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endeavorstan  asked:

Would you/ have you ever done couples Halloween costumes or cosplay?

(( guest art by @number4outof5 / @ask-evan-in-a-tree-costume !!! ))

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.365:

“The image is the volume 36 paper. It’s been a long time since I’ve done something based on the season. It’s a Halloween costume party.

I hope you enjoy Magi this week. For many weeks, I was filled with worry while working on the storyboards and the chapters themselves, but it was fun. Please, read it!”

Paper preview:

Alibaba (costume: Belial djinn equip)

Aladdin: something is off.
Judar: a smiling face doesn’t fit this djinn equip!

Koumei (costume: Judar)

Judar: you look so shabby.
Kouha: brother Mei, after you left Samon island, your complexion and body went back the way they once were! (note: the way he looked before the time-skip)

The Other Mother makeup done by Lori Pratt (me). This took me 3 hours to do, ENJOY!🖤🕷🕸
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I know you've already done something similar but could you do something about what matching creature costumes the ships would go as for Halloween?? like couple vampires or couple werewolves, stuff like that

That sounds fun to think about - I’d love to! ♥

The other Halloween costume headcanons can be found here

DaiSuga: Ghosts

AsaNoya: Frankenstein’s Monster & Bride (husband) of Frankenstein

KiyoYachi: Witches

EnnoTana: Werewolves

TsukkiYama: Vampires

KageHina: Zombies

IwaOi: Skeletons

MatsuHana: Mummies

BokuAka: Bats

KuroKen: Black cats

TenSemi: Demons

“As a longtime cosplayer, I’m really disappointed by the lack of quality in Elsa’s wig on the FCs in the park. I have seen so many better Elsas at cons for years now you would think Disney corporate would take notes. Even people doing Halloween costumes usually get the hair done better and it just bugs me. It takes me out of the Disney magic and back into the adult realization it’s a bad costume.“

Halloween costume ideas masterpost

I’ve collected sources from other websites that’ll at least give you ideas or guide you to a halloween costume that you desire! I will also note that I’ve added DIY costumes as well!



Youtube (Done by my favorite youtubers)

Michelle Phan 

Promise Phan (known as Dope2111) 

I’d really like to point out to check out Dope2111′s channel because she has A LOT of makeup tutorials that you can use for halloween or any event in general. Her videos vary from Disney characters to celebrities to cartoon characters. I’m sure that you’ll find something useful there! 

Bethany Mota

Buzzfeed Youtube Videos


Colton Haynes who played in a Dr. Pepper commercial that no one ever saw ever. Colton Haynes who thinks he’s the most unfunniest and boring person alive, but it really isn’t. Colton Haynes who goes over the top every year on Halloween costumes and it looks like a professional done it. Colton Haynes who never thought he’d make it this far, but has done films with The Rock, Tyler Hoechlin, Stephen Amell, Emily Rickards, Dylan Neal, and will be working with Scarlett Johnson. Colton Haynes who always plays the dickhead in movies and shows, but is actually really nice and super laid-back in real life. Colton Haynes who talks for a bit in the beginning of a group interview, but ends up shying away to the background. Colton Haynes who can act, sing, model, and more, but when asked about hidden talents he replies, “I have no hidden talents” or “Eating is my talent, my best talent”. Colton Haynes who loves coffee like a lot of us and isn’t ticklish. Colton Haynes who admitted he became a bit of a comic book fan after playing in Arrow. Colton Haynes whose smiles are like the sun shining above the clear ocean that are his gorgeous blue eyes with calming waves crashing into the warm sand that are his secret freckles scattered across his face you have to look for sometimes to find. Colton Haynes who is beautiful, incredible, and strong, but can still be insecure. Colton Haynes who has struggled with anxiety for a long time, even hospitalized on a few occasions, but still pushes himself. Colton Haynes who was terrified to, but with enough support from his friends, family, and fans, found the courage to come out as gay, even if there’s going to be some people against it. 

Can we talk about Colton Haynes, because no one else seems to.