halloween possibilities

Christmas at the Smith household has more than one pinetree these days. ;)

so me and @thecrowmaiden were brainstorming about possible halloween costume ideas for the kids/teachers of Class 1A, and here’s what we came up with!!!

  • Uraraka is a witch (it’s handmade. she also makes her broom float)
  • Tsuyu is Red Riding Hood
  • Kirishima is her friendly werewolf
  • Todoroki goes as All Might (he barrows Izuku’s old costume)
  • Kaminari goes as Frankenstein’s monster
  • Bakugou is the mad scientist who made him (complete with old timey scientist goggles and the crazy laugh)
  • Jirou wears her regular punk clothes, but adds on devil horns and a tail
  • Iida is a cyborg
  • Kouda is a forest spirit
  • Tokoyami is a goth plague doctor (he also randomly says “Nevermore” all day)
  • Sero is Spider-Man
  • Shouji goes as a Hydra 
  • Ojirou goes as a dragon
  • Mineta goes as a literal troll
  • Momo is a fairy (the outfit was just so pretty and fancy and cute….)
  • Aoyama goes as a Prince
  • Tooru goes as a Princess
  • it was a complete accident that they matched but they go along with it
  • Mina goes as the Alien from Aliens
  • Satou goes as Kinnikuman
  • Izuku is a vampire (he sucks on red lollipops and calls them blood pops b/c he’s too shy to do the whole I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD thing. he went as a vampire b/c Todoroki borrowed his costume)
  • Aizawa just wears cat ears. Mic put them on him
  • All Might goes as Obi-Wan (he’s a huge film buff after all)
  • Mic goes as Elvis
  • Midnight goes as Sailor Moon. not sexy Sailor Moon. just regular Sailor Moon.
  • Cementoss goes as a ghost. just a regular sheet ghost