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Stranger Things S2

It just occurred to me….when Eleven wanted to go trick or treating, she was gonna be a ghost…



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more suburban gothic

shadows circling the parking lot, every neon light spread jam-on-toast, chlorine-in-pool wide, brutal tire marks bruising the concrete, goodbye kisses from careless teenagers driving off in search of bigger skies, pocket lint & gummy bears, the flicker-flare of a truck U-turning off the middle of the grimacing country road before shrugging back into the balmy dark. 

cookies baking in the oven, the latest news story reports a mysterious death and four missing bodies, the tea kettle hisses like a hungry backalley animal, the chandelier swings on its own, the lights stutter & die out, your mother emerges from the kitchen with a knife and a cherry-fleshed smile, except she is not your mother. 

some nights are the beginnings of a horror movie, all the stereotypes that never go out of style, the wispy wings of cigarette smoke butterflies fluttering out of lipstick bright mouths, cold eyes in the limelight, a face in the mirror that is not your own, lovers interrupted by screams ricocheting off the walls like flower vases smashed, blood splatters in strange places. 

gutter-hearts in the grocery store, shopping for ice cream in the middle of the night, a song with a tune that is familiar to you but one that you’re sure you’ve never heard before plays soft as soda pop in the background, the gaunt clerk’s eyes seem to glow red whenever you look at him from the corner of your eye, you try not to look at him again. 

a bouquet of alienated balloons in the sky, circling the moon like something out of the most dreadful fairytale you know, the forest gnarled as a dead body against the bony moon and the monster movie sky, all shredded clouds and playground empties. 

your heart a slug crawling out of your mouth as a ghost hand reaches for you from somewhere behind you. the shriveled gaze of black-eyed children pressing their lifeless hands against your car windows begging for you to let them come home, a gun in the car compartment, jesus on the dashboard, mascara massacred cheeks, coming off your mountaintop highs and plummeting endlessly through stars that only pretend to catch your fall.

                             These ɢʜᴏꜱᴛꜱ come creeping across the floor
                                   whispering  ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇꜱ I’ve made before

                                      They slither up these peeling walls. 
                                       I hear them scratching in the halls.

                                      They drag themselves into my bed. 

                                They won’t get out of my  f u c k i n g  head!

First Meeting Starters

Send “First meeting+a symbol” for a starter of our muses meeting for the first time.

🏥 Our muses meet at a hospital

🏘️ Our muses to meet as new roommates 

🏣 Our muses to meet at a post office

🏢 Out muses to meet at a office

🏨 Our muses to meet at a hotel

🏩 Our muses to meet at a ‘special’ hotel (nsfw possibly)

🏪 Our muses to meet at a store

🏫 Our muses to meet at college

💒 Our muses to meet at a wedding

🏞️ Our muses to meet at a park

🏔️ Our muses to meet at a winter resort 

⛩️ Our muses to meet at a festival

🎡 Our muses to meet at a carnival

🚉 Our muses to meet at a train station 

🚆 Our muses to meet on a train 

🚌 Our muses to meet on a bus

🚑 Our muses to meet on an ambulance

🚒 Our muses to meet at a fire station

🚓 Our muses to meet at a police station

🚕 Our muses to meet in a taxi

🚢 Our muses to meet on a ship

✈️ Our muses to meet on a plane

⛱️ Our muses to meet at a beach 

🎭 Our muses to meet at a theater

🎪 Our muses to meet at a circus

🎨 Our muses to meet at an art show

🏆 Our muses to meet at an awards ceremony 

🏅 Our muses to meet at a sports competition 

⚽ Our muses to meet at a sporting event 

🎮 Our muses to meet at a gaming event

🎼 Our muses to meet at a music store 

🎤 Our muses to meet at a karaoke place

🎸 Our muses to meet at a concert 

🎬 Our muses to meet at a set of a movie

🃏 Our muses to meet at a casino 

🎦 Our muses to meet at a movie 

🍽️ Our muses to meet at a restaurant 

☕ Our muses to meet at a cafe 

🐈 Our muses to meet at a pet store

🎂 Our muses to meet at a birthday party

🎃 Our muses to meet on Halloween

🕸️ Our muses to meet at a Halloween party

🦃 Our muses to meet on Thanksgiving

🍁 Our muses to meet at a fall festival

🎅 Our muses to meet at at a Christmas party 

🎄 Our muses to meet on Christmas

🏮 Our muses to meet at a Chinese New Years party 

🍾 Our muses to meet on New Years

🥂 Our muses to meet at a  New Years party 

💘 Our muses to meet on Valentine’s Day

💟 Our muses to meet at a Valentine’s party

🐰 Our muses to meet on Easter

🎆 Our muses to meet on the fourth of July

🎓 Our muses to meet at a graduation party

🎉 Our muses to meet at a party

🍼 Our muses to meet at a baby shower

💍 Our muses to meet at an engagement party

💞 Our muses to meet at a speed dating event

Costume Sentence Starters

Happy Halloween! Send my muse a reaction to seeing them in a costume, whether positive or not so positive. 

Wait. We were supposed to dress up?”
“You look…adorable!”
“Ah! J-jeez, I didn’t even recognize you!”
“Ugh, you know I hate that mask!”
“Are you really going to go out like that?”
“I don’t know. I think we’re a bit too old to dress up.”
“You don’t think it’s a little too revealing?”
“I don’t have to match, do I?”
“I’m not so sure about our theme this year.”
“Oh shit, I didn’t get a costume for myself!”
“How do you still look beautiful in zombie makeup?”
“Okay, I admit, I like it.”
“You know what would look good with that costume? Fire. Burn it.”
“I think you might offend someone with this.”
“What are you even supposed to be?”
“Wow. Maybe we should stay home and have our own party.”
“You know, it’s not really a costume if you just dress like yourself.”
“Ooh, I love your costume!”
“Wow, how creative, you look like a normal person for once!”
“Well, it’s certainly original.”
“How much fake blood did you use?!”
“Whoa. You really went all out this year.”
“This isn’t a costume. You’re just wearing a pair of cat ears.”
“I feel like there’s an inside joke here but I don’t get it.”
“Honestly, you’re terrifying.”
“You look way too incredible to wear this for only one day.”
“You look like something that crawled out of hell and I love it.”
“I’m going to be seeing you in my nightmares. Thanks for that.”
“Are you serious? I was going to be the same thing!”
“Please don’t make me dress up.”
“I’ll go with you, but I don’t do couple costumes.”
“I think you spent more on the dog/cat’s costume than your own.”
“Wow, did you make this yourself?”
“I think this costume really reflects who you are as a person.”
“Your costume is ten times better looking than mine.”
“This is the most elaborate costume I have ever seen.”
“Why are you wearing a trash bag as a costume?”
“Did you just steal my clothes to dress up as me for Halloween?”


Artwork by James Browning Wyeth - “Pumpkin Head”
Poem by me

This candlelight of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

with a crooked smile

and carved out eyes

 the faintest glow

 of my hollowed soul

 illuminates the dark inside.


Animated characters old and new. [Via @pattielepugh @amandla @drayamicheledaily @beatbynesh @westafricanbaby @oheysteenz @lucillebatiste_ @miskeencore] 

More Symbol Starters!

🎉 Our muses have a vegas wedding!

💎 Our muses accidentally ( or purposely ) steal a valuable object!

🏫 Our muses are high-schoolers!

👶 Our muses meet as children!

💀 Our muses are held hostage!

💤 Our muses fall into a deep sleep and are stuck in the same dream!

🌆 Our muses escape the city to start a new life together!

💋 Our muses appear on the ‘Kiss Cam’ at a sports game!

🎁 Our muses exchange special gifts to each-other!

🛀 Our muses take a bath together!

🎱 Our muses play pool together and make bets!

🎠 Our muses visit the fair!

🎈 Our muses crash a party together!

🐷 Our muses visit a zoo!

🎾 Our muses get into a competitive sports battle 

🎤 Our muses do a little karaoke together! 

🚀 Our muses try to find another planet to live on because earth is dying!

⚉ Our muses go bowling together!

☣ Our muses play with an Ouija board! 

🔍 Our muses try to solve a crime together!

💰 Our muses win the lottery!

🚢 Our muses go on a cruise! 

❄ Our muses are stranded outside during a snow storm!

☬ Our muses try to survive a ‘purge’ night together!

⚓ Our muses lost out at sea together!

📖 Our muses are story-book characters!

🎃 Our muses go trick-or-treating… when it’s not Halloween!

🎥 Our muses are movie/t.v show characters!

💥 Our muses are transported to a different world / time!

🔪 Our muses are trapped in a building with a killer!

♖ Our muses live poor lives in the 19th century!

⚒ Our muses build things in wood-shop class together!

🍤 Our muses get curious and visit an ‘adult’ store!

☕ Our muses meet and share a table at a cafe together!

☏ Our muses talk on the phone to each-other in the middle of the night!

⌲ Our muses pass notes during class / work !

✎ Our muses model and draw for each other!

🏰 Our muses in the time of knights, princes, dragons, ect!

🐢  Our muses visit an aquarium !

🌠 Our muses watch the stars together and see a shooting star!

💢  Our muses get into a heated argument about something stupid!

🍻  Our muses go to a bar together!

🍺  Our muses go clubbing together!

💅  Our muses give each-other makeovers!

🔮 Our muses visit a psychic to tell their future!

🎭 Our muses go to a masked ball!

🎮 Our muses play video-games together!

🔦 Our muses are lost in a forest with only a flashlight! 

💣 Our muses must escape a building before a bomb goes off!

🎰 Our muses gamble away at a casino! 

♥ Our muses meet for the first time!

☞ Our muses in a romance related RP!

✌ Our muses in an action related RP!

☹ Our muses in a drama related RP!

× Our muses in a survival related RP!

¿ Send this symbol for a randomized option!

  • ッ-: Our characters will go to a costume ball together
  • ☾: Our characters will go trick or treating
  • ♛: Our characters will wear matching costumes
  • ✖: My character will be visited by your character’s ghost or vice versa.
  • †: My character visits your character’s grave.
  • ❥: My muse plays a halloween prank on your muse
  • ❂: My muse reacts to yours wearing a provocative costume.
  • ❃: Our muses do an ouija board session together.
  • ❉: Our muses go into a haunted house together.
  • ☠: Our muses making out in a pumpkin patch.
  • ☣: Your muse is the only person who came to my muse’s party.
send me a...
  • 🍂 for my muse to jump in the leaves with yours.
  • 🎃 for my muse to carve a pumpkin with yours.
  • 🌇 for my muse to watch an autumn sunset with yours.
  • 🌕 for my muse to try to scare yours.
  • 👻 for my muse to go into a haunted house with yours. 
  • 🔪 for my muse to watch a scary movie with yours.
  • ☕ for my muse to get your muse a pumpkin spice latte.
  • 🍎 for my muse to go to an apple orchard with yours.
  • 👕 for my muse to dress up your muse for halloween.
  • 👹 for my muse to play a spooky prank on yours.
  • 🐄 for my muse to take yours on a haunted hay ride. 
  • 🍁 for my muse to take yours to a pumpkin patch.
  • 🦇 for my muse to decorate their house with yours.
50 Halloween Questions for Muses

I already did a version for the mun, but here are some Halloween/Autumn-themed questions for the muse. Send one or a few for my muse!

  1. What’s your favorite thing about the Halloween/Autumn season?
  2. What’s your least favorite thing about the Halloween/Autumn season?
  3. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If not, what is?
  4. If you could be anything for Halloween, what would you be?
  5. Do you celebrate Halloween or just let it pass by?
  6. Do you remember what you did on Halloween last year?
  7. Do you have a favorite Halloween memory from childhood?
  8. Did you get to choose your costumes as a child or did someone else choose it for you?
  9. What do you prefer: carving pumpkins or handing out candy?
  10. Do you ever buy candy in excess so there’s some left over for you to keep?
  11. Have you ever been on handing-out-candy duty?
  12. Do you attend Halloween costume parties?
  13. Would you ever hang out in a cemetery on Halloween night?
  14. Do you believe the superstitions surrounding Halloween?
  15. Have you ever had a spooky experience this time of year? If so, what happened?
  16. Do you enjoy horror movies/literature/games?
  17. Did you grow up with any Halloween traditions? (like decorating the house or carving pumpkins, etc)
  18. What do you think about people who trick-or-treat as teens or adults?
  19. What do you think about people who go trick-or-treating with babies?
  20. Would you give candy to someone who didn’t dress up in a costume?
  21. Do you enjoy, or have you ever been through a corn maze?
  22. Have you ever been to a haunted house?
  23. Would you go to a real haunted location on Halloween just for fun?
  24. Have you ever performed a prank?
  25. Has anyone ever performed a prank on you?
  26. How enthusiastic would you say you are about Halloween?
  27. Do you like bonfires?
  28. Do you believe in witchcraft?
  29. If spirits were to return to the earth on Halloween, whose spirit would you want to show up on your doorstep?
  30. If you were a ghost (or are a ghost), who would you haunt and how would you pester them?
  31. Do you hate raking leaves?
  32. When you see a leaf pile, are you automatically tempted to jump in it?
  33. What are your thoughts on candy corn?
  34. If you enjoy Halloween parties, do you prefer to attend one or host one?
  35. Tell one story about something creepy or eerie that’s happened to you.
  36. Would you prefer a professionally-made costume or one that you’ve made yourself?
  37. How much do you know about the history of Halloween, and do you have a favorite fun fact?
  38. In the spirit of Halloween, what is your favorite monster or villain from horror culture?
  39. Do you carve basic faces on your pumpkins or do you use patterns?
  40. Where would you rather be stuck on Halloween: a dark forest, a haunted house, an old abandoned hospital, lost in a cornfield, or a cemetery?

For non-celebrating muses:

  1. When did you first learn about Halloween?
  2. Do you like the concept of Halloween or do you think it’s overrated?
  3. Do you know anyone who celebrates Halloween?
  4. Is this the first Halloween you’ve ever experienced?
  5. Are there any similar holidays or events you practice? (for muses from various cultures/species)
  6. How would you explain Halloween to someone else who has never heard of it?
  7. How do you typically spend your 31st of October?
  8. Could you be best friends or the significant other of someone who is obsessed with Halloween?
  9. Have you tried traditional Halloween candy (candy corn, sugar pumpkins, orange and black taffies) and if so, what do you think of it? 
  10. What is your opinion on people dressing up in costumes? Would you enjoy it?
Halloween Day Poem --  “Cup O’ Joe”

Art Source: @atomic-apricot
Poem by me

Even the Reaper

needs some coffee

to wake up –

he’s tame as a kitty cat

until after 

his second cup.