halloween spaghetti

Mom's Bonetrousletti
eminem/toby fox/papyrus
Mom's Bonetrousletti

okay, said I, and gave it a shot

tried not to just do a straight “put track directly into other track, lol mashup” sort of thing either

source for the mom’s spaghetti remix since there seems to be multiple ones around: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3HErOOaAfs

bonetrousle is © undertale © toby fox, of course


Gonna jump on the ‘hey guys did you know my girlfriend and I are Homestuck trash’ bandwagon.  I met a bunch of great people directly and indirectly through Homestuck - everything from painting pumpkins together for Halloween to dropping spaghetti all over the place the first time someone commented on my Heir of Breath shirt.  You know who you are.  Good times.

I am both relieved and sad that it’s finally over (potential epilogue shenanigans aside).  Might be time to finally start that re-read.

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