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Wip - Science Table mashup

Redid the mesh with the tsrw version and now the effects are all in the correct place. It does have that blinking yellow button that can’t be deleted though. Never noticed it until now. Might move the 1st 2 beaker glass things with the red mug over to the left and that should cover it up. Work on it more tomorrow. Nap time now. ;)

Life Starts All Over Again *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Prompt: Farmers Market
AU: Biker!Bucky - I have a thing for Bucky in a leather jacket, let me live my best life Sharon!
Warnings: Fluff
Word Count: 4,890

Drew inspiration also from this quote about fall, so forgive me for making this so fucking long it’s because I can’t function below 1,000 words.

A/N: Huge congratulations to @promarvelfangirl you deserve all the followers, I hope some of mine go over and follow you because you’re such a fantastic writer. Hope what I wrote is good, sorry about the whole ‘extra’ I went with it!

I kinda went skipped over the whole “Must be at least 500 words” Decided to add another ‘0′ at the end of 500, I’m finding it difficult to write stuff as just one-shots. This could’ve easily been a three part fic, but I didn’t want to be that person. - Rosalie

Fall is one of the best seasons; it wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was the perfect in-between, the middle ground that was nice and safe. You didn’t have to dress up too warm; a nice jumper would keep you satisfied. The leaves went from vibrant green to dusty oranges, shades of red and yellow if the sun caught the trees just right they’d look almost aflame. Fall, undoubtedly, had the best aesthetic going on. Woollen clothes, crisp fallen leaves and cute coffee houses. The colour palette for fall was to die for too; berry colours, various shades of orange going into red, plus the browns- with the splurge of the occasional mustard yellow thrown in.

Fall also had the best holiday, Halloween. Halloween is possibly the greatest holiday of the year, also the strangest but spookiest too. The stores are lined with Halloween decorations, the candy that comes out and the movies you are able to watch- since it’s socially unacceptable to watch Hocus Pocus in the spring.  Also what comes with fall and Halloween is the pumpkin, traditionally used to eat and cook with but mostly used to carve a scary face into.

It’s why you loved working at the Farmers Market this time of year. Various shapes, colours and sizes, all laid out from biggest to smallest. It made you smile when you watched as kids picked out their pumpkins; a few had been carved beforehand and on display. The smell of pumpkin pie would also float through the air, freshly made from another stall a few down; it was intoxicating and mixed with all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing could beat a good fall farmers market.

Your grandma owned a small fruit and veg shop, although she regularly sold her produce at farmers markets, you quickly stepped forward to help run her small business from the stall, she was getting too old now to sell all the produce herself and her usual help had family problems for the next few weeks. It was a nice atmosphere in autumn, it wasn’t mad panic like in December, and it was just calm and easy.

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so me and @thecrowmaiden were brainstorming about possible halloween costume ideas for the kids/teachers of Class 1A, and here’s what we came up with!!!

  • Uraraka is a witch (it’s handmade. she also makes her broom float)
  • Tsuyu is Red Riding Hood
  • Kirishima is her friendly werewolf
  • Todoroki goes as All Might (he barrows Izuku’s old costume)
  • Kaminari goes as Frankenstein’s monster
  • Bakugou is the mad scientist who made him (complete with old timey scientist goggles and the crazy laugh)
  • Jirou wears her regular punk clothes, but adds on devil horns and a tail
  • Iida is a cyborg
  • Kouda is a forest spirit
  • Tokoyami is a goth plague doctor (he also randomly says “Nevermore” all day)
  • Sero is Spider-Man
  • Shouji goes as a Hydra 
  • Ojirou goes as a dragon
  • Mineta goes as a literal troll
  • Momo is a fairy (the outfit was just so pretty and fancy and cute….)
  • Aoyama goes as a Prince
  • Tooru goes as a Princess
  • it was a complete accident that they matched but they go along with it
  • Mina goes as the Alien from Aliens
  • Satou goes as Kinnikuman
  • Izuku is a vampire (he sucks on red lollipops and calls them blood pops b/c he’s too shy to do the whole I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD thing. he went as a vampire b/c Todoroki borrowed his costume)
  • Aizawa just wears cat ears. Mic put them on him
  • All Might goes as Obi-Wan (he’s a huge film buff after all)
  • Mic goes as Elvis
  • Midnight goes as Sailor Moon. not sexy Sailor Moon. just regular Sailor Moon.
  • Cementoss goes as a ghost. just a regular sheet ghost