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Endure and Survive Eyes

Eyes from The Last of Us. [Pandemic Contacts re-release]

Since I have a little bit more experience I started this conversion from scratch and stay truer to the original look while emulating some of my favorite contacts in the community.

There is a litany of issues I have with the Pandemic Contacts. The pupils are really small, they’re super bright and I topazed the heck out of them. Though it produced a really cool look, they were far from perfect or ideal.  

I plan to play around with different reflections in the eyes at some point in the future. But for now, these eyes have the standard one I’ve been using.

The Endure eyes are the Joel variant of The Last of Us eye textures, which are darker and more bloodshot. The Survive eyes use Ellie’s eye textures which were used to make the Pandemic contacts in the first place!

  • Three channels
  • Male & Female T-E // Disabled for Random // Thumbnail included
  • Credits: Naughty Dog, BrntWaffles, Anva
  • TOU
  • To see these in action click here.

Download .rar (SimFileShare)


I started this jumper in early June 2016 with the plan to have it finished by Halloween 2016. I slowly made progress on it (it is my second colour work jumper) and had set my hopes high. The only problem was that it took so much concentration that when it came to my post work knitting time I always gravitated to something I could knit that required zero concentration. So, this bad boy got left on the back burner a few times. But FINALLY last week I finished it. I’m so happy I did and sorry this post is so long.

If anyone is interested in having one of these knitted, send me a message on here or Instagram or etsy.

@ theknitteddingo (Instagram)

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Halloween Set

Set includes:
1. Dress
2. Crop Top
3. Mini skirt
4. 3 types of tights

  • hq texture
  • standalone
  • custom thumbnail 

                                            Download [x]

                       Dont forget to tag #mayhemfashionsims4 if you use it


The Sims 4 Tamara Dark Elf (Halloween Look)

I think she’s so adorable✨

cc credits:

@valhallansim @scoobysnaxsims @twinksimstress @xldsims @chocolatemuffintop @kijiko-sims



I finally finished my Casta custom ^_^  I worked on her a lot leading up to Halloween, so I could take holiday photos with her… then kinda just stopped before she was completely done.  All I really had left to do was decide on how to cut/style her hair.  I only ended up trimming it a tiny bit ^^;  She is partially rerooted (I did most of the orange, and added the tinsel).  I repainted her face, and made her accessories.  (Her earrings are purple, but are photographing blue for some reason.)  I wanted her spider necklace to be a big “statement” necklace… and it ended up perhaps a bit too large, but I still like it.  I also made her outfit using a pattern from KristineAnns on Etsy.  I’m quite happy with how she turned out :)


PnF- Meow - 3 Piece Set

3 Items
All for All Ages
All for Both Genders

Eyes - Under face paint and comes in 12 colours and 3 ombre

Eyeliner - Comes in 6 Colours and includes bottom lashes

Whiskers - Under Blush and only in black

Hair @darkosims3
Skin @sclub-privee
Eyebrows @pralinesims
Lips Screaming Mustard
Necklace @salem2342
Eyelashes @kijiko-sims

Download Here