halloween party inspirations

Writing Prompt #304

“Can you help me pick out my costume for the Halloween bash?”

“Can I automatically rule out any costume that begins with slutty?”

“Is sexy fine?”

Giggle Water Recipie

In honor of Halloween I have developed an easy non alcoholic recipie for the giggle water seen in fantastic beasts and where to find them. The bottle was bought at a dollar tree and the label was just downloaded of the web and printed on sticker paper.

The recipie is as follows:

Combine in the bottle

1 c ginger ale

1 tbs mint syrup

1 tbs strawberry extract

(Optinal 1 drop red food color)

Fill the remainder of the bottle with Cranberry Sprite and Voila! Fantastic Beasts Giggle Water fit for any 1920s wizards speakeasy!

(Please don’t repost the recipie as your own—it took a lot of experimentation to develop)

The One That I Want

Has this been done already? I don’t know. I got back from two and a half hours of straight dancing at a Halloween party and I was inspired so here ya go. 

A College Bughead Halloween AU

There is a read more line! Sorry if you’re on mobile and it glitches

“Are you sure you don’t want to trade that poodle skirt for a leather jacket and some red lipstick? It’s never too late.” Veronica said for the millionth time that evening, adjusting her own hair in the mirror. 

Betty looked at her pale yellow skirt and matching cardigan, frowning as she compared it to Veronica’s metallic skirt and baby blue crop top. “I think I’ll stick with the Sandra Dee costume I already have.”

“Suit yourself.” Veronica shrugged, “I’m just saying you could afford to show off your body every once in a while. And it’s Halloween! It’s as good a time as any to let loose.”

Betty turned toward Veronica, placing one last beaded clip in the raven-haired girl’s extensions and smiling, “Well we don’t all have gorgeous boyfriends who agree to be the sailor to our mermaid.” Veronica blushed a bit, the shimmer of her purple highlighter fusing with the pink tinge of pride, “And I’m pretty sure end-of-the movie Sandy requires a Danny. At least this way it’s a bit more vague.”

Veronica placed a gentle hand on Betty’s shoulder, a gesture Betty knew was meant to make her feel comforted but only served to make her feel pitied. “Nice girl Sandra Dee it is.” She resigned, giving Betty’s arm a small squeeze before waving the moment away with a flick of her wrist. “Alright, let’s go. I’m sure Archie has been waiting for long enough.”

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The Lost One

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: N/A, Leakee-centric.

Rating: Holy shit this is actually pretty tame tbh.

AN: Thirsty Crew, I have taken a step back from the thirst in the spirit of the season! This was written for the 31 Little Wrestling Fics Challenge, put forth by @fan-fiction-galore and @thewriterformerlytaggedas! Writing using actual prompts was a bit of a challenge, but I had a lot of fun and I hope that I’ve put forth something that will please the wrasslin’ gods! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and @hardcorewwetrash (even if this is lacking in the thirst department and I don’t know whether these tags will actually work because of my laptop so…an attempt was made).

The prompts I picked are as follows: “Are you afraid?” “No.” “Okay good.”, A lone house atop a quiet hill., The storm of the century and the power goes out., and Siren’s song.  Enjoy!

(Oh also here’s a moodboard for it because I felt like it.)

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Do you like Halloween? Are you a fan of VOCALOID and/or UTAU? Then consider checking out the 2017 VOCAUTAU HALLOWEEN PARTY! 

Inspired by some of the incredible collaborations in the community, this collab will be centered on the spooky, unsettling, Halloween-themed original songs to celebrate the best time of year– Halloween! 

If you’re interested please check out the Read More and reblogs are very much appreciated! 

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