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Scorpio & The Sign of Halloween

The Sun transits through Scorpio at about 8 degrees during the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon new years, Halloween on October 31. Traditionally in astrology, the sign of Scorpio relates to themes surrounding life and death, horror, rebirth, witchcraft, the occult, the paranormal and everything unseen. The myths of Scorpio associate with the Autumn death of nature and the promise of eventual new life. As the portal to Winter, the holiday of Halloween ties to Scorpio’s karmic responsibility - to drag up the depths of the underworld and thrust them into society’s consumption. To engage with everything hidden, locked away and to remind us of the sinister and the mystical; vampires, ghosts, ghouls, fairies, pixies, goblins, wizards, witches, zombies, demons and poltergeists. 

The traditional myths of Halloween tell the tales of prayer services for the departed, the festival of summer’s end and the night when the fallen could once again access our world. Huge bonfires were often thrown to scare off spirits, where on this day the souls of the dead were thought to revisit their homes. Divination often regarded Halloween as being the most favourable time in terms of love, luck, marriage, health, and death, and the time to placate the supernatural forces controlling nature. These parables relate closely to the Scorpio archetype; one which is shrouded in its own mysteries. There is a pressing urgency within the individual to provoke given reality and explore the hidden depths. They always seek to know the unknowable. The Scorpio individual is given profound capacity to divulge below the surface and provoke the masquerade. Scorpios see through the masks we wear during Halloween, likewise the ones we wear during every day life. The individual tends to live on the darker side of life and indulge in paranormal games, ouija boards, black and white magic and often the Tarot. Many maintain deep fascination and obsessions with death and the afterlife, and often hold unique and somewhat obscure beliefs about passing over. 

The powerful and transcendent frequency rays from Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, vibrationally align to the holiday of Halloween and the return of our fabled ancestors. The sign of Scorpio is exalted in revolutionary and progressive Uranus, where we hang up our spooky skeletons and free our consciousness from the burden of carrying around such dark forces. Like the fairies, goblins, spirits and apparitions that are said to wander back into our world on October 31; Scorpio carry the archetypes of these mythical creatures within them and harness their powerful energies during their multiple transformations. Halloween represents the eternal soul and the macabre horror of death. As the sign associating with the dissolution of our transition, Scorpio, carries Halloween around with them everyday.

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Scorpio ~ Halloween Heroine 

The Sun transits through Scorpio at about 8 degrees during the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon new years. This is Halloween on October 31. The sign of Scorpio evokes the mysteries of secrets and vampires, death and dracula, witches and wizardry. The sign of Scorpio promises new life after intimacy with death, and the karmic responsibility of Scorpio relates to igniting the invisible for the world’s consumption. Scorpio invites us to seduce the mystical and commune with ghosts, ghouls, shadows, goblins, demons, angels, and poltergeists. Halloween is the spirit of Scorpio activated through celebration. And yet the intensely purifying and sacred story is rich with Scorpio presence, as the individual guards the threshold of life and death with the miracle elixir of rebirth. As we contemplate the daily life of Scorpio, confronting demons and revelling with angels we reunite with the tale of Halloween, when divination is accelerated and the veil between worlds is thinner than ever.

Traditional myths of Halloween relay stories of prayer services held for the departed, the festival of summer’s end, and the evening when fallen could once again return. Huge bonfires were thrown to scare off spirits. Mars rules fire, confrontation, and Scorpio. A crystal ball always spins in the Scorpio mind, there is profound intuition, soul, and supernatural eye. And the mysterious stories of Halloween reflect the concealed nature of Scorpio. There is often a compulsion associated with Scorpio to refute the surface for something deeper, something hidden. Scorpios shroud themselves in mystery, because they spend so much time seducing them. There are masks we wear on Halloween, to play, to scare, to celebrate. But there are masks we wear in everyday life. And the Scorpio can see straight through these ones as well. Something taboo or dark can beckon from deep inside Scorpio. They can flirt with spirits and welcome the departed. There is often a deep fascination or obsession with death, and the afterlife. Not all Scorpios believe in life after death. But they have spent an awful long time contemplating the possibility. Many times a Scorpio is their own ghost. They relive nightmares in everyday life. A million hymns are being sung to Scorpio, in deep swirling secrets of netherworlds.

Pluto becomes the nightlight during Halloween. Pluto represents the primal force, destiny, death, and what is of eternal importance. There are demons and devils evoked during Halloween, and these are the monsters Scorpios learn to throw all their black flowers to in thanks for their power. These are inner demons they have mastered. There are angels and ancestors crossing over, and Scorpio reveals this through their healing instruments, wisdom, and empathy. Tremendous spiritual energy pours through Scorpio as a mortal outlet, often overwhelming and troubling the individual. The Scorpio is a reincarnated version of themselves, again and again. This is the mystery and magic of Scorpio, the crises and confrontations lead to something higher. An activity burns in Scorpio, a soul that is burning on the edges of sanity.  Scorpio sets the mood for Halloween. But Halloween is another day of the same for Scorpio. They carry this dark night around with them everyday.