halle berry's daughter

Seven Sisters Revived! Okay so if you seen my previous Jashi fancomic you know how I like to believe Jack will go on an epic quest to save Ashi. Well I also like to think the sisters are revived as well because it makes things more complicated and complicated is interesting. So all the sisters are revived and they all start to come to their own so they dress differently. I also took the liberty to naming the other sisters in my own headcanon and put them in order of age. In my headcanon Ashi isn’t the oldest. I understand why other artists headcanon her as oldest. It fits for the story they want to tell and I can see Genndy maybe confirming her as the eldest. I wouldn’t have a problem with it. It’s just for the particular story I have in mind I like Ashi as the middle child. She wasn’t even thought of as being special. She wasn’t the daring oldest nor the cute youngest. She was just the basic middle child that the high priestess thought as just holding everyone back. She was the least talented fighter in their youths. She  questioned things, didn’t do what she was told, and was just the dreamer. She is very protective over her sisters and would often talk back when the priestesses did something she thought was unfair to her or her sisters.

So in order of age Atsuko (eldest) also called (Elder Sister Atsuko), Asami (the first sister that was killed by Jack), Aya, then Ashi, Ami (because I think everyone loves the name Ami), Akaru, Aino (the baby).