Cele|bitchy | Radar: Halle Berry & Olivier are living separately because of his ‘runaway temper’
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er, not a single soul in HW thought for 1 second this was not going to end soon, and end badly. Her team is already setting up the narrative of this already I see.

I believe the writing was on this particular wall from the start. Don’t get me wrong, I think Olivier probably does have a violent temper, but Halle knew that when she married him – it’s not like this is some new development. So… that’s going to be the story when they do split. This is the preview. Halle will paint herself as the victim of yet another violent and/or racist man and woe is Halle. And I think this has the potential to be an even bigger mess than Halle’s very much on-going crap with Gabriel Aubry. Olivier made sure he married Halle, which means he will probably have a much easier time convincing lawyers and judges that his custodial rights to Maceo should be confirmed. And when that happens… Halle is going to lose it.


MOMMY AND ME: Halle Berry Heads To The Mall With Little Maceo

“Extant” star Halle Berry was spotted shopping with her adorable son Maceo yesterday. 

Oscar-winner Halle Berry was seen walking through Westfield Mall in Los Angeles yesterday, while holding hands with her 1 ½-year-old son Maceo.  We rarely get a glimpse at Maceo’s face…so this was a treat!

Halle, who’s currently starring on the CBS-hit “Extant”, is a very busy mom.   In addition to the big screen feature Kidnap (which she shot in New Orleans) she’s set to launch her lingerie line Scandale Paris in Canada next month.

But it looks like mommy’s busy schedule got the best of little Maceo.  She eventually had to pick him up and carry him around while handling her errands.

Then he fell asleep in her arms.  How cute!


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