halloween straws

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Couples halloween costumes for the straw hat gang? (sorry ik it’s not even close to halloween yet) hehe

(Modern AU)

Monkey D. Luffy: It was only appropriate for Luffy to want to be the king of something so when you suggested he be Jack Skellington, he was on board! After watching the movie with you over and over, he easily convinced you to be Sally. With the help of Usopp and other friends, the costumes and make up were on point (even though you had to stop Luffy from rubbing his face so that he wouldn’t mess up all the white make up on his skin or the black markings).

Roronoa Zoro: Zoro didn’t really care for Halloween but once you convinced him to dress up this year, he let you decide everything. You decided that the best thing for his scars and everything was for him to be a zombie while you dressed up as the person that he bit. With some amazing make up skills from your side and an amazing costume design, it worked out, especially with the special effects on the ‘bite mark’ on your shoulder.

Nami: When you suggested for Nami to dress up as Mary Jane because of her beautiful hair, she hopped onto the idea. She spent her time focusing on your outfit since hers was easy to assemble. She was excited to see how you would look as her Spiderman/woman/person. You thought it was cute how happy she was when you tried on the costume and blushed when she teased on trying out the infamous kissing scene from the movie.

Usopp: You teased him about his curly hair and his growing beard and how he should be a werewolf for Halloween. He didn’t think it was such a bad idea so he decided to do that. He wanted you to match with him but you had no idea what to be. You decided to be his ‘mate’ and dressed up as a werewolf as well, making him flustered but also thinking how adorable you were.

Sanji: The two of you were sitting together, discussing your Halloween plans. You brought up the idea of him being a vampire and he actually was on board with the idea! He actually pulled it off very well. With his appearance alone, he gave off the aura of a mysterious vampire yet he was still a gentleman throughout the night. Once you dressed up as a ‘victim’ of his, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. He admired the bite mark that you made with make up and you had to pull him out of his daydreams all day. 

Tony Tony Chopper: He was very excited for Halloween. It was the one day of the year that he could be someone else! So when he told you that he wanted to be a mad scientist, you were willing to help him! After watching several movies with him, you suggested that he be Frankenstein and you could be his creation. You found it so adorable how excited he was and got to work. He had most of the things he needed to be a mad scientist but with some adjustments, he made it look legit. With make up and tears in your clothing, you were the perfect monster for him. (Even though he tried to be crazy, he was still too adorable, making you hug him and ruin the atmosphere he tried so hard to create)

Nico Robin: You often complimented Robin a lot because, to you, it seemed as if she had everything, looks and personality. So, when the two of you were discussing Halloween, she brought up one of the books that she was studying. Greek Mythology. You chimed in that she should be Aphrodite, making her giggle at your suggestion, and she agreed only if you were her Hephaestus. After putting some adjustments on the two costumes, it was a nice fit for the two of you.

Franky: He let you choose the outfit and he was amused when you suggested him being an explorer. He would question you but he decided to go along with it. You complimented him, saying that he looked like Indiana Jones, before going off to put on your costume. You scared the crap out of him when you groaned behind him in your mummy costume. He laughed at how cute you looked. You pouted as you were trying to be scary but he only found it cute. 

Brook: To be honest, the two of you weren’t really prepared for Halloween so the two of you had to do last second costumes. He decided that a simple sheet with holes where the eyes were would be good enough so he called himself a ghost. The two of you laughed at seeing each other when you decided to use make up to look like a skeleton. If anyone asked, he was the ghost of your previous self.

Witches Brew


2 ¼ ounces Bacardi Light

2 ¼ ounces Meyers rum

1 ¼ ounces Bacardi 151 

2 ½ ounces pineapple juice

2 ½ ounces orange juice

1 ¼ ounces sour mix

1 ¼ ounces grenadine


Fill glass completely with ice and all ingredients. Stir the drink until all the ingredients are combined (it should be a pinkish-red color). Throw in a handful of gummi worms and the appropriate amount of silly straws needed.

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Like I don't know if you're taking prompts or not, so I'm gonna leave this here before I forget. Instead of wearing matching costumes to a halloween party au, they accidently wear a couples costume to a halloween party au. (Mckirk)


The party’s in full swing, and Leonard can’t get drunk fast enough. He keeps to himself at the back table, trying to hide in the flickering shadows as much as he can while tugging surreptitiously at the stupidly short skirt riding up the back of his thighs.

Goddamn Perkins, Johnson, Orlo, and the lot of them for forcing him into this. He swears the straws for Halloween costumes were rigged; there’s no way that the other three surgeons managed to snag perfectly legitimate costumes while he ended up with the nurse dress. He’s already managed to break one stiletto and tossed the other under the table with its snapped twin, standing uncomfortably on the cold floor in a pair of white stockings.

Still, he has to admit, it’s a hell of a party. The pediatric department’s hosting, and the younger staff definitely know how to have a good time. He’s wondering whether or not to risk ridicule and venture out towards the fondue fountain in the corner when the door opens, spilling a slice of bright light into the dim room as someone slips in.

Leonard gives the newcomer a passing glance, then freezes and looks harder. “What the hell?”

“Bones!” Jim calls, struggling to reach him through the crowd. He’s wearing a lab coat that Leonard distinctly recognizes as his own over a set of scrubs, a stethoscope swinging around his neck as he finally breaks free and flops to a halt in front of Leonard. “What’re you doing back here, man, the party’s over there.”

“You-” Leonard splutters, suddenly overly aware of the air conditioning trying to blow up his skirt, and he gives it another self-conscious pull. “What the hell are you supposed to be?”

Jim frowns pensively and pats his chest. “I’m you. Obviously.” While Leonard’s attempting to comprehend that recent bit of nonsense, Jim’s eyes travel appreciatively up and down Leonard’s body, lingering on the hemline of his skirt and the plunging neckline that Leonard’s already managed to spill his drink on two times. “Jesus, Bones.”

Leonard swallows at the rough edge in Jim’s voice and decides he’s too sober for this. “I don’t recall inviting you,” he mutters, ducking his head and reaching for another plastic cup. “You don’t even work here.”

“They know me,” Jim says distractedly. “Christine invited me, because somebody wouldn’t.”

Leonard refuses to look at the puppy eyes he knows are currently happening in full force. “I live with you already,” he points out. “Maybe I wanted a night out.”

"No, no, I think it’s because of this.” Jim reaches out, fingering Leonard’s skirt, and his hand skims along Leonard’s bare skin. “You didn’t want me to see you like this.”

"Of course not,” Leonard says, flushing, and he tosses back the contents of the cup. When he looks back up, Jim’s watching him, his lips parted unconsciously and the tip of his tongue at the corner of his mouth.

“There’s a joke in here somewhere,” Jim murmurs, almost to himself, and he steps closer, his hand fitting against the back of Leonard’s thigh and pulling him against the length of Jim’s body. “About nurses and doctors.”

“Don’t you dare,” Leonard grumbles, shivering when Jim’s fingers slide higher, brushing against the edge of-

“Shit, Bones, are you wearing-”

“They came with the dress,” Leonard snaps, flustered, and he finds himself grabbing the lab coat, pulling Jim closer instead of pushing him away like he ought to do. “Jim, we’re in public-”

“We can fix that,” Jim breathes, his fingertips barely sliding under the hem of the panties, and Leonard exhales shakily before nodding.

Both of their costumes are irreparably ruined afterwards, but he can’t quite bring himself to regret the chocolate fondue.