Elvira, Bill Nye, Scarecrow, toxic monster pumpkins… What more do you need!?

horrorslashergirl  asked:

You are a master at writing these slashers! Would you like to write something with The Collector, Chromeskull, Michael Myers and maybe Harry Warden with a European s/o? 8 am Romanian and it would be quite interesting to see how it would go. 😅

[Okay but I heard a Romanian song when I was younger and have been interested in the language ever since tbh? You’re rad!]

Slashers With a European S/O

Asa Emory/The Collector

  • Interested in your origins, but its more of a subtle passing than anything else
  • Enjoys hearing you talk in your native language and learning the words as you speak with him
  • Tell him! About the native wildlife and bugs that you grew up around! He wants to know about those cool guys
  • Won’t make fun of an accent you have but will correct you in the pronunciation from time to time, if it helps you better your english and dialect
  • He’ll still correct you even if you insist he doesn’t need to
  • You two have a lot of back and forths on pronunciation where its just you pronouncing something one way and him doing it the other and you just yell at each other like that until one of you gives up
  • It’s usually you. Asa’s a stubborn bastard

Jesse Cromeans/Chromeskull

  • Enjoys their company as much as he might anyone else, honestly
  • Plans a lot of trips to Europe in his off time with you! You’ll never get homesick because this rich motherfucker will just fly you right back to your place of origin 
  • Also hires chefs from your local area as well to give you the type of food you really enjoy/grew up with
  • He can and will make fun of your accent on certain words or slang terms you say to him
  • Its just like ‘-says a word in your language-’ ‘-jesse types it out and shows you and its ridiculously spelled and sounded out-’ ‘shut the fuck up, jesse’
  • Talk dirty to him in your native tongue and he’ll do anything for you honestly
  • Also finds it funny when you forget the english word for something
  • ‘Babe where’s the -uhhhhhhh…. The-the thing. The food stick’ ‘The… the fork?’ ‘YEAH THATS IT’
  • Will always call it food stick to mock you

Michael Myers

  • Doesn’t care where you’re from honestly so long as he can understand you
  • Will space out when you start talking in your native tongue
  • Only registers that, when you yell in another language, it usually means he did something wrong so he’ll just go and hide out of habit when he hears you yelling
  • I don’t got much for him honestly I just don’t think he’d care either way

Harry Warden

  • Doesn’t even ask or care that you’re European until you either start speaking in another language or use a word that he doesn’t understand the colloquialism of
  • He just. Stares at you and you can feel the confusion radiating through his gas mask
  • Say a word at him in another language and he will repeat it back to you but in the worst, most unflattering accented way possible
  • He doesn’t like you speaking differently around him/ in another language because he thinks your talking shit about him
  • Please do not bring up a lot of European languages being ‘romance/love languages’ because he will lose his shit

We need to normalize wearing capes again. Fuck coats. I want the leaves to crunch underneath my boots, three journals tucked under my arm, and the ends of my cape billowing in the wind behind me as I make my way up the river bank, briskly walking in the cold autumn air.

Late August/early September are the sweetest for me, as an autumn person. Autumn is when I live in all my glory, but god, those few weeks just before it comes. When the summer’s been windless and endless and blistering but the nights are starting to cool, starting to come a little earlier. When every once in a while a fleeting chill will snap through that sludgy, sluggish, sweat-soaked summer air and remind you that it’s coming. The very faintest hint of leaves on the breeze through your window, the pumpkin spice creeping into store displays a little more each day. That pre-autumn taste, god that’s good.