Amethyst Pendulums ($20) by ShelbyMelissa at HallowedMoon.

Pendulums are divination tools that can be used by themselves or with a mat or board. When used alone, pendulums best answer yes/no questions. A mat or board typically has numbers, letters, words, or sayings on it which allows for a wider range of answers. Personally, I almost never use a mat or board and have still obtained great results. Not only are pendulums typically used for divination but also for spirit communication.

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Copper Tumbled Amethyst Necklace by ShelbyMelissa at HallowedMoon.

Amethyst has been considered a soothing and protective stone. It can calm the wearer and protect them from psychic attack. Amethyst has also been said to enhance the wearers psychic abilities, such as promoting psychic visions during sleep. It can also help those suffering from insomnia or nightmares by being placed under the pillow before sleep.

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Copper Forest Necklace by ShelbyMelissa at HallowedMoon

This Copper Forest Necklace is adorned with a wrapped quartz point, green glass beads, a tree charm, a leaf charm, and a diamond-shaped metal bead. 
Forests are complex with many organisms creating a whole. There are many spirits of the forest, such as the different tree spirits, and there is the spirit of the forest itself. This necklace was made to strengthen the bond, or aid in creating a bond, between the wearer, the forest, and the many parts that make up the forest.

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