You all remember that awful Catwoman movie? I mean the film which bastardized this interesting, lovely character before the Nolans and Hathaway did it, only on a larger scale?

Well, there actually is a comic book version of that 2004 monstrosity and, believe it or not, it’s even worse than the movie! Guess who did the cover? None other than Jim Lee. I know, I was just as surprised!
And if you make it through those 48 pages filled with stupidity, weird dialogues, and barely passable artwork (lots of awkward poses and the characters rarely look like the real actors), you’re treated with a few of Lee’s sketches he did of Halle Berry shooting the movie, plus a story of how they hired him and what great work Berry was doing in Lee’s eyes.
We all know how that turned out in the end…

Although the “costume” is possibly the worst Catwoman outfit ever, you can’t deny the quality of these sketches.

Lost Catwoman Film with Michelle Pfeiffer: details revealed

Lost Catwoman Film with Michelle Pfeiffer: details revealed

When you hear the words, “Catwoman movie”, most people think of the 2004 film starring Halle Berry, a film which had nothing to do with Batman and Catwoman wasn’t even known as Selina Kyle. However, did you know that there were once plans to make a Catwoman movie about Selina Kyle Catwoman? After Batman Returns had been released, Tim Burton had plans to make a solo Catwoman movie starring…

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Wolfie Watches: Catwoman (2004)

Ah, Catwoman… the prospect so exciting, the execution so sucktacular.

It deserved every Razzie it won. Halle Berry even accepted the “Best / Worst Picture” Award in person. Watch the vid of her speech, it’s worth it. She’s such a good sport.

Nevertheless, I found it pretty fun to watch. I half-watched it while I was cleaning a house, but I have seen the whole thing before.

The scenario: Halle Berry is a total doormat, until some douche at the company she works for kills her weak ass. Fortunately, a magic Egyptian cat finds her lifeless body and coughs up a magic hairball in her mouth (slight exaggeration), granting her CAT SUPERPOWERS, including but not limited to

  • totally sick basketball skills
  • standing up for herself
  • parkour
  • cheesy CGI-enhanced parkour
  • the ability to balance while walking back and forth on the top of her couch while talking on the phone
  • fear of rain
  • love of tuna
  • hissing
  • whip-cracking dominatrix skills…?

The story comes to its vapid conclusion when Dominatkitten faces off against the best casting choice pun of ALL TIME: Sharon Stone, the leader of the corrupt beauty cream company which creates addictive beauty cream that turns your skin into living marble. I’m serious.

So Halle and Sharon Hard-as-a-Rock get into one hell of a catfight, culminating in Sharon’s demise by falling a great distance. To make it better, when Sharon Marble Slab falls to her doom she manages to land in a swastika position for no discernible reason. Fricking priceless.

Okay, with the “beauty cream / objectifying women / being assertive / owning your sexuality” themes, I can see that they were trying to have some sort of “girl power / feminist” message.


In the end, it’s less effective than Coyote Ugly.

Aaaaand since it was every teenage boy’s wet dream in 2004, that’s not helping its case. Pretty much no one watched it for the “girl power”. I’m a girl who is not “into women” like that and *I* was hella distracted.

One more thing: Halle actually spoke this line during a foreplay-ish fight: “Don’t I get din-din first?”

Sweet mercy, who wrote this script?

Still had fun though.

“Yo Anne, sit ya punk ass back down.”

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Still Gaming: The Film Den: Catwoman, Part 1

Watch on blackbatpurplecat.tumblr.com

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The Catwoman and Nightwing Movies That Never Were

The Catwoman and Nightwing Movies That Never Were

  If you’re remotely like me, then you love movie trivia. Hollywood – especially when it comes to the superhero genre – is no stranger to canned scripts and false starts. Now more than ever, it seems like we fans love to discuss ill-fated films such as Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, Joel Schumacher’s Batman Triumphant (a film I will explore in the very near future), and J.J. Abrams’ Superman:…

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Halle Berry: Transparencias y cuerpazo a los 49

La actriz Halle Berry tiene el mejor cuerpo de Hollywood y casi 50 primaveras. Su constitución menuda y su tonificado abdomen le permiten lucir outfits como este maravilloso total black que repasamos hoy, ¡sin desperdicio!

La artista está pletórica y eso se refleja en su impresionante forma física. Halle Berry acaba de cumplir los 49 y lo celebró en el show de Jimmy Kimmel, en Los Ángeles, con este look irresistible.

Al verla es inevitable acordarse de su mítico rol como Catwoman y es que este look total black con transparencias y muy ceñido bien se podría asemejar a un outfit casual de la maléfica villana de cómic.

Halle va a la última y es que este ‘movo’ transparente de cuello alto es un micro trend que ya han lucido otras famosas en las últimas semanas, entre ellas Kim Kardashian o Rita Ora.

El suéter se ciñe perfectamente a sus curvas y deja entrever su sujetador negro, sus firmes senos y, sobre todo, su tonificado y perfecto abdomen así como la cinturita de avispa que tiene, ¡está estupenda!

Berry combinó la atrevida prenda con un pantalón de vestir negro también entallado que revalorizaba la curva de su trasero con un efecto push up todavía más sensual. El contraste entre el erotismo de la parte superior con el toque ‘business woman’ del pantalón era una ruptura sofisticada y muy elegante.

Halle lució unos tacones negros acabados en punta y una despeinada cola de caballo alta, muy natural. Además, apostó por la joyería dorada con maxi anillos y pendientes geométricos con el centro acabado en piedra luna.

Se maquilló muy natural potenciando su exótica mirada con sombra negra y endulzando sus rasgos femeninos con un fantástico gloss liláceo. Un look atrevido pero nada recargado, muy sencillo y sensual, como ella es. Para mí, el mejor cuerpo de Hollywood.

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When Comic Book Film Costumes Stray

When Comic Book Film Costumes Stray #comics #movies

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of comic book-based films. New stories are optioned often, and the wait usually isn’t more than a couple of months for the next theatrical release. Part of the fun of following these adaptations is witnessing the choices made in transferring the bold costumes of the printed page to the silver screen. In any adaptation of material from one medium to another,…

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