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Remember the Halloween episode (S2 E6) when everyone becomes their costume? Can you imagine if that would have happened last year? How many little girls would become Elsa and have ice powers, and how many people dressed up as Star Wars characters would suddenly have powers of the Force?! I think it would be less like a nightmare and more like Frozen meets Star Wars xD

Oh my gosh that sounds absolutely terrifying. Can you imagine all those little Kylo Ren’s running around?

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Street Boys AU


“Jack Frost is an orphan homeless boy in Berk, after running away from his  orphanage. Jack is also an excellent fighter and has a big crush on an unknown graffiti artist only through the art. 
Hiccup Haddock is the mayor’s son and a normal boy. In the night he prettified some walls with his art - but no one ever saw him doing it.”

Some naughty boys, like I said, the music’s fault !!! xD


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