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Day 20 – Potion

When business called for potions to be transported across town for delivery, Edgar went to work.  The active alchemical ingredients in potions could cause the mixtures to be unstable, and it just so happened that the innately magical nature of cats calmed the potions enough to safely transport them.  Edgar wasn’t the only delivery cat around, but he was the best.  His human told him so every day.

Thought maybe someone might find this useful??? Cause I did it for me, but fandom is family so… SHARE TO SPARE A LIFE and the struggle to make straight damn columns ( yes, Ivan, they totally look right )

AND: Some of the combinations turn out pretty interesting 8D

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What’s in Our Hearts

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Mary Winchester, Azazel (mentioned),

Pairing: Sam x Daegelus!Reader (my word for half demon, half angel)

Warnings: Mention of torture, mention of suicidal thoughts,

Wordcount: 2500ish

A/N: This is written for @roxy-davenport’s SPN Halloween Writing Challenge. The prompt song is  The Beatles - Devil in her Heart.

It is also written for @idreamofhazel’s challenge Traits of Sam Challenge where my prompt/trait was Boyking.

The reader is half demon and half angel and since SPN don’t have a word for that I made one up: Daegelus.

Thanks a million to my sweet wonderful Erin @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me <3

“Sam, explain to me again why we even brought her here?” Dean glared at his brother who twitched slightly. Sam was not scared of Dean. He never was. He knew his anger was not about him. Well not really. Dean was scared and he hated he hadn’t been in the Bunker with Sam when he was taken. Sam knew he blamed himself, just like he always did. He also knew he didn’t know how to express that, so instead, he yelled.

Even with all of this knowledge, Sam still flinched. The torture had affected him more that he cared to admit. Sam wasn’t sure how to answer. He wasn’t sure how to explain to his brother he felt connected to her. That he knew her feelings. What he didn’t understand was his own emotions right now.

Sam glared at his mother who had been sitting at one of the tables in the library just watching them since this entire conversation began. She sent Sam a small smile, and his heart clenched, still not fully grasping that she was here. That the woman in front of him was really his mom.

“I mean she’s a…” Dean stopped and turned to Cas, “what did you call it?”

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Use it as a one-a-day challenge for October, or accept requests with a number and a character through your ask box. Or hey, however you want to dress it up! Feel free to treat this list the same way you do your candy haul - hoard your favorites and trade out the ones you don’t want, and if you want EVEN MORE costumes, just add ‘em on your reblog!

Please note all of these costume suggestions are gender-neutral and can be interpreted as you see fit for the character. Have fun!

  1. Ghost
  2. Black cat
  3. Skeleton
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Witch
  6. Mummy
  7. Frankenstein’s monster
  8. Clown / Mime / Harlequin
  9. Zombie
  10. Werewolf
  11. Vampire
  12. Swamp creature
  13. Rag doll
  14. Ringleader
  15. Pirate
  16. Merfolk
  17. Robot
  18. Fuzzy monster
  19. Ladybug OR Bumble-bee
  20. Pixie
  21. Alien
  22. Popstar
  23. Angel OR Devil (you know best)
  24. Cave person
  25. Ghostbuster
  26. Cowboy
  27. Mad scientist
  28. “Costume” t-shirt
  29. Any type of candy
  30. “The good costumes were all picked over and this is what was left.”

Woo! All of my art done for the @rupphirebomb

Day 3 was the most popular, surprisingly. I figured that since it was done traditionally, it won’t get as much love, but I woke up to over 200 notes!!! Thank you!

Art by @msdanig-gem
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“Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.” -Judy Gold

So here is my submission for @gabriel-monthly-challenge :)

Halloween and Gabe are two of my favorite things so I had a lot of fun making the edits!

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