • cancer: i jumped into a bush that wasnt a bush... it was a tree.
  • leo: why do i have three hands?
  • virgo: all my brother does is play minecraft and masturbate. sometimes at the same time.
  • libra: if i have a son i will name him tylenol.
  • scorpio: if you have a problem with me take it up with my boss his name is... JOHN CENA
  • sagittarius: my daughter will be named Advil. no just kidding! thats more of a boys name...
  • capricorn: i should be a straw for halloween!
  • aquarius: i spelled problem with three o's. now that is a problem.
  • pisces: wait. turtles breathe?