halla speaks

fellow white people, please don’t make this about you.

please stop saying “not all whites” and just please silently stand by your fellow human beings who are angry and in mourning because of the disgusting police brutality that is so common in america

Don’t choose a major based off of how much money you’ll make. Pick something you genuinely like. Pick a major off of something you can write and talk about passionately. It takes me 4 hours to write a social studies essay that’s one page long, but about 20 minutes to write a lab summary for physics that’s about 2 pages long. When you like something and are good at it, it’ll come naturally. Don’t force yourself into something for the sake of money.

the fact that anders was for giving fenris back to danarius

i just…*sigh*

I know Anders has reasons to dislike Fenris. That’s obvious, I mean, Fenris hates mages and he never shuts up about it but it isn’t without reason. You’d think Anders would have a problem with slavery, seeing as how tranquil mages are often sort of used in the same way as slaves, but by the Chantry.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that it’s also shitty how Fenris frequently expresses how he believes making mages tranquil is okay. But again, he sorta has reason to believe that, and he has the PTSD and tattoos to prove so. And we know that Fenris is constantly in pain from his markings. We learn that from this bit of party banter:

  • Bethany: So, the magister put lyrium in your skin?
  • Fenris: So I’m told.
  • Bethany: Does it hurt?
  • Fenris: You do not want to know the answer to that.

Also, his animations when standing around suggest he’s in pain. He frequently arches his back and I will always had the feeling he was in pain when he did so. He also seems scared, somewhat paranoid, by the way he looks around so often. Because he’s still on the run from the slavers, from Danarius.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. My point about the markings causing constant pain for Fenris is that, being in pain all the time? Yeah. That changes your outlook on things. Changes your mood, your attitude. My mother is chronically ill, I know how it affects people.

And Anders knows that, I’m sure. I admit, if I were Anders I wouldn’t enjoy having Fenris around, but if I knew what kind of things Danarius put him through, I sure as hell wouldn’t be okay with giving him back to the man.

I love Anders, but he has his flaws. especially cause, u know, he blew up the chantry

/end banter

mages who can fight with just their magic are cool but think about this

warrior mages fighting with enchanted arrows. channeling their powers every time they fired a bow. Sending a scorching hot arrow flying, to cut through their enemy’s bones, or an icy arrow straight through the heart.