halloween special pt. 1

BTS Halloween Special Pt. 1

A/N: Hello guys! We promised a Halloween Special for all of you. We know that it is a few days late, but due to some issues and busy schedules we were not able to finish in time. Please Enjoy Part 1 of 2 of the Halloween BTS Special Post!


Jin: At first, Jin would be sorta pissy about the fact that you went out and bought a completely different costume from the one he’d asked for; but that was all part of your plan. Once he sees you with this outfit and his matching one, he’ll forget all about his previous choice. The way your hair falls down your back and how the corset hugs your curves; he’ll go insane. All eyes would fall on you during the Halloween party, making Seokjin slightly jealous. Once you get back home, he’ll make sure to give you your well deserved treat.

His hands would glide all over your body, gently pinching at the exposed and sensitive skin; his lips would graze your neck as he takes off the top hat and moves your hair to the side to get better access. His sweet, butterfly kisses would leave a hot trail along their wake, making you even more anxious to receive your treat. Taking that whip from your hands, his lips will hold a cocky smirk as the real teasing begins.

Suga: Min Yoongi’s little bunny. The moment you present yourself in front of him with this outfit, his eyes would not leave your body. His tongue would glide teasingly over his lips, silently approving of your choice. He’d snake his arm around your waist, pulling you closer before telling you that you are in for a surprise once you get back from the party. His hands would be all over you during the entire night. He’d shoot glares at anyone that dared put his eyes on you for very long. Mid-party, Yoongi would get slightly impatient and would insist on leaving early, but being the tease that you are, you’d playfully shush him and tell him to wait a little longer.

Once the party is over, he’d take hold of your hand and drag you out pretty quickly and would not lose any time in getting you into his car. Depending on how you behaved that night he’d take you right then and there or he’d tease you all the way home, getting you ready for your punishment.

J-Hope:  Hoseok would absolutely not expect to see you dressed up both cutely and sexily. The outfit itself does not reveal much, but the fact that you’d take into the role pretty seriously would have Hoseok going wild. During the entire party, Hoseok and you would be extremely playful with each other; everything innocent. Your simple outfit would get lots of compliments, especially if you go all out on your make up. Your games with Hoseok would last all night, that is, until the both of you turn the games a bit more rough.

Throwing you on your bed, he’d crawl on top of you and continue to tickle you, making sure to make you laugh. But things would get heated as he takes a long look at you; panting mess under his mercy, your skirt riled up your waist and the messy look on your hair. Hoseok would not lose any time to play with his pet.

Rap Monster: After many costume changes and decisions, both Namjoon and yourself decided on the same costume theme, Mafia. The only thing that Namjoon did not expect was that you’d look exquisite. The moment you present yourself confidently in front of your boyfriend, he’d go nuts. Namjoon would not keep his eyes off you. The dress is short enough to show just a bit of your lacy underwear and tight enough to highlight your curves. Namjoon would try to convince you to stay home but the party was a must. Throughout the entire party Namjoon would keep his eyes on you, attempting to take another glimpse at your lacy panties. Occasionally you’d go to him, whispering soft, dirty things into his ear. The both of you did not last long in the party; before you knew it, you were being dragged away to his car.

Namjoon would not wait, he’d find a solitary place and kiss you roughly as his hands work their way up your dress. His lips locked with yours in a heated kiss. Nipping and tugging at your lips as his hands work their way around your panties, attempting to get back at you for your verbal teasing.