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Harry Potter Titles Reimagined

Harry Potter and The Shiny Red Rock of Life
Harry Potter and the Room That No One can Find Cuz it’s a Secret
Harry Potter and the Guy From Wizard Guantanamo Bay
Harry Potter and Cup That Wasn’t Up to Fire Code
Harry Potter and the Firebird People
Harry Potter and the Nickname That Was Better Then Voldemort
Harry Potter and the Three Things of Death
Harry Potter and the Cursed Bros Bein’ Bros

Oh all the comrades that e'er I’ve had
Are sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e'er I’ve had
Would wish me one more day to stay
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should rise and you should not
I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call
Good night and joy be with you all

who else hears the parting glass and thinks of Harry? just me? ok

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any headcanons of lavi, tyki, and allen when they're jealous of their crush, but haven't even confessed to them yet?

Phew~Finally got the time to sit down and do this. Gearing up for the other requests. 

Sorry about the weird headcanon-scenario-ish format though. 


✤ He was somehow everywhere you went. Well, except for bathrooms and rooms cause that would be absolutely awkward. But you would always bump into him around and about. He’s stubbornly claiming it’s a coincidence but he knows that he’s lying.

✤ It had been quite a long time since the two of you met and it was getting harder and harder to avoid the feeling he gets when he sees you or when he’s near you. 

✤ It was like a delicious forbidden fruit that keeps whispering him to take a bite. 

✤ He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. But he absolutely wants to. 

✤ The feeling absolutely astounds him. He had thought that he had locked up his feelings long ago but you were unravelling it thread by thread just like his friends at the Black Order. 

✤ So in the end he accepted the fact that he loves you but he was still on the fence on making a move. It was a big decision. One that could get them both in trouble, especially with Bookman. 

✤ So he was content with just watching you afar and talking to you every chance he got…until he saw someone flirting with you and you flirting back. (He was confused, were you flirting or were you being kind and courteous kind of flirting? But it really hurt him that you were treating this person with the same treatment as him.)

✤  He almost want to walk away. But then you caught sight of him, “Lavi? Is that you?” He had no choice to backtrack and walk up to you, pulling on a cheery face and rubbing the back of his neck even when his chest felt painfully light and his heart wavering. 

✤ The other person gave him a once over and (for that moment, Lavi felt uncomfortably bare) a triumphant smirk grew on the person’s lips. It was almost as if they felt that he was no competition and for some reasons Lavi did not like that. 

✤ Especially when that person stepped closer to you in front of him. Lavi’s smile tightened. It was just a step, he would deal with it, wait, they’re reaching out their hand to brush your shoulders and your ears while complimenting your ear piercings? Oh hell no. 

✤ Lavi grabbed your hands pulling you away, “Hey__________, I have something interesting to show you.” The other person tried to protest “Welp, it was nice meeting you.” And the two of you were gone. 

✤ It was around then when he decided to confide his feelings for you. Whether you accept him or not, it was your choice. 


✥ He had his eye on you always. Whether he’s reading or crossing the hallways or from windows, his eyes seem to search for you like opposite poles of the magnet.

✥ He always catch himself whenever he did that, almost alarmed by the growing feeling in his chest. It was warm, like the feeling he had when he spent his days his three human buddies but this was different. It was mildly uncomfortable like he had reached down into his own heart and squeezed it.

✥ He had talked to you once or twice, all in teasing terms and before he knew it, he was lingering more and more and became a constant in your life. 

✥ But he dare not declare his feelings for you but let it slip out in doses of affections from winks to teasing remarks, all which you brushed off as merely jokes. And it secretly vexes him. 

✥ But nothing vexes him more than standing there and watching as you stood there laughing with another person. 

✥ His blood was practically boiling as that person (with obvious intentions) reached out to brush your hair from your face. 

✥ “Tyki?” Before he had even realised it, he was there right next to you, with one arm over your shoulder and the other hand tightly gripping the person’s wrist. He glare was sharp and blazing, “Would you mind keeping your hands off what’s mine?” 

✥ Your suitor would be flustered and run off stuttering. 

✥ Tyki let them go even if his entire instinct was hell bent one causing bodily harm on the suitors. 

✥ The worst part was that it kept happening over and over again. He knows that you’re attractive in your own little way (you charming little thing) and it pleases him that others likes you too but can they stop trying to hunt his prey? (You were already his, you just haven’t realised it yet.) 

✥ And every single time he rescued you, you would always brush it off as something a friend will do. 

✥ But this time he had enough. 

✥ When you laughed, his fingers wrapped around your chin, the tips brushing against your cheeks and a smirk curling at the edges of his lips. “Will a friend do this?” He closed the distance between your lips. 


✦ He had met you years ago. And he’s still astounded by your ability to show your kindness despite how dark people can be. When the going gets tough, he kind of thought back to you and how you grit your teeth and go through it with patience, and he felt like he could get through this too. 

✦ He tries to show up whenever he could which was not often but you always send him a welcoming smile that made him feel as if he was home. He realised, that you were his home. 

✦ And the the 14th happened. It was a blow to him and everything he stand for vanished leaving him lost in the haze of confusion. In that spilt moment, he had ditched Link and went to seek you out. 

✦ But you weren’t there in the place the two of you usually meet. Uncomfortable emptiness filling his hollow chest. He didn’t want to give up yet. He didn’t want to go back to the Order yet, where eyes roam towards him with varying mixture of pity, wariness and fear. 

✦ He went around town, searching through the shops and the crowds, hoping to catch side of you. Just when he was about to give up, he spotted you. Joy flickered to life in his chest as he pushed forward, getting closer to your silhouette with every step. 

✦ “_____-” His voice died in his throat as he caught sight of another figure standing too close to you, with arms wrapping around your waist. The ache intensified as the two of you giggled. 

✦ Normally, he would feel a dark prickly feeling of annoyance building on the inside and would smoothly slipped into the situation, separating anyone that tried to get handsy with you. 

✦ But today wasn’t a normal day. He only felt a thousand needles punctured his bleeding heart as realisation after realisation slammed into him like a thousand bricks. 

✦ You were better off without him. A person that could die at any time, a person that couldn’t be with you all around the clock and a person that may have a monster trapped in his body and a person that probably didn’t have a future. 

✦ These bitter realisations sat at the base of his throat as tears pricked at the edges of his eyes, brimming but never falling. In that moment, he almost wished that he was normal, like that person. So that he could be by your side always, so he could laugh with you, so that he could…confess without feeling guilty. You didn’t deserve him, you deserve them. 

✦ “Allen?” You were suddenly in front of him, he could barely see through the wall of tears, “Are you alright?” 

✦ He tried to muster a smile. He couldn’t even do that properly. The tears start falling. “Oh my god, Allen, you’re crying. Here.” You reached out with your handkerchief, wiping away blobs teetering at the corner of his eyes and the angry trails down his cheeks. 

✦ He realised that he never want to see you in the arms of another. 

✦ He gripped your wrist gently, warmth spreading into his clammy hands and by an act of pure selfishness, the words “I love you.” tumbled from his lips. 

While I (like most fans) was not a fan of the epilogue, I still enjoyed it, as well as a few earlier scenes, in Deathly Hallows 2 for bringing back the John Williams score from the first few films. It felt like a good way of reminding fans that even though many things had changed throughout the books and films, this was still the same Harry Potter series we’ve all come to know and love.

The Ballads Cycle

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Demanding, ardent like a newborn star, Aries Venus is the wonderful waterfall of light that bathes and cleanses the earth after the night horrors have been defeated. Hardly a follower of anyone, she sings only for the winners and for the braves.

She is quite affectionate, but what makes the Taurus Venus such a beautiful thing is her steady, soothing voice that lures and cures any restlessness of a troubled spirit. A love of pleasure lies at the base of her soul, whether if intended for herself or for someone else.

It’s all about the rapid, tumultuous sing-song like voice of a thrilling mind. Gemini Venus knows an endless repertory of hymns about love, peace and joy. However, she prefers by far those about intriguing, amusing games of Life and The Dead. 

Cancer Venus is a highly sensitive creature. She puts a significant importance on rituals and the objects of her greatest love. She is not shy to show her dewy eyes in front of the world; she’s a courageous goddess of gentleness and moons, vehemently fending the fortress with her lullaby.

With grandeur and extravagance, Leo Venus touches the highest notes like an opera queen. She parades on a golden podium, almost touching with her fingertips the mesmeric rays of the sun. She is the one who spreads generosity and compassion with the warmest smile ever seen in the galaxy. 

Modest, fair and honorable, Virgo Venus holds the song of perfection in her lungs. She is a loyal healer, and loves to see others bloom at the hearing of her uniform cadence. Even if the light at the end of the tunnel still seems faraway, her voice will lastly carry you to the escape.

Her courteous and harmonic intonations tend to delude and enchant those who don’t know how to rightly admire them, but Libra Venus is, nonetheless, a majestic sight. Her mannerism is one of the finest, a strong, charming armor that she wears with pride, for the sake of pleasure and beauty.

Not one to be betrayed, Scorpio Venus is an enigmatic, intense figure. She has a powerful voice that can make whole crowds turn at once; to hear, to be mesmerized. She doesn’t make a great use of it, but when she does, it is simultaneously the last thing you would want to hear, but eternally. 

Sagittarius Venus appears only in the mist of change; she travels and wanders from the beginning to the end, again and again. She has the tonality of a philosopher- spiritual, bright, burning with curiosity and love to share with any kind soul that would join her in the journey.

Harsh, but profound. Clear like glass, but careful and lovingly polished like a marble statue. There is something incredibly solemn about the voice of the Capricorn Venus. She is what the heavenly song of justice and sorrow would sound like; marvellous, unperturbed.

From her throne of clouds and infinite blue, Aquarius Venus sings with an electric grace the aria of the sky. She likes to be at once free, removed from the clingy warmth of the earth, but also connected with the veins of light and air that cross its crevices.

She whispers, unselfish, with a trace of a smile played across her lips, verses of peaceful, dreamy ballads. There is no sadness or loneliness that Pisces Venus can’t cure, to take away with her angelic voice. Choirs of light rise behind her hallowed head, welcoming you back. Back to the start.


“There were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight-”

“Midnight. Mum always said midnight…but twilight’s fine. Better actually.”