Ok, so my good friend Nick Smith- who i have known for…5 years now(!) well his movie is coming out SEPTEMBER 30th in theaters! Just about a year ago he sold his movie to Paramount=]! So far i got the movie poster for ya, next week ill post the trailer. You all should go see this =] Im SO effin prouf of him for making this.Im not gonna lie, i watched a little of the movie and i was super impressed.


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Munger Road Movie

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free werewolves on wheels download - watch werewolves on wheels. download Murder, Inc. Plan B From The Bacardi Room: Munger - Muertos - TrollMunger - Muertos - Troll. Charles, while many new businesses. Randall Batinkoff | DivX HellIn his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, drums, the piano, reading, watching movies and working out. This, of course, is a lie. One example is that I saw one person trying to recruit ZM members for the global socialist party in the U.K. Ghost Hunt at Bartlett Woods and Munger Road - This HouseThis is very cool, but creepy. The film, Munger Road, is a suspense/thriller starring Bruce Davison.. Charles native Nick Smith…. Eddie Robinson Grambling, The Road Movie Online, Class Reunion Novelist, Medical Conversion Calculator,. The police corned them there and they escaped through the back.. Troll: (1) Someone who criticizes CTs, especially on the Internet. CrossTopix: Welcome Anime Central Visitors!Nick Smith (Indepedent Movie Director) Discusses Upcoming Movie, Munger Road: * Rhodrick Magsino and Robin Poppert (Web Cartoon Makers) Discuss Online Series, Little Brass Bird:

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My ideal Hunger Games trio

Based off of suggestions I’ve seen, and one’s I thought of on my own. I’m not delusional, I know that it’d be a miracle to have even one of these people being cast, but still. I’ve never actually made a full list like this, so I thought I might. I’m definitely open to other actors, and unknowns are perfectly fine with me, but these are my top choices.

Katniss: Lyndsy Fonseca

I know she could look more like Katniss, but honestly, Katniss is kind of an average looking girl. Pretty, dark hair, light eyes, average/short height. Way too many people fit that description. But I like Lyndsy because with darker hair, she looks how I thought Katniss would. And unlike some suggested actresses who look all sweet and adorable, and unable to be the badass that Katniss is, Lyndsy is pretty but also plays a badass in Nikita. As far as I know. I’ve only seen one episode. And I’ve seen clips of her from Nikita in fanmade trailers several times, so at least some people agree.

Peeta: Hallock Beals

Because he’s fits the description. Buff, but short and stocky, blond, blue eyes. It’s that simple.

Gale: This one I have trouble finding someone for, but if I had to choose, Adam Gregory seems pretty good.

Brent Daugherty is a close second choice, but really, I’m least sure about this character pick.

I’m only doing the trip because I don’t care that much about everyone else. As long as the story’s the same and the actors are good and look accurate, I don’t care much who they choose. But of all of the suggestions for the rest of the cast, I like Kristen Chenoweth for Effie least. Because I pictured Effie way younger, and though Kristen is small and looks younger than she is, I pictured like early/mid twenties.