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Welcome to Huxloween, a Kylux Halloween event!

October is just over a month away now, but we wanted to get this prompt list out so that everyone has more than enough time to create (especially for the first weeks prompts) at a comfortable pace. So, we are finally happy to present you all with the official Huxloween prompt list!

Each day has a unique prompt for you to play with. Feel free to create whatever type of content you like (fic, art, playlist, cosplay, gif set, edit, etc). You can submit as much (or as little) as you like for each prompt. You can skip prompts that do not inspire you, and do what does.

Saturdays are what we are calling Split Prompt Saturday. Here, we give you two options of prompts - spooky, or scary. Spooky is the lighter prompt, while scary is the more horror themed prompt. Feel free to create for whichever prompt strikes your fancy.

Mondays are genre horror days, since Halloween itself falls on a Monday this year. Each of these specific days is an overarching large horror theme that is open to the creators interpretation. (Meta horror is self aware horror, (i.e: Cabin in the Woods, Scream.)  Gothic horror takes us back to classics full of romanticism and fear of the unknown (i.e: Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.) Survival Horror references the genre of video games focused on surviving (i.e: Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead.) Body horror is any horror involving the body. (This can vary from a lighter take such as having a tail, or exposed or twisted parts.)

If you have questions about any of the other prompts, our ask box is always open!

On the day of each prompt, either submit directly to us here, or post it on your own tumblr. If you post it on your own tumblr, be sure to tag it with the tag (#huxloween) and mention us (@huxloween) so that we can see it, and we will reblog it here.

Finally, we are working on developing a tagging system. We have the basics already, but now that the prompt list is out, if you see something on the list that makes you uncomfortable, please send us an ask (as anon or not, we will reply privately) as to what we should tag that as. Once the tagging system is completed closer to October, you will be able to find the full list of tags on the “tags” page, accessible from the sidebar of the blog (or a link in the description for mobile users).

(And thanks to @noxogoth for making the awesome calendar! <3)


What a web


It’s a hobby of mine to collect and create Venetian styled Masquerade masks. But for the ones I do have, I didn’t have a Halloween one! So I made myself one based on Sugar Skull makeup. Sugar Skulls are bright and colorful with different patterns, makeup versions are usually a little more unified.

It has false eyelashes too which is the first time I’ve ever used false lashes ever let alone on a mask, but I think it adds to it. I’m really proud of how it turned out.