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I need Feminism because: (submission for hallie-faithv's project)

Kate, 24, Canada

I need feminism because when I was around 5, my dad made me promise to let him pick out my future boyfriend and then had a photograph taken of us shaking hands so he had ‘proof.’ My mother was against this. He ignored her protests, and demanded she just take the picture.

I need feminism because when I was still around that age, my dad told me to go into the gas station and “bat my eyelashes” at the clerk to ask for a favour on his behalf. 

I need feminism because when I tried to ask my dad for help as a kid with my math and science, he told me that it was okay if I wasn’t good at it because girls were better at humanities. His wife (my mother) had a BSc in Microbiology. (I’m still not very good at either science or math). 

I need feminism because when I was 12, I wasn’t allowed to wear shorts while in Latin America because my dad was convinced that the local men were all sexualising me. 

I need feminism because I got more cat calls when I was 16 than I do now at 24. 

I need feminism because the only time I do get catcalled is when I’m holding my wife’s hand. 

I need feminism because my mother has struggled her entire life with the idea of ‘a woman’s role’ despite the fact that she broke all the moulds, and because she still insists that wearing certain things is ‘too slutty’.

I need feminism because the first and last Christmas my wife and I spent as a couple with her family, her mother told us not to kiss or cuddle one another in front of the others because it “made them uncomfortable.” Meanwhile, her brother could kiss his wife, and her sister could kiss her boyfriend all they liked. 

I need feminism because my wife’s family still can’t believe she’s a lesbian. 

I need feminism.

Those are all really great reasons. Thanks for the submission.

I’m collecting submissions on behalf of hallie-faithv, who is doing a school project on feminism.

If you’d like to participate, please submit a story of a time when you really could have used feminism or reasons why you need feminism, as well as your name/age.