halloween horror month

There's 2 types of people:
  • <p> <b>Type 1:</b> *celebrates Halloween on October 31st*<p/><b>Type 2:</b> OCTOBER 1ST IT'S HALLOWEEN MONTH BITCHES GET 'EM PUMPKINS AND 'EM COSTUMES BC WE HAVIN' A PARTY<p/></p>
TELL ME your Favorite Horror Movie Monster and I’ll make a Fitness plan to combat them and a Contingency to deal with them. So what are they?

ITs Nearly time for OCTOBER and since Halloween is my favorite Holiday Im doing a Month Long series of FUN you can find out about here



Inktober Themes

I’m going to try and do Inktober this year. This time with a list of themes for each day. Feel free to reblog and use them yourself!

1. Fall Leaves

2. Jack-O-Lanterns

3. Creepy Crawlies

4. Spooky Scary Skeleton

5. Monster Girl

6. Monster Boy

7. Gothic Chic

8. Witch’s Brew

9.  Spirited Night

10. Haunted Mask

11. Zombies Walk at Midnight

12. Gore-o-Rama

13. Slasher Spree

14. Bad Luck

15. Graveyard Smash

16. Goosebumps!

17. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

18. Hocus Pocus!

19. Demon Spawn

20. Into the Woods

21. Watching your Shadow

22. Abduction!

23. Dolls and Dummies

24. Phobia Pandemonium

25. Who do Voodoo?

26. Villain’s Night Out

27. Crazy Carnival

28. Horror Movie

29. ((Free Space))

30. Mischief Night

31. All Dressed Up/Candy Coma  


One of the best horror movies to use the found footage technique, I found this movie very effective in staying true to it’s title - CREEP. Mark Duplass is recognizable from his more comedic roles, but here you get the feeling right away that this guy isn’t right. Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way that people aren’t always telling you the truth, and be wary of whoever you meet on craigslist.

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 01 - First horror movie 
Day 02 - Film that no one would expect you to like, but you do
Day 03 - Favorite vampire movie
Day 04 - Favorite werewolf movie
Day 05 - Favorite Universal Monster
Day 06 - Favorite slasher
Day 07 - Favorite horror director
Day 08 - Favorite horror comedy 
Day 09 - Favorite movie with ‘cult film’ status
Day 10 - Horror film that you found disturbing
Day 11 - Favorite ‘final girl’ 
Day 12 - Favorite remake
Day 13 - Favorite horror anthology
Day 14 - A guilty pleasure
Day 15 - Favorite made-for-t.v. horror movie
Day 16 - Film that everyone seems to love but you don’t
Day 17 - Film that you used to hate but now enjoy
Day 18 - Favorite film with ‘body horror’ as its focus
Day 19 - Favorite horror film about the occult, rituals, or Satanism
Day 20 - Favorite eco-horror film (animal attacks, outbreaks, etc.)
Day 21 - Film with scenes that (still) haunt you
Day 22 - Favorite horror-themed TV show
Day 23 - Favorite splatter/’good gore’ 
Day 24 - Favorite horror movie from the 80s
Day 25 - Favorite independent, low-budget, and/or experimental horror film
Day 26 - Favorite cosmic horror film
Day 27 - Favorite ghost story
Day 28 - Freddy or Jason? 
Day 29 - Horror movie character you’ve dressed as for Halloween
Day 30 - If you had to pick a favorite horror movie…

Most of the ‘30 Day Horror Challenge’ lists that I’ve found appear to be fairly similar, so I’ve adapted some general questions/added a few of my own. [The wording is a bit awkward on several of these, so feel free to adjust the language however you’d like…or change it altogether. Have fun.] On this blog, related posts will be tagged both 30 Days of Horror and rambling, so block or follow that tag, as desired. 

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from The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)