“What is certain is that Ancalimë fell in with a shepherd who was minding flocks in the same region; and to her this man named himself Mámandil. Ancalimë was all unused to such company as his, and she took delight in his singing, in which he was skilled; and he sang to her longs that came out of far-off days, when the Edain pastured their locks in Eriador long ago, before ever they met the Eldar. ”

- Unfinished Tales


Ancalimë and Hallacar - Love on the Field

I decided to sketch them because I’m in love with them! Even with minimal details of their relationship I can’t help but ship them so! You just got to love the princess shepherdess and her disguised Lord! It’s truly an original love story!^^

its just a quick sketch, and the anatomy is way off after many attempts at saving it, but I still love it! I’ve been so lost in school I’ve felt drowned in it, but now most of the major projects from last year is handed in, and yet I felt a bit meaningless,so this drawing, seemingly without importance, has been very important to me! So I hope you’ll like it too! ^^

Ancalimë and Hallaca © Tolkien

Art © Me

Tar-Ancalime: First Ruling Queen of Numenor

To kick off Legendarium Ladies April, I just had to write a post about one of my absolute favorite ladies, Tar-Ancalime, also known as the Princess Shepherdess.

Ancalime was the only child of Tar-Aldarion and Erendis. Tar-Aldarion was king of Numenor, but his love for long sea voyages created a huge rift in his relationship with Erendis that they never managed to heal. Erendis raised Ancalime away from the royal court, deep in Numenor’s sheep country. Erendis raised Ancalime with little contact with men, and in many ways instilled her own bitterness in her daughter. Tolkien’s description of the full-grown Ancalime is, to me, fascinating:

Ancalimë, like her father, was resolute in pursuing her policies; and like him she was obstinate, taking the opposite course to any that was counselled. She had something of her mother’s coldness and sense of personal injury; and deep in her heart, almost but not quite forgotten, was the firmness with which Aldarion had unclasped her hand and set her down when he was in haste to be gone. She loved dearly the downlands of her home, and never (as she said) in her life could she sleep at peace far from the sound of sheep. But she did not refuse the Heirship, and determined that when her day came she would be a powerful Ruling Queen; and when so, to live where and how she pleased. 

As she was Tar-Aldarion’s only child, he altered the laws of succession to allow his daughter to assume the throne after him, instead of her male cousin Soronto - with the requirement that any ruling queen be married, so as to ensure that she didn’t die childless (why this wasn’t required of the men, I’m really not sure.) Ancalime was reluctant to be married, though, and especially disliked the idea of marrying against her own will. She rejected many a noble suitor, and eventually moved back to the country and lived in hiding to avoid the social obligations of court life.

While in the country, she spent a good amount of time with a shepherd named Mamandil. Eventually Manamdil confessed his love for Ancalime. She turned him down, explaining that as the heir to the throne she could not marry a shepherd. Then Mamandil revealed that - surprise! - he wasn’t really a shepherd at all, but a noble’s son named Hallacar. He’d pretended to be a shepherd in order to get to know the famous princess, and had in the process fallen in love with her. He then said he was grateful that he was of noble birth as well, so that they could marry. Ancalime - furious at being deceived - responded:

“We could,” said Ancalimë, “if I had any mind to such a state. I could lay down my royalty, and be free. But if I were to do so, I should be free to wed whom I will; and that would be Úner (which is ‘Noman’), whom I prefer above all others." 

Well, despite what Ancalime wanted, due to political pressure to marry, she eventually agreed to Hallacar’s proposal. We actually don’t know much about Ancalime’s rule, since her story focused so much on her family’s drama (seriously, you should read "Aldarion and Erendis”, it’s fantastic.) We do know that she ruled for 205 years - the longest reign after Elros himself. And while her father, Aldarion, actually had a close friendship and alliance with Gil-galad, after Ancalime assumed the throne she basically abandoned these relationships, ignoring the elves of Middle Earth.

Eventually Ancalime and Hallacar had a son, fulfilling Ancalime’s duty to produce an heir. After that their relationship deteriorated even further, and they basically lived separately the rest of their lives. Ancalime never warmed up to the idea of marriage. It’s said that she forbade her female servants (oh yeah, by the way, she only had female servants) from marrying (leading to a fabulously dramatic fight between herself and Hallacar in which he, in secret, arranged for all her servants to be married during a party.) It’s even said that her two granddaughters disliked her, and out of revenge she forbade them from marrying.

Without knowing more about Ancalime’s rule it’s hard to judge her as a queen. And as a person she seems pretty flawed. But that’s actually what makes her so fascinating and important as a character. Most of Tolkien’s women are placed on impossible pedestals, and hardly ever show any imperfections. In that company, Ancalime emerges as one of Tolkien’s most complex and realistic female characters.

SOURCES: The Unfinished Tales (“Aldarion and Erendis: The Mariner’s Wife”)

((I’ll be doing one lady-centric post a day for Legendarium Ladies April. Is there a female character you’d like to know more about? Now’s the time to ask!))


[2/?] - Women of Numenor - Tar-Ancalimë, First Ruling Queen of Númenor

Tar-Ancalimë was born to Tar-Aldarion and Erendis of the Westlands and grew up against the backdrop of the tumultuous marriage of her parents. This impacted her personality and later her marriage to Hallacar as well as her relationships with her son, grandchildren and servants.  She approved, as it were, both Erendis’ treatment of Aldarion on his late return, but also Aldarion’s anger, impenitence, and subsequent relentless dismissal of Erendis from his heart and concern. She grew up to be willful and cold - following no advice but her own and was a calculating and powerful queen. Tar-Ancalimë became the longest reigning monarch of  Númenor after Elros the First and all succeeding kings were descended from her. 

Erendis, Tar-Ancalime, and The Company of Women

Though Middle Earth seems to be full of women surrounded by men, there are two famous examples of women that insisted on being surrounded by women - Erendis and her daughter Ancalime, who lived in Numenor during the Second Age.

Erendis, the wife of Tar-Aldarion, was famously unhappy in her marriage (as is told in “Aldarion and Erendis: The Mariner’s Wife”.) Her bitterness towards her husband largely developed into a bitterness towards all men. When she’d finally given up on a happy marriage, she took her daughter to live in their own home in the center of Numenor, where “Erendis would have only servants in her household, and they were all women; and she sought ever to mould her daughter to her own mind, and to feed her upon her own bitterness against men. Ancalimë seldom indeed saw any man, for Erendis kept no state, and her few arm-servants and shepherds had a homestead at a distance.”

By the time Ancalime grew up, Tolkien says that Erendis "had made Ancalimë accustomed to the society of women.“ But when Tar-Ancalime became the heir of Numenor, she was pressured to marry (according to Numenor’s law, a female heir must marry, in order to produce an heir of her own.) And though Tar-Ancalime ”did not desire love, nor did she wish for a son“, she eventually married Hallacar and gave birth to one son. Ancalime and Hallacar were an unhappy couple, and in the description of their last great fight, we get a few comments that suggest Erendis’s lifestyle had a pretty strong impact on her daughter.

It’s mentioned that "she did not care to be waited on by men”, and traveled with her women. It’s also said that “Ancalimë would let none of her women wed” (this anti-marriage policy was something Ancalime tried to force on to her descendants as well, and was in fact the main subject of her last fight with Hallacar.)

SOURCES: The Unfinished Tales (“Aldarion and Erendis: The Mariner’s Wife”)