Gilberts grusomme hevn (”Gilbert’s Horrible Revenge”), 16th of September, 2016.

Based on the book Eggg (”Egggs”) by Stein Erik Lunde.

GENRE: Comedy
AGE RATING: Everyone.
DIRECTOR: Hanne Larsen
WRITER: Hanne Larsen, Kathrine Valen Zeiner
CAST: Simon Hobbel Rosendahl, Gisken Armand, Hannah Dybvand, Frida Hallgren, Egil Hegeberg, Sindre-Bendict Hendricks

Gilbert and eggs are not a good combination. For Gilbert, the egg allergy have brought him only bullying and humiliation. When Gilbert and his family move, he does everything he can to keep the allergy secret for his new friends, especially Line, the girl next door, who is captein of the hockey team. However, when the really egoistic aunt Doris appears as a babysitter the week before Christmas, Gilbert’s new living condition goes literally to the toilet. The aunt gives him egg on purpose! Gilbert soon learns that attack is the best defence and he creates an unbelievably revenge-driven plan for Christmas eve.

(Grand Hotel - 2015 - Filmweb)


GILBERT: My name is Gilbert, I might be the most egg-allergic person in the world. To be Gilbert would be weird enough, but to be Vomit-bert was impossible.
KIDS: Vomit-bert! Vomit-bert!
GILBERT: So when Mom got a new job, I got a new chance, in a new place.

LINE: Hello. Uh… I’m going to have a birthday party…

MOTHER: But that won’t work, Gilbert, we’re going to travel.
GILBERT: But I can be home alone.
FATHER: Well, anyway, we can’t get a babysitter right now.
MOTHER: We can ask your sister, though?
FATHER: Doris?!

DORIS: You know what, we’re gonna have a real home party!

FATHER: You remember that he is egg-allergic, right?

GILBERT: What… is it really with Doris?
DORIS: (Aaagh, that’s how much it hurst!)
FATHER: She is… lonely and…
DORIS: Here I am, and there you are. Best friends, you know.

DORIS: You don’t have to go to that birthday party, you know.
GILBERT: But I AM going to that party, right…?

DORIS: Aren’t you going to bring your egg cake?

DORIS: I’m dying, Gilbert, I’m dying!
GILBERT: But I’m off to train!

DORIS: Lies and deception, Gilbert, are the worst I know.

DORIS: Hahah! It’s a relief that it’s only egg and sugar!
GILBERT: Monster-face…

GILBERT: If Aunt Doris wanted war, that was what she was going to get.

LINE: Have you turned CRAZY?!

(kindle liquid + super-hot chili)

DORIS: You know NOTHING about my hen.