halloween post card

ID #10180

Name: Jackie
Age: 22
Country: USA

I’m a 22 bilingual girl who works in retail. I love animals, movies, and traveling. Preferably It would be really cool to have a penpal who doesn’t live in the U.S so I could learn more about where they’re from and maybe learn a language or two, but I’m not picky if you reside in the U.S. I’m kinda scattered brained so my letters may be all over the place at times so sorry in advance. I adore snail mail so if you’re into that then be ready for gifts and my stationery, not gonna lie I’m not all that artistic so get ready for tons of stickers and stamps.
My Likes:
-witchy stuff
-cold weather
-super windy days
-vintage stuff
-post cards
-the beach
-thrift store finds
-movies and a whole ton of other stuff I can’t think of.

Dislikes include:
-ouja boards
-bullies in general

Preferences: Only interested in a penpal 18+ and above only cause sometimes I swear a lot. Also kinda only interested in snail mail only cause emails aren’t as personal.