halloween preview

made a levi-eren only version ‘cause this official art powers my feels so much. feel free to use for other edits! :D love u kenny i’m sorry

on a kinda unrelated note, this is to compensate for not posting any art in my blog recently, life has been keeping me real busy so blerghsjdhs :( sorry!

This is my preview for the @mysmehalloweenzine !!

Go check it out (☆ω☆) so many awesome & spooky illustrations ! 👻💘🎃

Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations ! Love the atmosphere, decorations and also the costumes ofc !!! I love to dress up as a whitch or some kind of monster haha xD 

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six! six! six! / download
30 100x100px textures made in mind for icons. these are halloween themed word, pattern and gradient icon textures. please like/reblog if you download.