halloween is over and you know what that means


tis the season


halloween movie time ► Get Out (2017), dir. Jordan Peele.

You know what I say? I say one down, a couple hundred thousand to go. I don’t mean to get on my high horse, but I’m telling you, I do not like the deer. I’m sick of it; they’re taking over. They’re like rats. They’re destroying the ecosystem. I see a dead deer on the side of the road and I think, “That’s a start.”

Prompt Set: OTP/FLUFF

1. “I’ve had people arrested in the past. Don’t push it.”

2. “It’s my fish…I told you to feed it…you didn’t…so, no, I don’t know where we stand right now.”

3. “It was pouring and you ran off with our SHARED umbrella, leaving me to get soaked!”

4. “I third-wheeled with you two for years before you gave me a chance.”

5. “Remember? At the movie theater? When you got so scared you dumped your drink all over me?”

6. “What do you mean you don’t read my texts if they’re over four lines…”

7. “I’m not wearing a mask. I don’t care about your fetish.” - “It’s not a fetish, IT’S HALLOWEEN”

8. “I’m not a coat rack, hold your own purse.”

9. “You just cut in front of an old lady, and then you proceeded to flip her off in the rearview…all the while speeding.”

10. “You’re hungover. You’re not dying.”

11. “Rock-paper-scissors. Loser gets up and makes the coffee.”

The Mayor of Halloween Town

This is filling an anonymous prompt for Bitty dressing up as Jack Skellington, and Jack’s reaction.

Bitty pulled the garment bag out of his closet and considered.

He’d brought this with him specifically for Halloween. He’d done the puck bunny thing last year – speaking of terrible life choices. He wasn’t sure who took the pictures that ended up on the Swallow’s website, but he’d had people making rabbit ears at him for weeks.

The year before that he’d been Mrs. Lovett because pies, but this year, he wanted something not so … feminine, maybe, not that anyone would consider Mrs. Lovett a sex symbol or anything.

But this year, he was the captain of this team, and the Halloween kegster came just after the season started, and he needed something that would demonstrate that he was in charge. Or at least not make him seem cute.

On a visit home before returning for the school year (and wasn’t that a change: his parents’ home was now a place he visited), he’d spent an afternoon helping Mama organize the attic, moving some of his old things out of his parents’ way and making room for Mama’s new sewing machine in the guest room.

That was what gave him the idea, really. The old things in the attic, both the collection of Halloween Town figurines and the rack with his old figure skating costumes.

There was the tiny statue of Jack Skellington, the leader of Halloween Town. And there was the black coat he’d bought for his last costume – he’d planned to skate to Phantom – but, well, that skate never happened.

The coat had been a bit big then, and it was more than a bit snug now, but that would work for what he wanted. He still had black tights that fit, and a dance belt. He could do this: Not a burly monster or a bedraggled zombie, but the spritely skeleton who was clearly in charge of the holiday.

With the bag stashed in the closet, Bitty had gone along with it when the frogs started talking about a Halloween kegster. The new baby tadpoles (what do you call a frog before it’s a tadpole?) had been around for two months, and they were ready to be exposed to the drunken debauchery of a real Haus party. As long as Bitty could make sure they ate enough and drank enough water.

Ollie and Wicks were eager to prove their version of tub juice was just as revoltingly strong as Ransom and Holster’s, and the rest of the boys were itching for some fun.

But when Dex and Nursey came up with the idea of a Haunted Haus kegster, Bitty had wanted to talk them out of it. First, because he wasn’t sure tub juice and jump scares were entirely compatible; second, because he didn’t want people losing it in his kitchen, and there was no way on God’s green earth that any of the boys would allow guests upstairs during a kegster, and a haunted Haus meant people would have to go somewhere; and third, because he wanted to be Jack Skellington, and that just wasn’t scary enough for a haunted house. Or maybe that was first.

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maple mary [stan uris x reader]

summary: stan confeses his feelings but richie ruins everything

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 10 and prompt haunted mansion. Also, I used @horrificmemes
31 Horrific Days v2 [October Writing Challenge] ! same day, prompt growling. i am apart of the stan uris deserves love tooTM

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There are several places in Derry that spike fear into children and adults alike: deep forest spots that seep with dazing scents, where trees are so high they block the sun, waters, overflowing and so powerful that only God knows where they would take one if that one was so unlucky to get sucked in, abandoned buildings as old as Derry itself, or random places of killings riddled with ghost stories that only younger half of the population actually believe. 29 Neilbolt Street is one of those locations, and one you and the Losers are now accustomed to very well, and the other is a house down Maple road, a large abandoned brick building with wines growing through its windows like pretty flowers in spring.

“—That’s bullshit. There’s no way Maple Mary is haunted.” Eddie mumbles into his cereal; the lights of late Fall morning shine through the window. A couple of brown and yellow leaves dance in the chilly wind. Eddie’s house is mostly quiet, only his mother is watching the morning program on the TV in the living room, while you, Stan and Eddie eat in sleepy silence. Richie is still snoring upstairs. No one dared to wake him. Mostly because no one wanted to deal with his whining.

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baby’s first halloween - the ‘baby steps’ series

a/n: here it is! the first installment of my dad!shawn series ‘baby steps’

– word count: 1,380

– warnings: mild swearing

tag list: @shawnsassymendes

You walk down the stairs with your young daughter in your arms to see Shawn at the door, handing out candy. Shawn thought it would be cute if you were Ariel, he was Prince Eric, and your daughter was Melody. You had to admit, you all looked pretty cute.

“Happy Halloween.” Shawn smiles before closing the door and turning around to see you standing there with your daughter in your arms.

“Prince.” You smile, bowing slightly.

“Princess.” He grins.

He sets down the bowl of candy in his hands and kisses your daughter on the forehead before giving you a kiss.

“You look so handsome.” You say looking him over.

“Yeah, your mom did good making the costumes for us. Your dress looks amazing. Just like the movie.”

“Well, my mom really likes Halloween.”

You hand your daughter over to Shawn before grabbing your phone off the counter. Shawn is looking down at your daughter, smiling and having his own little conversation with her. You smile to yourself and snap a picture of the precious moment. You walk over to your husband, placing your hand on his shoulder.

“Look at you two.” You smile, showing him the picture.

“Print that out. I want it to cover the entire wall.” He grins.

“I can try.”

You walk into the kitchen, setting out some snacks on the counter. Since your daughter was too young to remember Halloween you and Shawn decided to have a little get-together at your place instead.

“When did everyone say they were gonna be here?” You ask from the kitchen.

Shawn glances at his watch before answering, “They should be here within the next half hour.”

“Mkay.” You make sure you have all of the special Halloween themed snacks, along with some chips and pretzels, laid out before rejoining Shawn in the living room.

Every time the doorbell rings you both get up, Shawn holding your daughter, and open the door to give out candy. After a while Aaliyah, Karen, and Manny arrive, greeting you with smiles and compliments on your costumes. As Aaliyah walks in she grabs a handful of candy.

“Aaliyah! That’s for the trick-or-treaters!” You exclaim.

“Trick or treat.” She grins, already eating some of the candy she grabbed.

You shake your head, laughing as Shawn sneaks up behind her and steals some candy from her.

“Shawn!” She shouts, trying to grab it back from him.

“Hey,” He grins, “What are you supposed to be anyway?” He looks her over, an eyebrow raised.

“I’m a frat boy. I was matching with Mishyia.”

Shawn chuckles and shakes his head, “A fucking frat boy.”

“Shawn!” You shout, pointing to your lips and raising your eyebrows.

“It’s okay. She won’t pick up on it yet.”

“You say that now until that’s her first word. You really need to watch your m-OW MOTHER FUCKER! HOLY SHIT!” You reach out and put your hand on the wall next to you as you grab your leg, rubbing it.

Shawn doubles over in laughter, “Now who needs to watch their mouth?”

You glare at him, lifting your dress up to see if a bruise is  forming and sure enough, one is starting to appear. When you look up Karen and Manny are staring at you, Karen  covering  your daughter’s ears.

You clear your throat, clasping your hands together, “I want to apologize for my little outburst. It just really hurts when you hit your leg on the corner of these counters. I won’t do it again.” You say softly.

“How often does she have to do that?” Aaliyah asks, looking at Shawn.

“Don’t answer that question.” You say before he can answer.

He puts his hands up in defense, chuckling.

There’s a knock at the door and you open it to reveal Shawn’s team and the girls.

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you don’t I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear!” They all sing in unison.

You laugh as you move to the side to let them in. Shawn comes around the corner, laughing as he greets them.

“Nice little chant there. Glad you still remember it.” He grins.

“Of course we still remember it.” Matt grins.

“Okay, let’s see here. We have Prince Eric, Princess Ariel, now what’s the little one?” Andrew asks, motioning to Shawn and then you.

You walk into the living room, picking her up before walking back to join everyone else.

“She’s Melody, Eric and Ariel’s daughter.” You smile at her.

“Let me guess. Shawn’s idea?” Geoff interjects.

“Yup.” You chuckle.

“Sounds about right.” He grins.

“Hey! It’s cute. And (Y/n)’s mom did amazing with the costumes.” Shawn defends himself.

“Woah, your mom made these?” Matt asks, eyebrows raised.

You nod, “Oh yeah. She loves Halloween and making costumes.

"I can tell.”

“This is Halloween! This is Halloween!” You all sing along to the movie.

You bounce your daughter on your leg, her fingers wrapped around your thumbs as she giggles.

Shawn smiles over at the two of you, his arm wrapped around your waist. Aaliyah takes a picture of the three of you and sends it to you and Shawn, neither of you even aware she took the picture.

Shawn presses a kiss to your temple and you smile at his touch.

After the movie finishes Karen stands up, clapping her hands together.

“Picture time!” She declares enthusiastically.

Shawn stands up, taking your daughter from you as you stand up. Karen directs you towards a blank wall and you pose, letting Karen take a few pictures.

“(Y/n), now you hold her.” She instructs.

Shawn carefully hands you your daughter and Karen takes a few more pictures before making Aaliyah take the baby so she can get a few of you and Shawn alone. When she’s finally done she sends the pictures to you and Shawn before taking pictures for anyone else who wants them. After she’s done you take a few pictures of her, Manny, and Aaliyah. You make your rounds taking a few individual pictures with Aaliyah, and then Shawn jumps in. Once you’ve finally finished with individual pictures, Aaliyah sets up her phone and you all take a big group picture.

Shawn sits on the floor, your daughter leaning against his chest as he dumps the leftover candy on the floor in front of him. You heard him sit down with her and say he needed to give her some ‘advice for the future’, so you decided to sneak in and record what he said.

“You’re too young to understand what this is right now, but you see, baby, it’s Halloween. And what you’ve gotta do is flash those big, beautiful eyes at mommy. That’s how you get all the candy you want. Trust me, it works for me, so It’ll definitely work for you. If we double team her, she won’t be able to resist and she’ll absolutely crumble.” He grins down at her as she grabs at the candy in front of her, lifting it up to Shawn’s lips.

You grin as you stop recording. You upload it on Instagram, captioning it: “His advice for the future. It’s only her first Halloween, but he’s already teaching her how to get me to break. @shawnmendes”

You take a seat next to Shawn, giving him a kiss on the cheek as you grab a piece of candy.

“Do you think this was a good first Halloween? I mean, I know she won’t remember it, seeing as she’s only a few months old, but still.” You gently tickle her stomach, making her giggle.

“I’d say it was pretty successful.” He grins.


You decide to post a few of the pictures that were taken. After a minute the comments start rolling in and you grin as a lot of people compliment your costumes or gush over your daughter.

You and Shawn sit on the floor with your daughter for what feels like forever. By this point everyone has said their goodbyes and gone home. Your daughter eventually falls asleep, so Shawn takes her upstairs and puts her in her crib before rejoining you on the living room floor. The two of you lean against the couch, eating the remaining candy and watching another movie.

“Successful night?” Shawn asks, putting his hand up.

“Successful night.” You agree, meeting his hand in a high-five.

“Man, we’re gonna regret this candy.” Shawn mutters.

“So? It’s Halloween.” You shrug, mouth full of candy.

Return or reborn?

Theory time, everybody!

1. It’s “return”. He dyed his hair dark green again to return to his old self from last halloween - the time he was the strongest and managed to take over/kill Jack. That would explain why he feels “like himself again” (Twitter) or went “back” to black (Instagram).

2. It’s “reborn”. Anti already explained that he never left, therefore no “return” would be needed. Also, the only real glitch we got in the last MONTHS was the one in Epidemic - compared to some videos from october with 10 or more facecam glitches that’s nothing. (Of course that was the event that kinda got everything rolling, a key event, but you know what I mean.)
And yet we are ALL talking about him. He truly got reborn. A new form, a much smarter, subtle, less obvious Anti who is stronger than EVER BEFORE.

3. It’s both. He left the middle letters blurred on purpose to leave us space for theorizing and to show that Anti is unpredictable.

4. Jack just wants to fuck with us, make us lose our minds completely and here we are, seeing ghosts and freaking out over nothing.
(We all know that’s not true. It just sounded cool, so I wrote it.)

I calmed down a tiiiiiny little bit, and now I can say that I’M FUCKING READY FOR THIS. BRING IT ON, GLITCH BITCH!

Whipped Cream and Cuddles

Paring: Miniminter x reader

Word Count: 2,252 (sorry, I had fun)

Warnings: Couple of swears

Requested: Yes!


Y/N - Your name

Simon and I have been friends for years, since we met in secondary school. We didn’t go to the same fine institute of education (lol), he was at a private college while I attended a public school across the city.  We were introduced by a mutual friend at a party; the football loving giant, and the shy, bookish girl.  Despite these differences in personality, we hit it off immediately and have remained friends up to this day.  I went to university in London, while he started a YouTube channel and became the teen heart-throb who inspires hysteria in millions of pre-teen and teenage girls across the globe, a fact I never let him forget.

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Sugar High

A/N: Written for the amazingly talented @torn-and-frayed’s Halloween with Dean Drabble Challenge. My prompt was sugar high. Hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x friend!reader

Word Count: 658

Warnings: none, unless you want to count hyper reader, grumpy Dean, and fluff

Dean! Dean! DEAN!DEAN!DEAN!DEAN!” you yelled, punctuating each syllable with a jump on his bed.

“Get-off-my-bed!” he said gruffly between your jumps as he attempted to push you away.

You giggled as you jumped off of his bed and onto Sam’s. Luckily, he was already gone on his run this morning, so you didn’t have two grumpy Winchesters to wake up.

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georgiagrl1990  asked:

19 and 30 Cop Bucky x paramedic Steve x nurse reader

19.  “Hey, this isn’t funny.”

30. “H-holy shit, why-why is there no reflection?”

This was written by the both of us and we hope you like it! 

Originally posted by ooevilynoo

You knew something was wrong from the moment he walks in. You’re lounging on the couch with Steve, the rain hitting the windows of your Brooklyn apartment. An old black and white horror movie is playing on the TV, you had both decided on a quiet Halloween night. Bucky walks in from his late shift wiping the rain from his leather jacket, you smile softly at him. 

“Hey, baby” you move off the couch to greet him but furrow your brows when instead of embracing you he takes a step back. Steve is behind you now, warily approaching you both. 

“Buck? What’s wrong?” Steve’s voice is low, as he steps in front of you.

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This Is Halloween

Tag List: @rabidwrestlingfan @theprestigious0ne @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash @youngandbiitter @meowmeowp @waystobcwickcd @andy-blur @padfoot13 @fangeekkk @tardis1967

Prompt: Jack Skellington has put his daughter in charge of scaring the Isle of the Lost this Halloween. After finding out how badly someone treated someone she likes, the Princess of Halloween Town decides that there is only one person she wants to terrify. ~ Roughly prompted by @imprincessbubblegum during one of our idea sessions.

Warnings: Mentions of child abuse.


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Okay, so Anti has officially taken over the JSE fandom… And here’s a thought.

So you know how everyone is saying “Jack’s been asking for help this whole time!” Well… We also know that Anti has been the one in control since last Halloween.

What if it’s not Jack that has been calling out? What if it’s Anti?

I mean just think what it must be like for him. He’s spent his entire life stuck inside the mind of someone else, always seeing, but never being able to make any choices of his own… Until now. Can you imagine how lonely that must be? To be a prisoner in his own body? How scared he must be? Scared of being sent back, and scared of not knowing what will happen if he ISN’T sent back.

Honestly, that boy needs a hug. What if, instead of all of us trying to fight him, we give him the one thing he really wants? He wants to be seen. To be heard. And to be accepted as a person.

Anti began as fanart. One could argue that it is what shapes him, so… Let’s draw fanart of us giving him hugs, write fanfiction where he isn’t a monster, anything that isn’t fear based, and tag it #AntiHugs Maybe it will reach him…

It’s a long shot for sure, but what else can we do? Just wait and watch?

Halloween 2017 #11: Gossiping With My New Neighbors

Length: Short

My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood with our kids. Everyone is nice and all that, but I get the sense that they are a pretty close knit bunch. Which is pretty normal, admirable even. It’s kind of charmingly old fashioned.

After coming home from work the other day, my husband A.J. was talking to the handyman. I guess he was trying to get a feel for who lived in the area before us.

“Everyone here is pretty normal, ordinary I guess. But this time of year, the big thing around these parts was Jerry Fulton and his Halloween decorations,” he said while pointing to the house two yards over.

“He was the kind of guy who really got into Halloween,” he continued. “I swear, every year was always trying to outdo himself, which he usually managed to do somehow. Everyone else on the block didn’t even try to keep up. At first, some of the neighbors were a bit crabby about it all. But as time went on, they began to appreciate it, enjoy it even. When I saw his yard and house all decked out like that, I swear I didn’t know what to do. I had never seen Halloween decorations that elaborate before. It became a sort of a neighborhood thing. I think it was even featured on the local news if I remember correctly.”

“That’s impressive,” my husband agreed.

“Sure is. Last time I spoke to him was last year in August. Jerry promised to give me a sneak peak on what his plans for Halloween. Guess he wanted some help around the yard or something from the neighborhood contractor. But since I had to move out of town for a few months, it never happened. I was sure disappointed, I can tell you that.”

“I bet you were,” A.J. nodded the guy got back to work.

About a week later, I bumped into Heather, a woman who lives a few blocks over. Being new to the area, I made some polite chit chat with her. She seemed very nice and interested in getting to know me. For some reason, I mentioned Halloween was coming up.

“But I’m sure our decorations won’t be anywhere near as impressive as the guy down the street,” her face fell slightly at this.

“What do you mean?” her eyebrows raised in confusion.

“The handyman, he told me that guy put on amazing Halloween displays ever year.” I was confused, did I say the wrong thing? Heather must have sensed my confusion, because she began to explain.

“Jerry Fulton was insane. He would put morbid things in his yard every year for Halloween. But no one figured it out until last year, when he killed some kid and used the body as a decoration. Hung it right in the front yard from a noose. I myself walked right passed it twice and never noticed. Thank God someone did, otherwise, who knows how long it would’ve gone on.

Credits to: thegeneralg (story)

Be More Chill, How to Say Sorry

Chloe physically winced as she looked through Jenna’s blog of pictures from Jake’s Halloween party taken a few days earlier. She’ll admit, she’s not the nicest person ever. Hell, she wasn’t even nice generally. But you didn’t become the most popular girl in school by being nice. But even by her mean girl standards some of what she had been doing lately was awful.

Especially everything she did on Halloween night. First off, a slutty baby? Jesus Christ what was she thinking? That goes way past slutty into creepy territory. It reminded her of that weird indie singer that sucked on a bottle to look sexy. Second off, she tried to make Jeremy cheat on Brooke with her. There are some lines you do not cross and stealing your best friend’s boyfriend was one of those lines.

And as of yesterday after the whole weird zombie computer squid thing Chloe found out from Michael in the hospital that the reason Jeremy wasn’t moving the night of the party was because he couldn’t. That squick thing made him just stand there and do nothing. She almost…did something very bad to Jeremy and as she looked over her tweets from the day before about him forcing her made Chloe’s stomach turn.

“Hey you okay Chloes?” The girl looked up to see Brooke sitting next to her. “You have that weird thinking look on your face.”

“Thinking look?”

“You know, when your squint your eyes slightly and stick your tongue out.”

“I don’t do that,” as Chloe said this she retracted her tongue into her mouth making Brooke giggle.

“Sure…so what are you thinking about?”

“Well I.- want to talk to Jeremy.”

“You do? Why? Aren’t you still mad at him for trying to kiss you?”

“Yeah, that’s the thing…”


Jeremy sat in his hospital bed staring at the teddy bear Michael had left for him. The room was now empty, Jake having come in and after placing both Rich and himself in the chair wheeled themselves out to the hallway leaving him alone. The door opened as he lifted his head up expectantly but instead of his dad or Michael he saw Chloe standing in the door making him jump.


“Hey Jeremy.” She made her way over to the seat next to his bed making him squirm nervously.

“What are you doing here?”

“What? You’re not happy to see me?”

“N-no! It’s not that! It’s just that I-I, ugh…”

“No it’s okay. I wouldn’t want to see me either if I was you.”

“I’m here to…apologize…about what I did Halloween night. Michael told me everything about the SQUIP making you try to have sex with me.”


“I’m sorry about that. Like, really sorry.”

“Chloe, it’s fine. I’ve alre-”

“Jeremy, it’s not fine. I-I almost raped you!”

“You didn’t know.”

“I should’ve. I mean you told me no but I still kissed you. A-and I tried to…” Chloe had to hold back tears but was surprised when she felt a hand rest on hers. She made eye contact with Jeremy who was smiling at her making her confused.

“Chloe, it’s fine. I promise.”

“You’re not mad?”

“You said sorry, and that’s enough. J-just don’t dress up like a sexy baby again. That was kind of weird.” Jeremy laughed slightly as he said this, Chloe eventually joined in as she wiped a tear out of the side of her eye happy that Jeremy was able to forgive her. She probably didn’t deserve it but she was more than ready to make things up to both him and Brooke.