actuallyjensenackles asked:

i entered your BOTS! and your hall of fame is so pretty omg. i absolutely love the colours. it's very aesthetically pleasing.

thanks babe!

Length: too short | just right | too long
Reference: I don’t understand | I think so?| yas, that’s good | fav

Navigable: meh | it takes time | cleaner | yas I like
Colors: meh | not bad | I liek | be an interior designer

Relevance: kinda random | pretty okay | relevant | v. nice my friend
Colors: meh | not bad | i liek | be an interior designer

Content: meh | room for improvement | not bad darling | u perfect cookie
Tagged: no | yes
Consistent: meh | a wee bit random | yes | such consistent

Overall: Your blog is v. nice dear. The colorful updates tab is super cute. I love how organized it is! Keep up the work dear!

Advice: Your posts are great, but consistency of posting similar things is a lil bit off. It seems a bit random at times, but they’re still quality. That’s really it! Love your blog