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  • zman cherutenu: when have you felt most free?
  • chayot: what's the bravest action in the haggadah, do you think?
  • mitzrayim: what is the narrowest place you have been in? (can answer literally or figuratively)
  • maggid: which haggadah do you use?
  • shulchan orech: what's your favourite pesach dish?
  • hallel: what's your favourite pesach song?
  • orange: is there any tradition you'd like to see become a part of judaism? what is it and why?
  • makkot: what's the weirdest thing you've seen done at a seder "so that the children should ask" about the 10 plagues? this part in particular seems to breed bizarre practices.
  • v'ten bracha: how is the weather where you live around Pesach-time?
  • feather: how do you clean for Pesach?
  • ta'anit bechorot: do you have siblings?
  • chag: what's your favourite thing about pesach?
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Murdered in her bed: Teenage girl killed in terror attack - Terrorist breaks into Kiryat Arba home, stabs teenage girl dozens of times, killing her. Member of local security team also wounded - 30 June 2016

A teenage girl was murdered Thursday morning in Kiryat Arba when a terrorist broke into her home and stabbed her dozens of times as she lay in bed. A second victim, a member of the town’s civilian security team who responded to the terror attack, has been seriously wounded.
The terrorist was eliminated.
MDA emergency responders were called to the scene at around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday following reports of a terror attack. Two victims were transferred to Jerusalem hospitals.
A Kiryat Arba spokesperson said the terrorist penetrated the town’s security perimeter and entered the Ramat Mamre (Givat Harsina) neighborhood.
Officials reported that the terrorist broke into a home and repeatedly stabbed a 13-year old girl in her bedroom. When the town’s security team was called to respond to the attack, the terrorist assaulted a member of the local security squad. The terrorist was then shot and killed by the first responders.
The female victim, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, was unconscious and had no pulse when emergency responders arrived to provide first aid, and was evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem. Doctors attempted to resuscitate Ariel, but were ultimately forced to declare her death.
The second victim, a 31-year old male, has been transferred to Hadassah Ein Karem in Jerusalem, and is in serious condition.
The terrorist has been identified as Muhammad Tararia, a 17-year old resident of the village of Bani Naim.

I know that this post isn’t characteristic of my blog, but I wanted to bring your attention to Hallel Ariel, a 13 year old Jewish girl who was stabbed to death in Hebron this morning. She was sleeping in after a dance performance when a terrorist broke into her house and murdered her.
I haven’t seen any posts about this circulating, so I was hoping that you could take a moment of your time to read and remember.
Her name was Hallel Ariel.
She was 13 years old.
She loved dance, and wanted to be a zoologist.
She was murdered in her bed in an act of terrorism.
Please don’t let her be forgotten.