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Interesting things i saw at the stores today, first up the pony stuff,we have some ice pop with pinkie pie on the wrapper, next i found this easter egg toy that comes with a princess twilight sparkle figure inside, then we have a easter basket full of my little pony art supplys, then some mlp candys includeing charater lollipops and finally heart containers filled with what i suppose is tart candys.

Next we have some simpsons products i found. I mentioned before that when i went to toys r us that that they used to have a huge section and now they only have the dolls of the writers and Halloween dolls, well here they are, aslo i found this simpsons comic, i wouldve bought it but i didnt have enough money. Finally i found these new mini rick and morty vinyl pop figures, i still havent found those new simpsons figuresthat include grimey though. Hope you enjoyed this edition of simpsonscomichumor’s findings. @mlp-merch@gemslostdebris @gems-art-junk@flutter-butters @mlpfim2004@tgslanyon @ms-neens

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Hello dear Elle! I need some advice! How do you go around making clean paths in your town but not having all the open spaces be too boxy? In Kokoro your paths are very straight and clean but the landscaping still looks "alive" and not like is just boxing in the open spaces and lining the paths. I'm sorry if this is poorly formulated but I hope you can understand and help me!

Hello anon! No worries I totally understand what you’re asking, as this was something I worked hard at with Kokoro (and Chimney too!) to make sure it was still very natural looking!! 

Natural Tips:

  • Natural paths: this doesn’t have to be dirt paths like I have, you can do it with clovers or ever just make your paths by lining blank space with flowers like in @prolistening‘s aubade or @sprungit‘s shelter. these types of paths help the town feel natural and maybe a bit more “messy” even if you have the paths perfectly shaped! the great thing about natural paths like I have in kokoro, is when you run them in straight lines and come to corners, they often curve around the corner which makes them look less boxy!
  • Planning areas: this one isn’t for everyone but I think what helps make your town “flow” is instead of making a bunch of areas and then piecing them together with paths, is instead you start at one area and your work your way down to another (as if you’re uncovering a puzzle). I did this with both chimney and kokoro! you can start in multiple places but try to work in some sort of chronological order so that your town becomes one big artwork, rather than pieces you have to piece together later!!
  • Lots of plants!: fill in areas with clovers, flowers, bushes, make sure areas have lots of trees! you’ll notice as you walk around in kokoro I have tons of greenery, I basically went in to areas and tried to fill in as many trees, bushes, that I could! I really like filling in areas, and sometimes adding extra trees or bushes in there makes a really big difference! it makes areas look less boxed in, and much more flow-y with the surrounding trees!
  • Add items on the ground: this might be random, but sometimes adding little gems, fossils, gyroids, etc to areas such as corner paths or even inside your boxed in areas can make a huge difference! also generally, adding these on the ground gives your town a bit more character! you can even save easter eggs, halloween candies, whatever you want! just remember some of these items rot, so you’ll have to add them when your dream goes up

This is what I could think of for now! I hope some of these tips help! It’s really hard to give a set guide to how to make a town or areas flow, so you’ll just have to keep trying until you really like what you’ve made and it works! Just remember, sometimes when in doubt you gotta add more trees, flowers, etc, or items to the ground, to really make an area “pop”. Good luck!!

Thanksgiving with White families vs. Black families

White People Thanksgiving Dinner

Cranberry Sauce (w/ the cranberries in it)
Sweet Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Congealed Salad
Pumpkin Pie

Total Amount Of Attendants: 4-10 people (Not including dogs and cats that sit at the table)

Black People Thanksgiving Dinner

Smoked Turkey
Fried Turkey
Fried Chicken
Roast Beef
Honey Baked Ham
Country Ham
Dressing (w/ Turkey baked in it)
Giblet Gray (w/ eggs and some mo in it)
Jellied Cranberry Sauce
Turnip Greens
Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
Mixed Greens
Boiled Okra
Fried Okra
Green Beans
Baked Mac n Cheese
Black Eyed Peas
Broccoli Rice Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Candied Yams
Carrot Soufflé
Potato Salad
Tuna Salad
Tossed Salad
Pasta Salad
Crab Legs
Fettuccine Alfredo
Deviled Eggs
Rotel Cheese Dip
Corn Bread
Hot Water Cornbread
Butter Rolls
Sweet Potato Pie
All Of The Sold Out Patty Labelle Pies
Pecan Pie
Egg Pie
Chess Pie
Chocolate Pie
Peach Cobbler
Punch Bowl Cake
Banana Pudding
Lemon Cake
Pound Cake
Red Velvet Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Caramel Cake
Yellow Cake w/ Chocolate Frosting
Carrot Cake
Sock-It-To-Me Cake
King’s Hawaiian Savory Butter Rolls
Fry Bread
Cous Cous
Popcorn shrimp
Shrimp kabob
Fried shrimp
Pineapple shrimp
Shrimp and grits
Shrimp and gravy
Birthday Cake
Bean Pies
Little Debbie’s
Pot Pies
Dirty Rice
Pig Feet
Hog Maws
Cotto Salami
Jalapeño Poppers
Cottage Cheese
Old Halloween candy
Egg Foo Yung
Vienna Sausage
Potted meats
Saltine crackers
Ramen noodles
Taco salad
Salisbury steak
Hot pockets
Frito Pies
Hot Dog Casserole
Pork Rinds
Broccoli & Cheese Casserole
Black Licorice
Hamburger Helper
Chocolate Covered Raisins
Hot Cheetos
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Ranch Style Beans
Lil Smokies
Cases of Knockoff Soda
Seagram’s Gin
Crown Royal
Bud Ice

Total Amount Of Attendants: Anybody who likes Seasoning Salt and a 18 minute prayer over the food


As many of you probably know there’s an early copy of the patch that’s been floating around, probably something meant for testing that got out into the wild. It appears that it does a bit more than just fixing minor bugs. Looks what happens if you set your computer’s date to October 31!
I won’t spoil everything, but I figured you guys would want a preview. Most of the changes are in Snowdin, but every area has one or two changes, and there’s new dialogue for everyone in costume.