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Class 1 A has a Halloween Costume Contest
  • Kirishima: Hey Katsuki, what are you supposed to be?
  • Bakugou: Nothing dumbass I don't do costumes. I'm Bakugou.
  • Tsuyu: Guys, Bakugou totally wins.
  • Midoriya: *hides behind Todoroki*
  • Shouto: It's so ugly wow it definitely deserves first place.
  • Kaminari: Woahhhh I'm shakingggg.
  • Bakugou: *insert a long list of very very colorful words.*
My greatest friend ever

Hello! Tis I! Donald Trump protest girl here again with another fantastic story! (I gave a more explained version of that story on my blog)

So, it’s June! It’s pride month and I have a friend that is pansexual. I’ve known this guy since 5th grade and he’s basically become a giant meme over these years. So, today was the last day of school and what my friend did was he talked to one of his friends and told them to bring a gay flag to school today.

Now, what he did was he carefully tied it around his neck like a cape and just ran around school all day. He called himself gay man and promised to destroy all homophobes. His main reason for doing this was to piss off our math teacher that everyone in the school hates for various reasons.

Other things he has done was blast “Spooky scary skeletons” through his speaker on Halloween entering and leaving classes as well as play “smoke weed every day” on 420.

Basically, I got the greatest friend on this planet.

so me and @thecrowmaiden were brainstorming about possible halloween costume ideas for the kids/teachers of Class 1A, and here’s what we came up with!!!

  • Uraraka is a witch (it’s handmade. she also makes her broom float)
  • Tsuyu is Red Riding Hood
  • Kirishima is her friendly werewolf
  • Todoroki goes as All Might (he barrows Izuku’s old costume)
  • Kaminari goes as Frankenstein’s monster
  • Bakugou is the mad scientist who made him (complete with old timey scientist goggles and the crazy laugh)
  • Jirou wears her regular punk clothes, but adds on devil horns and a tail
  • Iida is a cyborg
  • Kouda is a forest spirit
  • Tokoyami is a goth plague doctor (he also randomly says “Nevermore” all day)
  • Sero is Spider-Man
  • Shouji goes as a Hydra 
  • Ojirou goes as a dragon
  • Mineta goes as a literal troll
  • Momo is a fairy (the outfit was just so pretty and fancy and cute….)
  • Aoyama goes as a Prince
  • Tooru goes as a Princess
  • it was a complete accident that they matched but they go along with it
  • Mina goes as the Alien from Aliens
  • Satou goes as Kinnikuman
  • Izuku is a vampire (he sucks on red lollipops and calls them blood pops b/c he’s too shy to do the whole I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD thing. he went as a vampire b/c Todoroki borrowed his costume)
  • Aizawa just wears cat ears. Mic put them on him
  • All Might goes as Obi-Wan (he’s a huge film buff after all)
  • Mic goes as Elvis
  • Midnight goes as Sailor Moon. not sexy Sailor Moon. just regular Sailor Moon.
  • Cementoss goes as a ghost. just a regular sheet ghost

🌊  Daymarer  🌊

School was a weird time.

Also if anyone happens to be in Turin, Italy on 4-5 November some of my work is being featured in an exhibition there.


4 November: NESXT @Q35 19.00 – 1.00

5 November: Cinema Massimo - Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino 16.00 – 19.30

Also having just read the news, I hope that if you are in Italy you are safe and unaffected by earthquakes.

anonymous asked:

What would everyone's favorite Halloween candy be in class 1-A? Bakugou's already is snickers from earlier posts lol



as for the rest……….

  • Izuku really likes chocolate. he’s a simple guy
  • Uraraka really likes pretty much any candy b/c she grew up poor and didn’t get much as a kid. she really likes Smarties and pop rocks
  • Kirishima eats Jawbreakers like they’re fucking nothing. just. takes a goddamn bite out of them. the others are horrified. he also really likes red hot cinnamon candies (they remind him of Crimson Riot, plus they make him feel SUPER HOT BLOODED). he also likes chocolate and rock candy
  • Tsuyu really likes those gummy/taffy candies, and she really likes fruity flavors
  • Aoyama like white chocolate. and banana flavored candy in general. 
  • Shouji actually really enjoys sour foods and stuff like twizzlers 
  • Sero likes pretty much anything. he’s not really picky
  • Momo likes really sweet candy, like pixie sticks or chocolate. she finds dollar store candy fascinating and also really enjoys gummy bears an caramel 
  • Iida also chocolate, but mostly if it has nuts or mint in it. he also likes dark chocolate
  • Mineta likes grape flavored anything. particularly lollipops
  • Kaminari likes sweet/sour stuff. especially sour. the class is kinda surprised that he doesn’t like ‘safer’ candy, but the feeling of super sour candy reminds him of his lightning, just without the ‘frying his brain’ part. he particularly likes those sour lemon candies
  • Tooru likes sweetarts and Smarties and chalky candy
  • Tokoyami likes dark chocolate and licorice. anything bitter.
  • Satou likes chocolate bars.
  • Jirou likes jelly beans and sour gummy worms. also cola gummies
  • Ojirou likes anything with nuts in them. generally he prefers healthier candies 
  • Todoroki likes anything cool and mint. particularly mint chocolate
  • Kouta likes granola bars and peeps. anything with marshmallows 
  • Mina loves acidic/sour stuff. pop candy and candy rocks and sour fruit juice. she also likes anything with bizarre flavors
  • Bakugou also likes crunchy candies and gum. he tends to grid his teeth a lot so it helps. also bitter stuff.
  • Aizawa likes dark chocolate and anything coffee flavored
  • All Might loves sweet milk chocolate. he’s also a simple guy. (like father like son)
Preschool Teacher!Jimin

Before I start this, I wanna say thank you for 4,400 followers !!!! My mind is officially blown, you guys are always so sweet and wonderful so thank you so much for all of the support and just <3 Onto the post, it is time for one third of the maknae line, half of the Busan line, a squishy bub whose cheeks are 10/10 every single time, I am a sucker for chubby cheeks so fetus!chim is like I just wanna squeeze his lil face, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • So someone actually requested something about this separately (before I started this series) so I’ll be combining that request and this one, the request was basically for single parent!reader and preschool teacher!Jimin 
  • The biggest softie in the entire world
  • He’s always really kind and generous to adults so just imagine what’d he be like with a bunch of lil munchkins running around him and using their puppy dog eyes and lil voices to get him to say yes (not that he’d say no in the first place)
  • The kids l o v e him so much like as much as he adores them, they adore him
  • He’s a giant kid most of the time and he’s got that really gentle voice and he’s always always always up for a hug
  • There’s this one time where one of the kids is sick so they stay home for a few days and when they get back, they literally run straight for him and just hug him for a solid five minutes and he’s so so happy
  • Any chance of being called Mr. Park is gone once one of the kids calls him chim chim
  • Like there are a couple of times they call him Mr. Park but normally it’s just chim chim or chimmy or, as one of the kids calls him, Jiminie Cricket
  • Similar to Yoongi, he’s really good with the shyer kids
  • Jimin is a shy shy shy boy sometimes, like he gets flustered at times and he has that shy smile he does and despite being an actual star, he stills gets really shy when all of the attention is on him (off stage of course)
  • So he totally gets it when they don’t immediately wanna talk or play with him and he normally just sits next to them quietly and talks to the other kids around them so that they aren’t alone but they’re also not being forced to talk to him
  • Bc if he just sat next to them, they may feel awkward or pressured to say something but if he’s there and starting a conversation with the group, they can feel more at ease to maybe speak up and join when they want to and they appreciate that
  • There’s always a kid holding his hand or being carried by him, they just love him so much and he’s so affectionate that they feel like that can be comfortable around him so they’re hugging his legs or his arms (when he’s sitting down) or holding his hand or sometimes sitting on his shoulders
  • He’s so playful with them like he’s the king of hide and seek
  • He walks around the classroom and pretends he doesn’t notice the very obvious shoe sticking out from under the table but then a few minutes later he comes back and starts tickling the kid bc their rule is that you aren’t caught until you laugh so he has to make them laugh first and that’s something he’s always been good at doing
  • So many arts and crafts like that’s basically an everyday thing
  • He always has new ideas for them like painting a pumpkin or making their own shirts where they get some fabric paint and go to town, anything that’s not too difficult or has anything that could cause some injuries (like scissors) but something where they still get to express themselves and be creative
  • He always has the class plant, which is normally just something simple and small bc then the kids can take turns watering it every day and they get to see it grow from a tiny seed to an actual plant and then on the final day of class, he takes them out to a community garden where they plant it in the ground so it can continue to grow
  • He does face painting when they’re in class on Halloween so all of the kids get to line up and he and the TAs make them into whatever they want, tigers, pandas, cheetahs
  • He’s so so gentle the entire time and he keeps them entertained by telling them a story that involves the animal they’re getting painted as and their eyes are so big and they’re hanging onto every word and he has to hold back a couple giggles bc they just look so cute
  • Speaking of stories, he’s a ma zing at story telling
  • He’s always brings in these really cute books and he actually spends a lot of time looking around and searching for good children’s books bc he really really cares about the kids and he wants them to have fun books to read/have read to them
  • The m o s t encouraging teacher you’ll ever meet
  • There are times where he’s not fully sure what they’re doing exactly but hey, go for it lil dude
  • It can be the smallest of achievements or the biggest, he’s gonna congratulate them, he gets so genuinely excited for them and his smile is so big which means they smile too 
  • That’s one of the reasons Jimin loves his job so much, he loves seeing (and helping) the kids grow and watching their personalities develop and seeing them discover new things that he didn’t even notice anymore
  • Like hell yeah, now that lil boy pointed it out, caterpillars are really cool
  • They always want him to sing for them at nap time and some of the kids can’t sleep unless he does sing but he doesn’t mind at all, he’ll sing for as long as they want
  • He also does dances for them like there’s this one time he dresses up as a puppy (on Halloween) and he’s so shy about it but they’re all so excited for it so he does the Snoopy dance
  • Your son is one of his students
  • Jimin is always really close with all of his students so of course, your son and him get along really well
  • Your son always comes home and tells you all the amazing stories of what happened today and he’s always so excited to go back to school bc he knows he’ll get to see Jimin and his friends
  • After hearing so much about him, you decide to set some time aside to actually be able to stay and talk to Jimin before their class starts and you immediately see why your bby loves him so much
  • He’s got a cute ass smile, he’s so bubbly but a lil shy and you can tell how much he loves the kids
  • While you’re talking, these two kids come in and they take off towards him and he just kneels down and opens his arms and you would think they hadn’t seen each other in years bc the kids are just so excited and they’re talking over each other and Jimin’s just giving them this really soft look and it’s official, you’ve got a crush
  • Jimin offers to have you and your bby over for dinner one night and you agree and your lil boy is just so so excited to be visiting chim
  • It’s really endearing to see your bby so happy with someone and so at home and Jimin’s so loving towards him the entire night, like he helps feed him his dinner and makes sure his shirt doesn’t get any food on it
  • You two are talking while bby boy is watching Tom and Jerry and you actually really like Jimin like he’s funny and charming but he’s also really down to earth and kind
  • The fact that he’s also really good with kids and loves your son who loves him just as much definitely doesn’t help the whole crush situation that’s happening bc you don’t even have to worry about whether or not they’ll get along
  • “So what do you say next time we go out to a restaurant, maybe just us two?? Like on a date??”
  • “I’d say that I’ll pick you up at seven”

Potions Class

I don’t expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses…

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