halloween cheer

honestly whatever jack/anti does for halloween im just so happy that he has taken on this little fan created thing and made it into something really exciting and he has been so creative with all of it and it inspired creators in the fandom so much like its actually insane

the whole community has been coming up with theories and writing HCs and drawing and editing and its all started by a little glitch in a video but like its bringing all of us together???? 

thats my favourite thing about this whole situation is seeing everyone share their ideas with eachother and im fkn pumped no matter how jack decides to end it (or not???? permanent anti idk)) im just thankful for the overall experience


November is not Christmas

Look I like Christmas. But I like it when confined to its month, December. If it starts too soon, I don’t feel as much joy about it. I get tired. The songs wear thin. I get stressed. All the things I don’t like about Christmas pile up. I gotta be careful with that joy and make sure it lasts the whole month long. Stretching it out endangers that. 

November is not Christmas. 

November is post-Halloween recovery month. November is a time when the colors fade, the seasons shift, people get extremely busy at work and school, and the looming sense of winter (and ~The Holidays~ ominously approaching) hovers over our heads like the Sword of Damocles. Stuff is still spooky, but now with an eerie and mournful tone. Halloween is bright and cheerful, and has the energy of a harvest festival, a celebration. November is when you realize you have to ration your emotions and food for the winter months. 

November pretty much ends, in America, with Thanksgiving. A coming together of family and friends for food and comfort, for symbols of togetherness and bonding. A holiday of circling together in a group for warmth, food, and reassurance that yes, we are together, and yes, we are grateful for each other, and yes, we can make it through this winter together. This is, I think, no accident, that it has endured as such for so many years. 

November is not Christmas. 

At least, it’s not for me. If October and Halloween are a bright neon orange tree to me, November is a tree with withering leaves falling one by one. October and Halloween are the dancing skeleton, November is the half-buried skeleton you find in a field. 

November is not Christmas. 

The RFA as doctors

Yoosung (Pediatrics)
- He’s always had a way with children.
- He keeps a jar of different flavored jelly beans on his desk.
- The nurses always call him when they’re having trouble calming down a particular child.
- He makes the funniest faces when he’s trying to make his patients laugh. The kids love him for it.
- He has a weakness for babies. Especially their feet. “OMG look at his feets! SO CUUUUTE”
- He once convinced Dr. Choi, Dr. Kang, Dr. Ryu, and Dr. Han to dress up as the Avengers with him on Halloween, to cheer up the kids at the Oncology Ward. He hangs a large photo of them during the said event in his clinic.
- He’s currently on his first year of Neonatology fellowship.

Jaehee (Psychiatry)
- Her clients are mostly overworked employees who are under extreme amounts of work-related stress.
- She just recently published a self-help book entitled, “F*ck You, Boss! - How to Cope with Stressful Working Conditions”.
- She also regularly visits the local mental health facility, where she manages one of her long-term patients, a blonde-haired schizophrenic young woman.
- When she’s not seeing patients, she operates a small online baking business. Her chocolate cinnamon rolls are divine.

Seven (Forensic Pathology)
- They call him “Eagle Eye” for his unparalleled ability to spot the most minute details. Nothing ever escapes his scrutiny.
- This also makes him the best in his field.
- He works closely with law enforcement, often handling the most confidential as well as high profile cases.
- He has a habit of pretending he’s in some primetime crime drama.
- He often talks to the dead bodies that he’s examining, which creeps the hell out of the rest of the laboratory staff.

Zen (Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery)
- His good looks serve as advertising for his practice, despite them being all natural. He just rolls with it.
- His incredible patient transformations have been featured in numerous TV spots.
- He’s highly sought after and has pretty much reached celebrity status.
- However, Zen still operates pro bono on patients who have been victims of hate crimes, as well as disfigured veterans.
- The public is so interested in his romantic status and he’s been asked numerous times in interviews if he’s still single.
- He just smiles and jokes that whoever holds his heart must have hands that are more gifted than his.

Jumin (Trauma Surgery and Emergency Medicine)
- He’s the youngest doctor to ever complete both fellowship programs.
- The ER staff affectionately call him “Dr. Robot” because of how calm and precise he is at all times, that and the fact that he never even naps during his 24-hour shifts.
- He owns a sizable amount of shares at the hospital, and his father is the chairman of the hospital board.
- Yet he refuses to take on administrative duties full time, preferring to work at the chaos that is the Emergency and Trauma Department. It makes him feel alive and fulfilled.
- The only time he’s ever showed any emotion while on duty was when a 5-year-old girl died at his table. He’d been too late to save her. It was his first year as a resident then.
- He has pretty much been working miracles since then. Saving even the most hopeless of cases.
- He hates taking credit for it though and brushes off most praise as him only doing his job correctly. But he allows a rare smile whenever a patient thanks him for saving their life.


Everything was beautiful. Pumpkins lined the table and were surrounded by a variety of food. The Wakandan people sat side by side enjoying the holiday, many were dressed in amazing costumes.

“I’d like to propose a toast,” T'Challa stood raising his glass, “to our special guest (Y/N) and to all of you for making this possible today.” He smiled as a chorus of “cheers” followed by clinking glasses filled the air.

You smiled at T'Challa and mouthed a small ’thank you’ causing him to grin widely at you.

“Happy Halloween everyone!” You cheered.


Grab hold and let go! The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil’s “Get back” is a fantastic explosion of energy and light full of acrobatic twists and turns. 

Can’t get enough? Watch the video here! Yes, there is also a video.

halloween headcanons: LiS style

• Max dresses up like a vampire, and goes around pretending to bite people’s necks all day.
• Chloe spent her day watching 60’s horror movies and pretending that the monster was David.
• Warren, of course, dresses up like Doctor Frankenstein, but Chloe playfully makes fun of him and calls him “Doctor Nerdenstein” instead.
• Nathan throws a huge costume party and thinks he’s so cool for serving “ice scream” and slime green Jell-O shots. Victoria laughs, saying that he’s a loser. (It’s okay, Nathan, you’re a cool loser.)
• Victoria wore her bat earrings around all day, but that was the extent of her Halloween cheer.
• Kate dressed up like a black cat and damn, she was so adorable.
• Chloe, Warren, and Max went trick or treating, and decided to crash Nathan’s party afterwords. (more like Chloe decided, and Max and Warren went along for the ride)