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Batboys v. The Booty Squad: Haunted House Edition

Prompt: For the Halloween thing Alfred holds a haunted house competition in the manor for the batfam and who’s ever haunted house is the most scariest wins? It happens every year boys against girls and the girls + the reader always ends up winning because they are ruthless??

“RAWR” Dick growled jumping out from around the corner in a “scary” mask with fake blood carelessly smeared. You and the girls didn’t even try to look frightened. You burst out in giggles at your husband’s attempt. If the rest of their “haunted” house was anything like this you girls were going to win this competition in a landslide.

“Oh that’s cute. Is the real haunted house down the hallway?” Jason’s wife quipped pointing down the hallway.

“Oh don’t you worry, you’ll be scared. You’ll see. We’re winning this year, ladies.” Dick bragged confidently. Tim’s girlfriend rolled her eyes.

“Please, when have you ever won this competition?” She asked.

“Mark our words! This year it’s ours!” Tim warned. 

“Jason, if you think you can sneak up on me in that ridiculous zombie makeup and scare me, you clearly don’t know me at all.” Jason’s wife sighed in a bored annoyed tone. Jason stopped his sneaking two feet behind her and walked normal the rest of the way and pressed a kiss to her cheek. Some of his cheap zombie makeup transferred leaving a grey smudge on her cheek.

“Grayson roped me into this again this year. Sorry babe.”

“No! Don’t apologize to her! This is war Todd!” Damian shouted angrily from down the hall.

“Whatever.” Jason rolled his eyes but walked over to Dick’s side with a shrug.

“This isn’t over Booty Squad! We will arise victorious on this night!” Dick said shaking his fist dramatically as he disappeared into the shadows. Jason followed reluctantly into the shadows sending his wife a wink over his shoulder.

“You know if I thought they had any hope in hell in winning I would suggest you use that boy as a mole but they don’t stand a chance.” You said confidently. The rest of the girls nodded in agreement.

The boys didn’t stand a chance. When the haunted house competition opened up on Halloween terrified screams echoed non stop in the area that you and the girls set up. Sure you could hear the screams of the weak willed coming from the boys end of the house but you had grown ass men cowering in fear at your displays and well crafted costumes. The girls went all out in making sure the moods of the rooms were just right and their costumes looked realistic. You spent god knows how much money on movie quality prosthetics. You practically didn’t need to utilize fake blood and jump scares to scare people but it was just icing on the cake.

At the end of the night after the manor had closed to the public Alfred gathered everyone around to announce the winner of the competition.

“I’m am dreadfully sorry gentlemen, but the ladies win again this year.”

“Better luck next year boys.” You cooed tauntingly.

“Face it, blind luck’s the only way you’re going to ever win.” Damian’s girlfriend bragged.

“We’re winning this thing next year! We’re not going to be beat by you girls again!” Dick insisted.

“That’s what you said last year.” Jason’s wife reminded Dick.

“I guess you better start planning now, then. You’ll need all the time you can get.” Tim’s girlfriend teased. The boys all scowled in defeat and trudged off to go lament in their repeated failure. You and the girls smirked at each other smugly as you all strutted off to the kitchen to go celebrate your victory with one of your famous homemade pies.

mysticalmagicalmasterpiece-deac  asked:

Imagine preserum Steve and Bucky going through a haunted house together

Bucky was doubled over in laughter. There was a group of five behind them, two girls and three guys, who kept screaming at all of the same things he and Steve were coming across, but Bucky just kept laughing.

He was home on leave for a couple of weeks, and while he needed to ship out again just before Halloween, it was close enough that he suggested the haunted house that opened up over on Manhattan Island just a couple nights ago. Now, he couldn’t remember why he ever pictured his scrawny little friend being scared. How many back alleys had Steve battled his way out of? Bucky should have known better.

A pretty decent looking Nosferatu jumped in front of them from the shadows, threatening something mildly scary, and Steve- fearless Steve Rogers- put his hands up in surprise, but balled them into fists and said with all the bravery a man could muster, “I will fight you!

This happened every time something tried to spook them, and by the time they made it out the other side, Bucky’s eyes were tearing up with laughter. “Man, next time I’m taking a dame who will ask me to protect her.”

Through his laughter, though, he was concerned for his friend. Maybe not a haunted house, maybe no even fights with men twice his size, but sometimes, there were things you shouldn’t be so willing to fight.

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Halloween season is my most favorite time in the whole world, and due to personal issues I'm not feeling very in the spirit. The fact that I'm not excited is making me feel really down. Any advice on how to get more amped for the season?

Darling you’ve come to the right ghoul! Here’s a list just for you and anyone else who could use a Halloween Spirit boost! Click the link under the gif! Happy Haunting!

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