Hall of Monuments Rewards to be Enabled Today

The fix for the Hall of Monuments rewards should be published today said Chris Cleary, Guild Wars 2 Game Security Lead, on the official forums. Today’s fix will end a four month blackout of claiming to rewards earned for playing the original Guild Wars.

The Hall of Monuments had been closed since March when a error allowed anyone, not just the first Guild Wars players, to enter the hall and claim all the rewards. A hot fix patch closed this loophole by shutting down access to the Eye of the North until a real fix could be created. When Lion’s Arch was rebuilt, access to instance was restored, but the rewards remained missing.


It’s finally done; I’ve achieved 30 points in the Hall of Monuments.

Thanks to wanderlust-through-tyria, I was able to get a Destroyer Weapon to input my final point. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

I also, again, would like to thank [Oops] and everyone else who has helped me to achieve this!  I LOVE YOU ALL 5EVER!

Now, I will work on my final task for Guild Wars: taming a Rainbow Phoenix.  I am one title short of receiving ‘Kind of a Big Deal’, and I plan on achieving this with the 'Protector of Cantha’ title.

Time for me to work on those last three Mast Rewards…

It appears the Wayfarer’s Reverie event is also doubling as the last chance to complete reputation titles as everything seems to be earning double rep points (EOTN titles, Sunspear/Lightbringer, Luxon/Kurzick, VQ rewards, etc)

I know A LOT of people are in a rush to get those precious Hall of Monuments points and I’ve heard of a lot of people going solely for armor- like, I can totally get 4 sets of elite armor in a week! Unless you are pooping gold and amber chunks and rubies or are lucky enough to be in a generous, helpful guild (ahem), getting 9458345 armors (or weapons) will be quite the task. With this last double rep extravaganza, maxing a couple of rep titles is totally doable.

I maxed all my reputation titles before joining [Oops], so instead of having the pleasure of other people’s company during rep farming to help pass time or help me out, I instead blasted music, took 7 heroes and grinded out these titles on my own. Here’s some of the ones I found easier to max as a solo player in case any of ya’ll are looking for ideas:

1. Deldrimor/Delver: Doing any dungeon will help get you points here, but farming the Snowman dungeon is a fast and fun way to max this title. Basically it’s a one level dungeon with 80 million snowmen who conveniently ball up into lovely clumps. This dungeon is fun so you can play around with your hero builds or your own build a bit, but basically any AoE skill/build will work here. In Hard Mode, I was able to get by with one healer hero: the rest ran damage and we would steamroll through it. It’s also a great dungeon for treasurin’ as there are 4 Locked Chests or so in the dungeon (great for Treasure Hunter, Wisdom and Unlucky/Lucky points).

2. Herpaderp of the Luxons: You can also go for Herpaderp of the Kurzicks but personally I found the Luxon areas easier to vanquish as a solo player. The Kurzick areas have those pesky Wardens who can eat your team up with Energy Surge and Spirit of Brambles while the Luxon areas (especially Mount Qinkai) have little groups of Rot Wallows and Yetis who are fat and slow and lazy. MQ is commonly speed cleared but you can do it solo with heroes in about 20 minutes, less when you know what you are doing and get used to the run. My average run now is like 12 minutes. I can get by with one healer hero here and I never, ever wipe. You can turn in the faction to your guild (if you are Luxon ofc) for maximum gain to your title, but turning in your faction for Jade is highly recommended if you are going for Elite Luxon armor.

3. Sunspear: This title is a cinch to max as you can max it just by going through Hard Mode Nightfall stuff normally: no farming necessary. Save your Night Falls book for your Lightbringer title and do some vanquishing. If you are the farming type, you can farm this title (bug squishing in the Arkjok Ward, plant masscring in the Holdings of Chokhin, Sunspear/Lightbringer farming in the Remains of Salaskjafjkalah, etc). I just went the ‘kill two birds with one stone’ way and vanquished each area once to both max my Sunspear title and make progress on my Vanquisher title.

With all the bonuses, really any rep title should be easy to max before launch, but those were the 3 I found to be the easiest. Find out what works best for you though and go for it! Plus with all that hard work, you will get some nice goldy rewards to then put into your Armor, Weapons, Hero Armors and Miniature stuffs.

I am a flop at writing any sort of decent guide lol

time to go make a blingee or something!!!


Are there any tumblr users still trying to get to that lovely 30 points in the Hall of Monuments from Guild Wars?

From now (8/4) til Soul Step returns from his vacation (8/15), please let us know if you’re currently still working on getting to that 30 point mark. Simply leave us an ask with your in game Guild Wars name and how many points you have in the HoM.

From the amount of responses we get, he’ll decide if there’s going to be a contest of some sort or a straight up giveaway. We’ll be reblogging this everyday.

~ Ren