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Elaborating on your last post about fake fangs, what do you know about fangsmiths? Are those fangs durable? I'm just so curious because they sound awesome!

Hello! I am actually… really passionate about this and I’ve thought about doing it for myself, too! For now I settle with fanart of me w/ fangs…

[^Portrait of moi by the amazingly talented @vaciel, it’s a WIP, I hope they finish it someday][Ya can’t see them but I would have the canine fangs, too, you can only see the lateral incisor fangs here (that’s the tooth between the front tooth and the canine)]

I actually don’t know the specifics, it depends on the fangsmith, but we have a few fangsmiths brought into Halloween Adventure here in NYC leading up to Halloween every year to make fangs, so you might get in touch with that store. They would probably need to be done in person so that the fangsmith can take a cast of your teeth so that their fangs will fit perfectly (my little story about the custom fangs, well, Lestat sneakily gets the cast by making the molds himself w/ Brian, during an evening of experimentation with Alginate ^____^ ) I’m pretty sure the fangsmiths all make their fangs removable.

One fangsmith, who I think is one of the Halloween Adventure ones, is Father Sebastiaan, and he has a gallery and prices. He has a list of pointers about his fangs that are probably true for other fangsmiths:

  • “Fangs color match your teeth.
  • They will last 2-3 years with good care, longer if you are careful.
  • Not wise to sleep or eat with them.
  • OK for smoking, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, absinthe and sex.
  • Made from high quality dental acrylics.
  • 18 years of fang making experience.
  • Good for singing.
  • Feel like your real teeth when being worn.”

This is one of the customers in his gallery:

^IWTV-style fangs, I think, bc this dude vampire has the lateral incisors done, too <3

Hit the jump for a little more, anyone w/ more info is welcome to share or tag someone who does!

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