halloween high heels

farminmomma  asked:

Can you recommend some dramione fluff for a rough day?

Hospital Stay by Cornwall Writes  ( @unknown-authoress)  Draco Malfoy is in the hospital. Hermione Granger is his Healer. Light fluffiness to make a bad day better.

Sucks for Smith by  @raviesnake  'I, on the other hand, was paired with a young, fiery little number. I hope she enjoys long holidays in the Caribbean and naming children after constellations, because she’ll be doing both in less than six weeks,’ he said as he peered greedily down at the parchment.“ Ah, the old marriage law trope…but slightly different. Oneshot. EWE.

A Matter of Taste by Galfoy Hermione is craving salt… Draco is craving sugar… But it’s not really about gastronomy, is it?

No One Minds by me.  Hermione and Draco are Head Boy and Head Girl in a Voldemort-free AU world of silly fluffs. Will she let him take her to the Halloween Masque? Will Pansy’s high heels trip her up before she asks her own crush out? And would someone tell Theo that’s not appropriate in public?

Bus Stop by Marmalade Fever Every morning, Draco and Hermione meet at the bus stop. A romance revolving around an umbrella

The 50 Reasons I Hate Hermione Granger by Kiska King Complete and utter Dramione fluff

(please add fluff recommendations to the replies if you have any!)