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The moment it was announced Jared was cast as The Joker, and that it would be the follow-up to his award winning tour-de-force performance as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, I had two immediate thoughts: 

1) wb gave bb a very very very very very convincing sales pitch.

2) pleasedeargodohlord do not let this be his Catwoman (Halle Berry’s immediate follow-up to her tour-de-force performance in Monster’s Ball).

Unfortunately for bb, Suicide Squad did become his Catwoman, in more than a few ways. One major way being he, like Halle, has now been nominated for a Razzie for a performance following an academy award winning performance. Sandra Bullock also holds this honor.

The Razzies do not discriminate against Oscar Winners (in fact, most times they taunt them) so while this may outrage some people who truly loved Jared’s Joker, Jared is still in good company. This year alone he is joining fellow Academy Award alumni (Nic Cage, Robert DeNiro, Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, etc.) - so at the end of the day, what does a nomination like this even mean? It’s actually an opportunity.

We can all agree, the Razzie Awards (like basically all awards) are nothing more than PR opportunities. It’s not about the title - it’s about how you accept it.

Both Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock showed up to accept their Razzie Awards for Worst Actress, the year after they won Best Actress Oscars. Their speeches at the Razzies became iconic - and people adored them for being big enough to take it all in stride and laugh it the fuck off. Because they were last seen on stage accepting Academy Awards, seeing them march up and graciously accept a Razzie made everything that much more lovable and enjoyable.

Jared’s been a Hollywood whipping boy from the get-go of his career, and most of the criticism tends to cut deep and go really personal. “He’s pretentious, he’s too sensitive, he takes himself too seriously.” blah blah blah. He draws a lot of hate for a plethora of insanely unfair reasons and while I feel he has every goddamn right to carry himself however he pleases - and if it’s a problem of interpretation or lost in translation within pop culture, then it’s their problem, not his - it doesn’t quiet the haters. And because he wants to be the black sheep, but he also wants to be one of the popular kids, an issue with his image lingers in the public perception. And it’s exhausting.

My main concern with this nom, honesty truly, is if he does win and doesn’t appear to affably accept it, it’s just going to add fuel to the haters’ flames. His avoidance of it would just support everything they already assume of him.

With this Razzie nomination, if Jared wins, he should really consider accepting it. In person. It would give the shove-off to a lot of his haters. It would prove to everyone that thinks he takes himself too seriously that he really can laugh at himself; that he’s not as pretentious as they believe him to be; and above it all, it would remind everyone that he’s actually an Oscar Winner (along with 40-something other award wins) and that fact can never be taken from him. No matter what kind of performances he gives in the future - and you me & everyone we know *knows* he has a lot of phenomenal performances in his future.


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