hallo catfish


Meeting Samwise!, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)

After my nap on top of Samwise’s head, I showed Samwise my arm-climbing skills. Samwise rewarded me with noms: chicory and collard greens! I nommed away and went into a food coma, but not before we all watched tortoise videos on YouTube.


Flashback Weekend!

Continuing yesterday’s flashback: When friend Samwise visited us back in October, she left us an unexpected present in addition to all of the lovely presents she brought us. During her visit, Samwise went to a concert where everyone got wristbands that flashed in time with the music. After the concert, Mommy was curious to see how the wristbands worked, so Samwise gave her wristband to us!

Mommy was fascinated by the circuits inside, but I was sorely disappointed: The circuit board is a beautiful green, but despite me giving it my best squinty eye, none of it is at all nom-able!


We got another package in the mail! This one is from friend Samwise! She sent us a pretty card and a turtle sticker so I can join Waffles and Mango’s sticker club. Friend Samwise also found the cutest chubby little turtle phone charm for us! Mommy was going to take close-up photos of me with the tiny turtle, but I got distracted by the festive penguin scarf at the bottom of the package. I gave the scarf my instant stamp of snuggle approval by taking a nap on it!


Meeting Samwise!, Part 1

The first thing friend Samwise did on seeing me was to give me lots of cuddles! Mommy made me take an awful bath, but then Samwise gave me dandelion and frilly kale!! I ate and ate, and then I took a lovely nap in Samwise’s super comfy hand. I love Samwise already!


Flashback Friday

Remember when friend Samwise visited us back in October? We kept forgetting to share all the presents that Samwise brought when she visited! In addition to the chocolate jack-o’-lanterns that were too big to fit in my mouth, Samwise brought us a book of funnies, delicious gingerbread looseleaf tea (non-caffeinated rooibos!), and a beautiful big mug to drink our tea in!

Sadly for me, all those chocolate pumpkins are now long gone. I demand more roly poly chocolates just for me!


Meeting Samwise!, Part 7
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Samwise’s visit last month was full of exciting adventures! After the giant ducky plushie, we walked by a big golden lion. I went right up to that big golden lion and made friends! Much to the consternation of everyone who walked by, I checked out the views from the lion’s nose, from the top of his head, and from inside his mouth. I even took a few short naps on the big golden lion! Including in his mouth, NBD.


Meeting Samwise!, Part 4
(Parts 1, 2, and 3)

Remember when I met friend Samwise last month? Mommy finally got around to going through the rest of our photos from Samwise’s visit. When Samwise woke up on the second day of her visit, the first thing she did was give me cuddles! I climbed all the way to the top of Samwise’s head, surveyed my kingdom, and took a nice nap. Samwise is the best!