halloween is my favorite

Uh, Guys? During the month of October (My favorite month, HALLOWEEN! YAAAAY!) I will only post my creepy stuffs! ( and eventually things about the new season of South Park in emission of course Daaahhh ;P) And…Im just exited cause I love this month!!  ❤ ❤ ❤

The drawing above is  scary story Im drawing in comic (that I will upload to my Devianart Account!) ;w; When the dates arrives I will put the links! (Of course it will be starring by my otp, but they will have good company
I assure you it ) ಠwಠ 

MONSTA X Reaction; Walking In On You With Your  Spooky and Realistic Halloween Make-Up On

Anon Asked:  Hey~ I’d like to request a reaction for Monsta x when they stumble into your room and see you wearing horror make up for Halloween or a convention (like looking like a zombie or monster or having somewhat realistic wounds). Can you already feel that Halloween vibe? And thank you very much!

Here you go love!~ I’ve honestly been waiting for a Halloween related requests! I‘ve been ready since August! That is my most favorite holiday!~


*tries to contain his surprised scream when he walks in and you turn around but explodes and lets it all out* “AHHHHHH BABBEE ! You scared me! I thought those cuts on your face where real and I was about to ask who’s ass did I have to kick” *laughs*

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*walks in sleepily and walks back into the bedroom crawling into bed* “I must still be dreaming, there is no way that Y/N is a zombie.” *frustrated to know the truth but too tired to find out and ends up going back to bed*

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*Walks in room* “Oh sorry baby I didn’t know you were doing your makeup I just wanted to ask if we had anymore milk or cereal I’ll just go get some” *walks out of room but comes bursting through the door in less than a minute* “Not before I take you to the hospital, c’mon ! What? You don’t need to go? Look at the gash in your neck!” *Worried puppy*

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*freaks out* “Jagiya don’t come near me until you wash that off ! You look odd! *screams* “GET OFF ME!!!!!!!”

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*stunned at by the way you look but also your makeup skills* “I don’t know weather I should run or be impressed” *cringes*

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“Ohh Ohh Do mine next baby~! If you don’t I’m going to poke yooou!”” *gets excited, too excited making you the one who is scrambling to their feet as he chases you around the house with your blush brush in a stabbing motion*

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*shuts eyes because he is too scared to look at you* “Please jagi, I can’t look at you right now. That makeup makes me squeamish” “Slightly peaks and shudders*

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Hope you enjoyed :-)

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42 and 46 ^-^/ and hi Lisa

TIA QWQ *nuzzles*

42: My favorite Halloween costume?

46: Who I want to kiss?
I wanna kiss chris XD.
I woke up late and didn’t get my goodbye kiss q.q so I have to wait til 7:30 qnq.

Okay so I started this blog back in late July 2016. Around the same time one of the first people I started talking to was @endgame-sterek (my Hannah boo). Fast forward to late September here I find my birthday gift from her on my desk. I don’t think my friends from where I live have ever given me gifts, so the fact she did just makes me wanna die happy. I mean IT IS COVERED IN HALLOWEEN STICKERS (my favorite holiday). Hannah when you read this just know I’m super fucking ecstatic that we’re friends and you’re the best person in the history of people. :)

[P.S If you guys don’t know Hannah I highly recommend you do. You’re missing out.]

Dan's faces in the baking video are priceless

So, I was watching the Halloween baking video and I realized that Dan’s facial expressions need to be recognized

Phil is always his normal beautiful face

and then there’s Dan

You can not deny that his expressions are hysterical

This is why Dan Howell is my favorite human being

Thank you for being yourself Dan.