halloween storytime

So storytime. On Halloween in my school we made a big mess in the main hall and got detention. And there was one guy dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. When we were in detention room he stood up casually and said:“gentlemen, you will never forget the day you almost gave Captain Jack Sparrow detention.” And then jumped out of the window (2nd floor); broke one leg and his right arm and missed like ten exams. Still graduated…


 I just got off work early and driving home on a side street I got stuck behind a slow car. I tolerated it for a bit but then gave up, put my turning signal on and changed lanes. As I was changing lanes, a car zooms up going way way WAYYY over the speed limit from the lane I was in crossing to the same lane I was going into. I continue driving as the speeding car horns me. I cross back over in front of slow car, back into my original lane.

The car that was behind me, drives up beside me, matching my speed. I catch the guy in the corner of vision yelling and flailing his arms around. He follows beside me for a bit throwing this tantrum then zooms ahead.

I notice we are approaching a red light and that my haunt box is beside me….open with my mask laying on top.

I stop at the red light, quickly throw my mask on,turn my head and stare at him. He’s drinking a fast food soda and looking ahead. I continue to stare until he glances over, jumps, tosses soda in the air and mouths the words “WHAT THE FUCK?”
I slowly cock my head to the side then look straight ahead. Light turns green I drive a little ways before removing my mask.