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Cupcakes (Anthony Ramos x Reader)




This is literally my first smutty thing I’m sorry world

Triggers: Smut

Ship: Anthony Ramos x Reader

“Oh, fuck me!” You shouted as you were pushed against a wall, lips attacking your neck while hands unbuttoned your blouse. You didn’t remember how you ended up here but damn did it feel great.

Sighing, you eyed the clock above the door. Only 15 more minutes until you could go leave work and meet you boyfriend at the theatre where he worked. You frowned, leaning against the counter and placing your head in your hands.

You heard a chuckle next to you and glanced over to see your coworker and friend, Robin, looking at you from where they wiped down the counter. “What?”

“You look so bored.” They looked up and it clock, which hadn’t seemed to move. “Why don’t you head off early? It’s not that busy and I’ll cover for you.”

You perked up a bit at the suggestion. “Really? Are you sure?” They nodded and you pulled them into an excited hug. “Thank you! You’re amazing.”

They laughed. “As long as you know. Tell Ant I said Happy Birthday.”

You chuckled and nodded. “Will do.” You went to the staff locker room and grabbed your purse and jacket, sliding the jacket on before making your way back to the front. “Thanks again.”

“No problem. Have fun.” You nodded and with that, you stepped out of the cafe into the cold fall of Manhattan, New York. It was the day after Halloween but it seemed the city transformed over night. Halloween decorations had already been taken down and people were already starting to hang up Christmas decorations. You smiled and you started down the street, looking around. You had always been in love with the city and stepping into a cupcake shop, you remembered all the beautiful memories you had made since you moved here, including the hot day you walked into a crowded pizzeria on 46th St to get a soda last year and met a certain freckled man. After tripping over his words a bit, he invited you out for coffee the next day.

Smiling at the memory, you payed for a chocolate cupcake and left to make your way to the theatre. You walked up to the stage door and knocked, smiling as the stage door manager opened the door. “Hey, (Y/N)!” They greeted as you stepped in. “You here for Anthony?”

You nodded. “What song are they on?”

“They just started Who Tells Your Story”

“Thanks!” You smiled at them and made your way to the dressing room Anthony shared with Daveed and Oak.You set your purse and bag with the cupcake down on the coffee table and layed down on the couch, using Daveed’s Thomas Jefferson pillow for a few minutes until the boys came into room.

“Ayyyy! (Y/N)’s here! Its lit!” Daveed shouted when he saw you, pulling off his beige coat. You threw his pillow at him, causing Oak to laugh and give you a high five.

Anthony walked over and leaned down, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “Hey babe. I like the the skirt.”

“Hey Papí Ramos.” You smirked, using the nickname you and Robin came up with as Daveed and Oak started cackling. “Happy Birthday. I brought you a cupcake. I am going to wait for you guys to get changed outside, okay?”

Anthony chuckled and nodded, a bit red. “Alright.”

“See ya in a bit Daddy Diggs, Father Oak.” You winked as you stepped outside. You greeted the crew and cast as they passed by, some- like Javier- stopping to talk to you and catch up.

After about 15 minutes, Daveed and Oak stepped out of the room, Daveed fistbumping you. “See ya in a bit, Mommy (Y/N).” Oak said, walking off with Daveed. You chuckled, walking back into the dressing room as Ant was pulling on a shirt.

“”Hey, everyone’s going off to eat and chill before tonight’s show so its kinda just us.” He said, giving you a cute smile. “Is that okay?”

“Its awesome.” You grinned, picking up the bag and pulling the cupcake box out. “Tada!” You sang softly as you opened the box.

“What, no candles?”

You faked a gasp. “I find your lack of faith in my discouraging! Check my purse.” Opening your purse, Anthony pulled out a small box of birthday candles. “I can’t believe you doubted me.”

“I’m sorry, mamí.” He apologised, taking out a candle and sticking it in the candle before going to get a lighter.

“Damn right you’re sorry.” You mumbled as he lit the candle and then sat on the couch. “Wait, why the hell are you sitting down?”

“So I can be comfortable?” He answered, slightly confused.

“Nope.” You shook your head. “You’re standing up so if I decide I want to smash this cupcake against you, I won’t mess up the couch.”

He chuckled and nodded, standing in front of you. “Alright, alright. Better?”

“Much,” you said, before holding the cupcake in front of him with both hands. “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to my weird yet still sexy boyfriend. Happy Birthday to you.” You smiled as he laughed and placed one hand over yours to blow out the candle, allowing the other to rest on your hip.

“Thanks.” He pulled his hand of the cupcake, accidentally getting some frosting on his finger. “Oh shit.”

“I got it.” You said, quickly placing the cupcake on the table and taking his finger into your mouth, sucking off the frosting. He watched you, keeping his hand on your hip. He wasn’t sure what it was but something about this was getting to him and it showed. Looking up, an idea popped into your mind and took his finger out of your mouth. “Is everything alright Anthony?”

“Y-yeah. Everything’s fine, babe.” He stuttered out, causing you to smirk and wrap your arms around his neck.

“Sweetie,” You whispered, leaning up into his ear. “Everything’s not fine, is it? You’re really hot right now, aren’t you?” You pulled away and looked at his red face. “Poor Papí R-” You were cut off as he pulled you into a feverish kiss. “Oh, fuck me!” You shout as he pushed you against a wall, kissing your neck harshly as he unbuttoned your blouse. Or attempted to at least.

“Dammit!” He shouted as fumbled again, finally getting the shirt off before hiking your skirt up and picking you up. You wrapped your legs around his hips and grinded into him slightly, drawing a groan from him, making you grin. “Fuck. You’re a cheeky little thing, ya know that?” You hummed and rolled your hips against his once again, getting another groan out of him. He brought his lips to your neck again and began kissing, leaving marks here and there. You brought your hands up, placing one on his shoulder as the other tangled in his hair. You were about to roll your hips again when you felt him moved your soaked underwear and slide a finger inside of you.

“Oh, fuck me Anthony!” You shouted, gripping tighter as he wiggled his finger around in you slowly.

“I’m trying to.” He mumbled against your neck, adding a second finger as you bucked against him. “God, I need you. Now.”

“Please.” You pleaded.

He nodded. “Couch.” He set you down and immediately start unbuckling his pants. You wobbled a bit before turning to lock the door. “Good idea.” He said, pulling off his boxers, revealing his erection.

“Yeah, I happen to have a few of those. Lay down.” Anthony raised an eyebrow. “You heard me. Lay down.” He chuckled and did as told, placing his head against the armrest, not wanting to get on your bad side.

Tiptoeing across the room, you picked up a belt that was hanging on a hanger.

“(Y/N), what’s that?” Anthony asked as you walked back over.

“Hush…” You glared slightly at him before bringing his arms over his head and wrapping the belt around his wrists and a coat rack next to the couch. “Bite me.”

“I might.” He threatened, glancing up at his bonds as you went over to your purse and pulled out a tube of lipstick. “(Y/N)?”

“Didn’t I say hush?” You asked over your shoulder as you made your way to the mirror. You leaned against the table and turned so you could still see Anthony squirming behind you before you opened the lipstick with an audible ‘pop’. Anthony turned his head toward you and it took all the power in you not to smirk as you carefully began applying the dark red cosmetic. “What’s wrong, Anthony?” You rubbed your lips together carefully before puckering and shooting him a wink through the mirror. His eyes widened slightly and he watched as you slowly unzipped your skirt. You made your way over to him and kneeled down, pressing a kiss to his cheek, pleased and a tad smug when you pulled away when you saw a mark. “This is going to be fun…”

You began pressing kisses down his neck and torso, recoating your lips whenever it would begin to fade. You stopped once you reached his base and glanced up. “P-please.” He whimpered.

You smirked and bit your lip, bringing your face up to his before slowly shaking your head. “Nope.” You pecked his lips and stood up, picking up your blouse and skirt before redressing. You picked up the cupcake and took a bite, turning to Anthony. “This is good, want some?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He glared back.

“Suit yourself!” You grinned, taking another bite. “I’m gonna go join Daddy Diggs and Father Oaks. Bye!”