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The early morning hours of May 6 were moonless when grains of cosmic dust streaked through dark skies near Albion, Maine. Swept up as planet Earth plows through dusty debris streams left behind periodic Comet Halley, the annual meteor shower is known as the Eta Aquarids.


Yerkes Observatory, Halley’s comet, 1910.

1. Yerkes Observatory, Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c).

2. Edward Emerson Barnard, Drawing (photograph copy) of the tail of Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c), by Edward Emerson Barnard, made the morning of May 19, 1910.

3. Mary Ross Calvert, Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c), showing division in the end of the tail.

4. Oliver Justin Lee, Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c), head and nucleus. Photographed with the 24-inch reflector telescope  (1 h 35 m exposure).

Meet Halley!

⭐Title: “The Comet”
⭐Favorites: Music, outer space, freedom, video games
⭐Dislikes: Tight spaces, authority, sticky things
⭐About: A carefree, tough-as-nails tomboy. Raised on a planet with strict rules and ordinances, she hates being confined, restricted, or ordered around, so she ditched her homeworld to journey through space!
⭐Random Fact: Likes to sing, but keeps it a secret

Sam Winchester Appreciation Week | day 6: favorite meta - the Colt is supposed to belong to Sam and he will rebuild it.

In 1835, a western hunter named Samuel Colt created a gun during Halley’s Comet journey past Earth, gifting the gun and it’s 13 bullets the abiltiies to kill anything in existence regardless of it’s supernatural invulnerabilties.  When Sam traveled back in time he met Samuel Colt who gave Sam the gun.  Looking back I felt this foreshadowed when Henry Winchester gave Sam the keys to the bunker that sheltered the Men of Letter’s headquarters.  

When the 13 magical bullets were used up, Sam learned from Bobby who learned from Ruby how to remake the bullets and it’s magical properties.  When the Colt was destroyed by a Hell’s princess, Sam set to figure out how to fix and remake the Colt and when he does, it would truly be his.


Earth is about to pass through the tail of Halley’s Comet,

This will start around April 20th and will continue right up until May 21st. The best time to view them will be in the small hours between May 5 and 7, when the sky will be the darkest during the new Moon.

The specks and flecks you’ll be seeing are tiny pieces of debris from Halley’s Comet hitting Earth’s atmosphere and burning up. They’re called the Eta Aquarids as they appear to emerge from the constellation of Aquarius.

The shower will be more visible in the southern hemisphere. However, those in the northern hemisphere should be able to catch the odd one, especially if you’re near the equator. At their peak time, those in the southern hemisphere can expect to see up to 30 meteors every hour. If weather conditions are favorable, even those north of the equator can still see up to 10 every hour.

The Eta Aquarids happens every year thanks to Halley’s comet. It takes the comet about 75 years to travel around the sun, but Earth passes through the tail of the comet around April/ May every year.
Halley’s comet is projected to directly pass by the Earth again in 2061.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but do the meanings of fake names matter? such as Halley for Halley's comet that always returns. (or boomerang...) or a name or an item name that means protection?

No, the meaning of safe names doesn’t matter; although there are exceptions to most things, for the most part a safe name is safe because you’re not affected by it at all, in any way, beyond it being an identifier.