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  • ml fandom: we like marichat because they can talk without their crushes in the way :)
  • also the ml fandom: bUT OMG WHAT IF THEY HAD CRUSHES ON EACH OTHER!!!
  • me, in the far background, barely visible, making repeated and exaggerated Will Smith poses at Ladrien™: ...!!! ! ..! ....! !! !!!!! ......!!! !! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ended up taking a walk back through my fav ml amvs and thought i’d share:

mon chéri 

Miraculous Ladybug│LadyNoir│ {HER LOVE} 

Miraculous Ladybug│LadyNoir│ {Love Me Like You Do} 

│Ladybug x Cat Noir│ {Jaw Drop} 

I WON’T BITE || Chat Noir 

Cat Noir/Cat Noir [Miraculous LadyBug] - Play Game 

Fools In Love 

Real-Life Fantasy ;) || Miraculous Ladybug


Orion: “So I know we’re the only two people here, but I was wondering…would you mind if…well…”

Hally: “Orion, it’s just me, what are you so nervous about?  You can ask me anything.”

Orion: “Well I was wondering if…um…you’d like to watch the stars with me tonight.  Sort of a small date?”

My heart fluttered at that last word….date.  It was sweet and I liked him more than i liked anyone back home.  Could it be that I was put here with the perfect person?

Hally: “I’d love that, Orion.”

Femra me fytyrë të bukur s'ka gjoks e bythë.Femra me gjoks e bythë s'ka fytyrë të bukur.Po si do i vej halli me ty që s'ke as fytyrë të bukur e as gjoks e bythë.😂

Once. One other time in her life was Hallie concerned she might actually not make it out alive. She remembered the feeling of that fear too well. And now that Dusty - her friend, someone her age, someone with dreams and a future; not to mention her other friend’s sister… Hallie’s mind was back to racing a mile a minute, too many thoughts and feelings vying for attention at once. Yet the only words that managed to slip out of her mouth were: “I don’t… How do you follow the rules if you don’t know what they are?”

Hallie / 15 / USA

Oh hi…didn’t see you there. My name’s Hallie (pronounced ha-lee but like if you pronounce it hey-lee I’ll respond). I’m an Aquarius, I’m 15, I am from ye old USA, I enjoy long walks on the beach, and munchkin cats (seriously look them up), and I have a messed up mind. I’m a lonely soul, and I literally have had no luck with friends. None..Nada..Zilch. Everyone I talk to just stops talking to me, which I don’t get for I think I am a joy to talk to lol. I might get a little annoying and if that happens please tell me because I will gladly shut up. I’ll literally be friends with anybody who falls into the following:

I would like for your age to be 13-17 (although if you are not a 45 year old pedophile or a creep I’ll be your fren), Gender, Sexuality, Race, and literally anything else do not matter, and you have to like mac and cheese..but that’s a given. 

Anywho this has gotten long and nobody is probably going to read this but ya know…here are my interests:

Reading, Writing, Drawing, Dancing around my room at 4 in the morning, Emo/Alternative/“Edgy” bands, Sarcasm, Dad jokes, Munchkin cats (as stated above), Youtube, Harry Potter (Ravenclaw), Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Sushi, Dr Pepper, Makeup, SFX, etc…

If you would like to know more, just call me, beep me, if you want to reach me (I’ll stop) Here below is my Tumblr and yeee please love me. k love you bye

Tumblr: @theaestheticpessimist

anonymous asked:

I wish I had a friendship like you and Hallie :(

I love Hallie so much she’s the cutest!! and you can, i swear!! You can always talk to us! If your down to talk about the movie franchise Everything Everything like A LOT and cute boys with accents. You will fit right in dude just talk to us i swear we’re super nice people bub!

kaspbrat  asked:

hallie for the name thing please!!

Hello, Hallie! Okay:
It’s the kind of name you’d hear uttered on warm summer breezes, early afternoon before it gets too hot. It’s like the golden reflection off of wheat fields, and it sounds like the warmth in the sands of some far off beach. It brings to mind green grass and blue skies and red birds. Hallie sounds like summer, and it sounds like screen doors slamming and mothers calling their kids inside for dinner. It’s the almost inaudible clicks from a gas lantern just before the wick explodes in flame. Hallie is the name you’d hold hands with at county fairs and watch the fireworks ignite. It’s the kind of name you’d hear and smile at because it sounds like friendship and kindness leeching into every action.