The Doctor Strange Panel was great! But I was especially a fan of the Gun & Bum show by BicepBatch CumberBum  ;-)

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The Leap Castle Oubliette

In the early 1900’s, workmen cleaning out the haunted ‘Leap Castle’ in Ireland found an 'oubliette’ - a deep hole in the floor with a room at the bottom - a place to send prisoners and forget about them.

They also discovered many human skeletons that had been impaled on wooden stakes at the bottom of the drop, so many that it took three cart loads to remove them all.

A person would either be forced, lured, tricked or seduced into a small room where the oubliettes opening awaited. From there it was not so long a drop to kill you outright but long enough to ensure you could never climb back out. What greeted you was a room with only the one entrance/exit - the hole you tumbled down.

However, Leap Castles Oubliette was even more nasty, it had wooden spikes lined at the bottom so at the very least you would be quite injured… and with the hatch closed over it was all you could do to wail and cry until you succumbed to deaths embrace.

Leap Castle is haunted by many spirits, many of which no doubt saw their physical life ended in the oubliette.

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It’s not easy being an AQUAMAN fan. 

A blonde beach-boy type who communes with nature and adorns himself with golden fineries (befitting his royal status) doesn’t really fit in with the powerful square-jawed archetypes presented by Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the like. So, when you’re playing Super Friends with other kids your age, and the only character you can relate to is the one most likely to get you called a seahorse-riding fag, you quietly resign yourself to pretending to like Green Lantern or whatever. 

The ocean is briny and turbulent. Terrifying, really. Always handsome and neatly coiffed, Arthur Curry seemed like someone better suited to staying on the beach. His original costume design limited his appeal, too. Sure, its golden scales are beautiful and iconic, but the look seems short-changed without a personal brand emblazoned across the chest – a feature sported by most of his peers. 

The very nature of Aquaman’s whimsical abilities make him a tough sell. His powers are mostly empathic, and aren’t observable until you see him riding in on an octopus. No laser eyes, glowing talismans, or rocket shoes. Nothing flashy to look at until he walks off the pier.

So, liking Aquaman set you apart from those who preferred the alphas, who could see themselves in a character that could fly to the sun, or chuck cars, but not in a character who could be friends with an eel. Admitting to liking Aquaman basically chummed the waters for bullies. 

Enter: Jason Momoa as Aquaman. 

Yes. This. Finally, a character who harnesses the raw, thrilling power of the ocean and looks the part! The fair-haired dolphin-lover — the butt of more jokes than all the other Justice Leaguers combined — now storms the shore like a wimpy kid’s revenge fantasy come to life. 

In the trailer, true to form, Bat-Affleck parrots the same douchey “I hear you can talk to fish” line that’s been used to mock Aquaman for decades. (Good one, bro!) Will it be followed by a well-deserved punch to the bat-dick? I hope so. It’s only justice being served. 

by Rogan Josh

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Aquaman from a few years ago


This will always be my favourite video omg