Wow, I have five hundred?! Thanks guys! I’m going to make this quick as Teen Wolf is on in 13 minutes (woot woot) so follow my amazing 500 followers below! (I’m not listing all 500 omg r u kidding?)


carmodance- C! Even though we talk more on Instagram than we do here, you have been very helpful and always post YouTube videos so early and often! I love making Instagram collabs with you and the Kalani one is by far my favorite! (My Instagram is @littledancervids if you didn’t know or don’t follow) dancershalloffame- Lilli, my girl! I miss talking to you dearly love :). I love your Little Dancers montages on YouTube and thanks for hanging with me (again, I’ve said this before) during Hall of Fame Ontario weekend! Keep it coming girlie!

justplaindancing- Ainsleigh! Omg queen though. Literally one of the most helpful people EVER and your always so active on littledancersconfessions which I LOVE because your so informative about everything, it’s actually amazing and impressive :)


alexamoffett- Alexa Moffett, Choreographer for Club Dance Studio

mollylong21- Molly Long, Independent Choreographer but this year she choreographed dances for Club Dance, YYC Dance Project, Studio Bleu, and more!

dancemomjo- JoAnne Morales- Mother of McKenzie and Gavin Morales who both dance at The Rage Dance Complex this season.

jessalynpearlxoxo- Jessalyn and Christa Hall- Jessa dances at Just Plain Dancin’

kayleequinn5- Kaylee, Coco, and Rihanna Quinn- Dancers at Just Plain Dancin’ (Their mom and Kaylee normally run this blog)

bellaandalanah- Izabella and Alanah Aguilar- Dancers at Just Plain Dancin’

raven-alanes- Raven Alanes- Dancer at Orange County Performing Arts Academy


Please keep in mind that these were the first LITTLE DANCER blogs that popped up when I typed the letter, so if I didn’t include you, it’s not because I don’t like you!

A- amazingdancetalent ashi-ross

B- bostynbrowns brynnmcrae bostynbrown

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S- sharkcookie

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Y- young-dancers-blog youmakemefeellikedancin

Thanks for 500 again! Gotta go out for dinner! Love you all!

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omg!! today these two non-black ppl said the n word the whole time in class when the teacher wasnt there and normally im not a person who says something against it because i am very anxious and i hate conflict but it just made me so angry and i thought about what would u do and u would def tell me to go kick their asses so i did!! thank u kris for telling me what to do #wwkd (what would kris do)

mfmfisjshsi im screaMIN well im glad inspired u cutie omfg

Omg I waited in line for the Hall of Fame dinner next to Susanne, one of the G1 designers! I thanked her for making such pretty ponies. Starstruck!