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I’m three weeks early with this because I have no self control whatsoever, but I am more than pleased to present you the Goth Manor - Halloween style. Happy very early Halloween folks, and if you don’t celebrate Halloween - happy October!

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  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the official name of the Star Wars themed lands at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California.🌟
  • The lands will be totally immersive.🌟
  • In the remote trading port, on the light side of the lands, guests will have a chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon, and whether you land or crash it will determine how people treat you throughout the day! (THAT level of immersion) Also, depending on how you do in the ride, characters from “Star Wars: Rebels” will make appearances, either congratulating you on a job well done or sending a bounty hunter after you🌟
  • There will also be another ride on the dark side of the Star Wars lands, which will be set inside a Star Destroyer hangar bay.🌟
  • Throughout the Star Wars lands, guests can meet BB-8, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and Rex from Star Tours.🌟
  • There will also be a cantina restaurant, similar to the one in the movie, where guests can try Blue Milk.🌟
  • There will be also “100% immersive” luxury Star Wars hotel coming to Walt Disney World only!🌟
  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open first in Disneyland California, then in Walt Disney World.🌟


  • Marvel Land confirmed for California Adventure. Spider-Man and Avengers experience coming to Disney’s California Adventure! Disney hasn’t announced much, except that it’ll be a totally immersive experience.😱💥
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Cars Land will get Halloween makeover.
  • Paradise Pier will turn into Pixar Pier at Disney’s California Adventure, with Pixar characters all over the area and permanent changes to the park include building new areas to help bring the worlds of Pixar to life.🎢
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Disneyland will get a new fireworks show, and the Pixar Play Parade will return to the park.💥


A Marvel hotel is coming to Disneyland Paris! “Disney’s Hotel New York” as it’s now called, will be reimagined into a Marvel themed wonderland!
“We’re going to create a hotel at Disneyland Paris that would make Tony Stark proud.”- Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek


  • The park is apparently set for a MAJOR upgrade & overhaul, but Disney did revealed very little about their overall plan for the park. They shared a concept art photo for what it could look like in the future.🌐
  • A Guardians of the Galaxy ride will replace Universe of Energy, which will close August 13, 2017. Epcot is becoming part of the story, as Peter Quill enjoyed visiting the park when he was a kid on Terra / Earth.☄️
  • The Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris is coming to the France pavilion.🐭🇫🇷
  • China will be getting a new seamless CircleVision film. 🇨🇳
  • A new outer space-themed restaurant is also coming to the area next to Mission: Space.🌌
  • Disney Skyliner will connect Disney resorts to Epcot.🚡


  • It’s official! The famous TRON coaster from Disneyland Shanghai is coming to the Magic Kingdom! The ride will be built in a new area next to Space Mountain, and will NOT replace any existing rides. It will be open before 2021.💙
  • A new entertainment venue will be added on Main Street at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It is inspired by Kansas City’s Willis Wood Theatre in 1920s Kansas City, where Walt lived after he left Marceline. There’s no word on what this venue will hold yet.


  • The Great Movie ride will close on August 13, 2017 to make way for a new attraction “Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway”! There will be “a great new theme song” for the attraction. Guests will step into the movie screen and onto Goofy’s train, riding through a Mickey and Minnie cartoon short.” 🐭The Imagineers says it’s not in 3D but rather “2 and a half D”, and this attraction will have more Hidden Mickeys than any other attraction ever!🐭
  • TOY STORY LAND WILL OFFICIALY OPEN SUMMER 2018.🎪 The whole concept of the land is that you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy to explore the world of Andy’s backyard with your favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody and Buzz. There will be 2 major attractions: Slinky Dog Dash & Alien Swirling Saucers.🎪
  • Slinky Dog Dash will be a family coaster attraction where you’ll zip, dodge and dash around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits.🐶
  • Alien Swirling Saucers will also be a new attraction at Toy Story Land. It’s designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet, inspired by the first “Toy Story” film. Aliens are flying around in their toy flying saucers and trying to capture your rocket toy vehicle with “The Claw.”👽


The Disney Skyliner will give guests a bird’s-eye view of Walt Disney World & will transport guests form resorts to Hollywood Studios & Epcot! Disney has also announced Minnie Mouse themed cars that will act as an Uber-like service within Walt Disney World, that will take guests anywhere they want to go within the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Hi! Could u do a twilight Halloween fic where the reader is now a young party planner and an old friend of Bella’s & she comes to Forks to help plan a Cullen Halloween party & the Volturi show up for a surprise meeting & the reader (Caius’s mate) can almost feel him staring at her. That’d be cool! 😬🎃😕👻😏🎃😉

For: @cupcakequeen1999

Words: 1,576

Caius Volturi x reader

“So, you’re not going explain your weird new look or your chic new family?” You asked your old friend as you sat to the island in the Cullen’s kitchen and started to mood board colour schemes for the Halloween party that Bella wanted you to plan.
Bella’s lip twitched in nearly a smile, “I could tell you but then-”
“You’d have to kill me, I know, I know.” You waved away the conversation and went back to taking stock of how many decorations Bella’s little sister-in-law had brought.

After a moment of silence Bella reached over and covered your hand with her cold one, “You trust me, don’t you? You feel safe here?”
You turned your hand over to squeeze hers and nodded.

You did feel safe with Bella, you’d been friends since you were both knee-high little tykes but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t notice that change in her or the strange behaviours of her new family the Cullen’s. You’d once broken the window of an elderly Romani woman down the street when you were a child and as punishment you had to go around every day to assist her with cooking and general chores. After you’d finished your punishment you still went to see her every day because you enjoyed her life lessons and seeing the Cullen’s now with their marble skin and strange eyes conjured up the old stories that she’d tell you of the monsters of her home land.

You shook off the thought, you’d always been open minded but now was the time to focus on work and on making the Cullen’s Halloween party a success, you know in case they were creatures of the night, maybe they’d look at you more favourably if you gave them a successful party.

You dismissed the idea as Jasper Cullen came to you, there was just something about him that was so calming.
“Alice is looking for you, I think you may want to hide.” He warned you. Before you could ask him what he meant Alice rounded the corner, her arms bundled with material.
“Oh Y/N, there you are! I just thought of the perfect costume for-” Alice started but stopped. Her arms dropped the material to the floor as she started at you. You didn’t break eye contact with her as Jasper rushed to her side impossibly fast. Edward was at the bottom of the stairs in an instant, he sparred a glance towards you before pulling Bella to one side.

Alice swallow hard as she snapped out of whatever was bothering and scooped up the material from the floor, she squeaked, “Actually I just thought of something better, I’ll go sort it.”
She went back the way that she’d came with Jasper in tow and when you turned to ask Bella what that had been about you found that she and her husband had also gone, and you were alone with your work file.


“Are you sure? Can’t things that you see change?” Bella asked Alice before she’d even fully entered Carlisle’s study. Esme shut the door behind her to hide their family meeting.
“Events can change sure,” Alice mumbled, and Jasper held her to his chest, “But not this. Y/N is Caius’ mate and no amount of us hiding her will change that.”

“So, we just let her come and take her away with them?” Bella snapped, and Edward rubbed her back to console her.
Carlisle pushed back his hair, “Bella you must understand, the mate bond is no less sacred because of who it belongs too, no matter how you feel about Caius, keeping Y/N from him will just end in destruction.”
“If he has too Caius will destroy our coven and the town to get to her.” Rosalie told her, and she too cuddled up to her partner.
“But we can send her away! We could hide her!” Bella tried.
Alice shook her head, “It’s too late, the Volturi are too close, even if we get her away then the Volturi will catch wind of her scent. We can’t hide her from Demetri.”
Edward took Bella’s hands, “If we keep her away from him then we will just entice his wrath but if we help their union then perhaps we can help keep Y/N’s humanity.”


“I do so adore human traditions and mythology.” Aro clapped his hands and poked at the plastic bats hanging from the ceiling of Carlisle’s office, even that room hadn’t been sparred a Halloween makeover, “I do believe that we are not properly dressed.”
He glanced an eye over at the other Cullen’s who were dressed strangely, some in clothing from their own era like Jasper who was dressed as a Civil War Major and Alice as a 1920s flapper girl.

“With all due respect,” Emmet started and some of the other Cullen’s flinched, whenever he said that it was going to be disrespectful, “You already look like you’re in costume.”
Aro looked to Carlisle for confirmation who gave him a tight nod, Aro clapped his hands, “Splendid.”

“Is this of any consequence?” Caius snapped from his seat, he continued to stare at the doorway.
“What is bothering you dear brother, oh I wonder?” Aro mused and tapped his cheek in fake interest.  Caius sneered at him and Bella tried not to flinch, her friend would have to leave with him.
Marcus ignored the bickering of his brothers to use his powers to watch the new connection that had sprung from Caius, it led through the door and down the stairs to where he knew you’d be.

Caius had caught your scent as soon as they’d crossed the state border, he’d sent Demetri ahead to ensure that the Cullen’s wouldn’t try to spirit you away and was pleasantly surprised to find that you were still at the Cullen’s house awaiting his arrival, though it was clear that you weren’t expecting the surprise guests. Caius had hissed in anger when he’d seen the state of your mortality but that was the good thing about mortality, it was easily changed.


There was something nice about being in the middle of a successful party that you’d planned. Emmett especially loved the party game where you had to wear fake vampire teeth and bob for apples – Edward did not appreciate it.
A girl dressed as a minion passed you, “Great party.”
“Thank you.” You smiled and smoothed out the soft silk of the outfit that Alice had thrust upon you, a Medieval Queen’s dress, it was surprising good at keeping you warm in the bitter Autumn air. Feeling the hairs stand up on the back of your neck you glanced back to catch the eye of the Cullen’s last-minute blond guest. He didn’t break eye contact, if anything, he looked hungry. You gave him a friendly smile before running to hide away with Jasper, the blond had been staring at you all night and you wanted to be near Jasper’s ever calming presence.

“To say that your friends came last minute, their outfits sure do match.” You mumbled to Jasper.
The corner of his mouth twitched, “Is that really what you wanted to say?”
Your face flushed, “Who’s the blond?”
“Her name is Jane, but I think she’s a little young for you.” Jasper told you with a wry smile.
You elbowed him, “I’m sure she’s lovely but you know that I meant the man. He keeps looking at me and I think I should go and introduce myself.”

Jasper started, “His name is – ”
“I believe I am capable of introducing myself, Major.” A voice interrupted him, and the very blond stepped towards you from behind Jasper. Jasper stood beside you with his back poker straight.
He held his hand out for you and when you gave him your hand he brought it up to his cold lips and brushed them over your knuckles, “Caius Volturi, and to whom do I speak?”
The words flowed from his mouth like wine and clouded your senses, you opened your mouth to answer a few times but fell short into a stuttering blushing mess.

Jasper coughed behind his fist, “Y/N.”
You blinked, “Oh yes, of course! I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.” You awkwardly shook his hand with yours still atop his. He grinned predatorily at your awkwardness and flicked his wrist. In your peripheral you noticed Jasper leave your side. Caius pulled your hand forward slightly and turned so that he could take your arm in his as he walked you away from the crowd. Nor the warnings of your old Romani friend in your mind or Bella’s warning look could pull your gaze from Caius.

Caius leaned down to your ear as you walked, his hair tickled your neck and cold radiated from him, “That dress is enchanting.”

Your face was burning again, you stopped for a moment to look at him and felt your feet sway, “Oh Alice said I should be a queen.”
His lips were just above yours, his eyes dark and piercing, “I couldn’t agree more.”

I know I suck at naming things.


Happy October! from @OldSchoolPinUps @oldschoolpinups @lancewagnerphotography wearing @orchardcorset 


*(This post was started in 2014 & has updated every year since)

There’s obviously a lot of Halloween-themed videos by youtubers but I attempted to make somewhat of a masterpost to help people get in the Halloween spirit! Keep in mind, only some are listed here and videos from this year will be posted while this post is circulating (I’ll do my best to keep updating the list so be sure to click on the original post for the most up-to-date version). Enjoy! :)

Pumpkin Carving, Crafts and Decorations:

Carving Pumpkins with Zoe Sugg & Joe Sugg

Drunk Pumpkin Carving with Tyler Oakley & Sawyer Hartman

Halloween Pumpkin Carving with Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman

Halloween Pumpkins with Marcus Butler & Alfie Deyes

Halloween Toddler Crafts with Louise Pentland & Darcy

My Drunk Pumpkin with Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart + Bloopers

Pumpkin Carving Tutorial with Miranda Sings

My Drunk Pumpkin 2014 with Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart + Bloopers

Pumpkin Carving Shenanigans with Zoe Sugg & Gabby Lindley

DIY Halloween Bleach Shirts with Hannah Hart & Joselyn Hughes

Rainbow Crayon Pumpkin DIY with Joey Graceffa & iHasCupquake

Autumn & Halloween House Tour with Zoe Sugg

Pumpkin Carving with Gabby 2015 with Zoe Sugg & Gabby Lindley

No Carve Pumpkin Fail!! :( with Louise Pentland

DIY Cute Pumpkin Ideas! with Miranda Sings

Emoji Pumpkin DIY! with Joey Graceffa, Colleen Evans & Daniel Preda

My Drunk “Pumpkin” with Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

Scary Halloween DIYs with Grace Helbig

Decorating Pumpkins W/ Jim with Mark Ferris & Jim Chapman

Autumn & Halloween Home Haul with Zoe Sugg

Halloween Party with Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Poppy, Sean & Mark

Autumn Homeware Haul (2017) with Zoe Sugg

DIY Halloween Water Marble Pumpkin Art with Joey Graceffa

Zalfie and Soppy Pumpkin Carving Special with Sean, Poppy, Zoe & Alfie

Baking, Cooking & Drinks:

Halloween Cupcakes with Zoe Sugg & Alfie Deyes

Halloween Baking: Brownie Graveyard! with Phil Lester & Dan Howell

My Drunk Kitchen: Pumpkin Fritters with Hannah Hart

AlcoHoliday’s: A Halloween Spicy Vodkaaaah Martini with Mamrie Hart

MDK: Halloween Deep Fried Tequila Shots with Hannah Hart

Halloween Baking - Spooky Cupcakes with Phil Lester & Dan Howell

How To: Toffee Apples with Alfie Deyes & Mom

Cooking Tutorial: White Trash Candy Corn with Grace Helbig

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting with Zoe Sugg

MDK: Ice Cream (sand)Witches with Hannah Hart & Rosanna Pansino

Yummy Witch Potions DIY with Joey Graceffa & Mamrie Hart

Baking Blood-filled Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes! with Tanya Burr

3 (Awful/Bad) Spooky Mocktail Ideas with Louise Pentland & Hazel Hayes

Halloween Baking with Zoe Sugg & Joe Sugg

Halloween Baking - Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Cookies with Dan Howell & Phil Lester

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Baking Pumpkin Pie as a Pumpkin with Ben J Pierce

Halloween Baking With Zoe with Mark Ferris & Zoe Sugg

How To Bake Halloween Cake Pops with Tanya Burr

4 Easy DIY Halloween Treats with Zoe Sugg

Halloween Cupcake Bake Off Challenge with Zoe Sugg & Mark Ferris

Halloween Cupcakes | #BakingWithJim with Jim Chapman

Halloween Baking - Creepy Crispy Cakes Conjoined Challenge! with Dan Howell & Phil Lester


Trick or Treat Challenge with Joe Sugg & Zoe Sugg + Bloopers

Halloween Challenge with Jim Chapman & Tanya Burr

Halloween Spooktacular Challenge with Jim Chapman & Joe Sugg

Unexpected Pie Fight with Joey Graceffa & Meghan Camarena

Costume Challenge with Grace Helbig, Hanna Hart & Mamrie Hart

Brothers Play Halloween Games with Oli White & James

Candy Apple Challenge with Grace Helbig & Chester See

Whipped Cream Challenge! with Joey Graceffa & Ricky Dillon

Edward Spooky Hands Challenge with Grace Helbig & TheGabbieShow

The Pumpkin Challenge! with Jim Chapman

Costume Challenge 2015 with Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart

The Pumpkin Challenge with Jim Chapman & Mark Ferris

Extreme Pumpkin Spice Challenge with Joey Graceffa & LaurDIY

Trick or Trick with My Sister with Joe Sugg & Zoe Sugg

Costumes & Makeup:

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas with Troye Sivan

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas with Grace Helbig

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial with Tanya Burr

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas with Connor Franta

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas! with Jim Chapman

How To: Thirsty Vampire with Marcus Butler

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Ultimate Pumpkin Face with Joe Sugg & Zoe Sugg + Bloopers

Cheap + Easy DIY Halloween Costumes with Grace Helbig

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Quick & Easy Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial with Tanya Burr

Living Doll Party Makeup with Louise Pentland

4 Iconic Halloween Costumes for 2017 with Tyler Oakley

Extreme Halloween Makeover: “It” & The Walking Dead with Tyler Oakley

Boyfriend Buys My Halloween Costume! with Joey Graceffa & Daniel Preda

Turning My Brother Into Pennywise with Zoe Sugg & Joe Sugg


Halloween Tag with Jim Chapman & Tanya Burr

Top That! Halloween Edition with Tyler Oakley & Becca Frucht

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My Drunk Kitchen, Holiday: Candy Hand with Hannah Hart 

Tispy Spell-ing Bee with Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart & Grace Helbig

Lush Halloween Haul & Demos! with Louise Pentland

Haunted House Maze with Hannah Hart (The Tyler Oakley Show) with Tyler Oakley & Hannah Hart

Halloween ASMR: Spooky Sounds with Tyler Oakley & Mamrie Hart

Haunted Maze with Liza Koshy wit Tyler Oakley & Liza Koshy


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