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#266: He Catches You Checking Him Out


It’s just gonna be a small preference tonight, it’s been a very long day in the swimming hall and since this was a request I wanted to write it as fast as possible. I hope you’ve all had a great day and I like potatoes. 

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“Like what you see?” You had no idea how long you had been staring, you had almost become frozen. It was coincidentally you had looked towards his direction just out of habit, you had some sort of conversation and it was normal to look at each other. But the way he was looking tonight was something way different, the tie, the blazer. Everything about him was just so perfect you didn’t blame yourself for being caught by staring. “Is it that obvious?” You smiled and slowly fiddled with hie tie once it was in your reach. “Yes, but I love it.” He smiled brightly and pulled you in for a sweet kiss. 


“Y/N you’re drooling.” “I’m not.” You disagreed fast by Michael’s comment but it wasn’t like you were removing your eyes from your sight. Calum was walking around without any shirt on, it wasn’t something out of the ordinary but there was something about him you couldn’t take your eyes off. Maybe its as the way he was tensing his shoulders once in a while. “You totally are.” Michael laughed while observing you, Calum coming over to you by the stares you had been sending him for a long time now. “You got something here sweety.” He gently said and removed the small drool from your mouth, Michael laughing hardly inside. 


You had barely gotten the chance to say anything. You weren’t even sure if it was that obvious, you had only been standing against the doorframe for less than five minutes. It was rare he was awake before you were, with schedule busy sleep was the most important thing to him. But this morning it was something different, he was up and hovering over the stove with messy morning hair. “I think I had to do something in return.” He hummed and looked up for the first time. He was aware you had been staring and a small hint of blush was on his cheeks. “Just because you are so insanely amazing.”


There was something about the way he was drumming that always left you gazing meters from apart. You were standing in the backstage area but still visible to the stage where soundcheck was currently rehearsed. The way Ashton was swinging the drumsticks and letting the sweat drip down from his shirtless body left you biting down on your lip. You knew it was obvious you were staring and you couldn’t help it. The little embarrassed smile on your face was there once he caught up with what you were doing, his eyebrows furrowing confused at first but then he just smiled and stuck his tongue out being the little tease. 

I really like swimming halls here in Finland. And for a really strange reason too.

I like how I get to see naked people in the showers. (I did say it’s a weird reason didn’t I. Hear me out tho.) It’s SO healthy for anyone’s body image to just see what completely normal bodies look like, instead of staring at photoshopped models and actors on a screen which is where most people look at 90% of the naked bodies they’ll ever see. Wrinkles, scars, post-pregnancy bellies and floppy fat. That’s what humans are and it’s a privilege to be able to see that. Nudity is such a taboo in many western cultures I can’t fathom how people stay objective with their body image when they pretty much never see other people naked.

I also love the sauna. That’s like 80% the reason to go in the first place.

#258: “You Want To Kiss Me I Can See It...”


Short little preferences just how I like it. I’m sorry I haven’t updated preferences for a while I’ve been really sick the past two weeks and I’ve also worked a hell lot because I constantly get called to take shifts at the swimming hall. I’m surprised I haven’t been poisoned by chlorine yet. 

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“But I won’t do it.” Your voice was barely above a whisper and you avoided to meet his teasing gaze. “I’m not going to do anything about it.” It became stronger this time but once you looked into his eyes it was as if all the thoughts were pushed away and you couldn’t think clear. “You sure?” He lowly said and caressed your hair away from your face and behind your ear. “Because your eyes are sharing something else.” Your mouth opened but no words came out and that settled everything. Leaning up on your toes you did the one thing you had tried to avoid, letting his lips heat up yours.


“How confident of you to say.” You spat and tried to ignore his presence by folding the clothes on the bed. You didn’t want to look at him but in the corner of your eye you could see he walked away from leaning against the doorframe to suddenly stand behind you. He still didn’t say anything but his hands on your hips made a jolt go through your body but you stayed put. “You still think you don’t want to?” He questioned and ghosted his lips over the skin of your neck. “Yes.” You managed to say but with no convincing in your tone and took him by surprise by suddenly pressing him against the wall and your lips against his. 


“Yet I’m still standing here, put in my position.” He had his arms folded between each other to show his seriousness but with the expression on his face it was lacking. He wouldn’t just stay put he didn’t want to flick a muscle but by the way you were looking at him it all seemed to fate away. “How come you look at me like that then?” You gently grabbed the fabric on his t-shirt and pulled him closer, feeling how he was close to loose his breath. “Because I uh-,” He mumbled nervously and in instinct closed his eyes when you stood on your toes and pressed your lips softly against his shaking ones. 


“Is that just another one of your interpretations?” He questioned and moved his face closer to yours just to let you see more of his expression. His eyebrows were furrowed and his jaw was tensed you could tell he was holding everything in. “No,” You shook your head in disagreement and ran a finger down his cheek, “Just an observation.” He could feel shivers down his spine by his words but he still waited a few seconds before reacting. “Fine, how about you observe this.” He leaned down to capture his lips with yours for a rather heated kiss, forgetting about your words and giving fully in. 

Jim Carter on the Graham Norton radio show

Google the last Saturdays Graham Norton BBC radio 2 show. Jim Carter was on it and the interview is brilliant , get him on the Graham Norton tv chat show when swimming with men comes out. He was talking about last Tuesdays screening of brassed off at the royal Albert hall , swimming with men and did a listener q and a . he comes across really well

Divided: Part 9

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: itty bit of smut, angst, fluff… lots of fluff

Word Count: 2229

Summary: The morning after your first night with Bucky results in some complicated conversations 

Authors Note:  I personally love this part and I’m getting stupidly excited about how this series is working out, hope you guys are too. The song mentioned in this part is Only Forever, definitely check it out, its adorable. Hope you all enjoy. Tagging is open, they’ve just been moved to the bottom, just ask if you want to be tagged :D

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The music swirls in his head, the memory of the old dancing hall swimming around him as the band plays his favorite song, Bing Crosby’s “Only Forever”. He sways in time with the music, remembering the familiar lyrics. He spins slowly, noting the fellow dancers falling into step around him.

Then he sees her. Y/N. Standing there in a soft green dress, cut tightly around her waist, her thick hair framing her face in soft curls. Her red lips pushed out in a pout as she reaches out to him, waiting for his hand. In a moment Bucky steps forward, taking her fingers in his own as his other arm glides around her waist, pulling her close as they sway to the music.

He inhales her scent, pressing his cheek to her temple, humming quietly as his eyes drift happily shut. “Do you think I’ll remember, how you looked when you smiled?” Bucky sang along with his favorite song, the lyrics familiar and true as he gazes down at her, her perfect smile flashing up at him. “Only forever, That’s puttin’ it mild”.

“Y/N, I want forever.” He whispers softly, his lips connecting tenderly with hers as the song fades away, light growing around Bucky’s vision.

His eyes blink open, squinting slightly at the sun shining through a crack in the boarded window. He squeezes his eyes shut, begging to recover the dissolving dream. Shifting his arm slightly, he becomes aware of a small pressure causing him to open his eyes to see you curled beside him.

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Ahh, reading those Chūya x Oda headcanons gave me life. Especially the “Or Chūya sacrifices his mouth for the job“, oh, y e s. Anyway, could I get some Odazai headcanons? Preferably both sfw and nsfw: What the couple spends their time doing, what they like about each other, where they have sex often, how often, and etc.? This ship has me sailing bc all I can imagine is Dazai looking up to Oda all puppy-loved and he adores him to bits- I apologize for the long ask, great blog though! ♥️ ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

(How they spend their time)
This can differ with each day. Dazai enjoys being himself and makes sure to plan something. Odasaku is more the fan of keeping it down and not always spend time together. To just relax alone at points. But Dazai admires Odasaku and just wishes to talk to him. Especially when they sit somewhere, where they can be alone.
They visit a swimming hall rather often though. Odasaku just stays at the edge and only cools his feet, while Dazai swims around and sometimes throws a ball to Odasaku. They often stay until it is completely quiet and only they stay at the water.
Or they also stay at home. Dazai is not too much of a fan for it, since he is tempted to listen to music or just read something. But he dislikes having/bring a guest and not doing something. Even though Odasaku enjoys to just sit at the desk and watch as Dazai is a cheerful self between the four walls.

(What they like about each other)
Odasaku enjoys how neutral Dazai is. He can switch between anything and do something, without any morals behind it. The older one admires him for his intelligence as well. After all, Dazai could be a devil to everyone, without ever dying through it. Even though the younger one can be bothersome, he enjoys this. After all, Dazai is always himself. If he is in the mafia, or if he is in the agency, Dazai always ends up doing the right thing.
Dazai loves how caring Odasaku is. Probably he was the first person that managed to gain his sympathy. Odasaku made him feel better about himself and the life, even if not completely. And he does not try to convince Dazai to anything, allowing him to do what he likes. But always reminding him of the consequences.

(How often they have sex and where)
This is a struggle, since Dazai really loves public activities, while Odadaku likes it in private places. Odasaku dislikes getting into trouble, so he simply convinces Dazai to only do it at home or in a hotel. And Dazai will be satisfied with that. Even though they then argue over who pays the hotel. Usually Dazai, because he dislikes to get invited by Odasaku. And in exchange, that Dazai bares those things, Odasaku agrees on doing it whenever Dazai wants to. Dazai just needs to send a message and Odasaku will go to him.

(Other sfw and Nsfw)
Dazai definitely needs to stop taking Odasakus shirts, bevause Odasaku needs his clothes. If Dazai refuses, the older one simply sighs and pays him with cuddling to get it back. But surprise kisses on the cheek always let Dazai melt and let his guard down. At some point, Odasaku buys more of his shirts for Dazai to wear (who refuses because “They dont have your scent”.)
Neither of them is a fan of giving blowjobs, but they are intense for handjobs. Dazai always clings to Odasaku as he tries to not orgasm too soon. And even if he cums too soon, Odasaku will whisper into his ear: “If you are so excited, I will go as many rounds as you like~.”

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Not sure if this has been done before, but Karasuno goes to the lake or something and Hinata tries to stay out of the water, but something makes him fall in and it turns out he can't swim~ Kageyama has to play lil hero

The team was at the beach for a “relaxing exercise” (according to Daichi), and pretty much everyone had jumped at the chance to escape the hot gym and stifling indoor air and spend time outside in the sun, wading in the cool water. After a short bus ride they had all spilled out onto the near empty beach. It was the middle of the day, so everyone was either at work or school which meant the team had all the space they needed. Kageyama set down his towel in the sand next to Hinata’s, scowling a bit at the harsh sunlight hitting them from above.

Muttering to himself he dug out his sunglasses and took off his shirt, revealing his chest, pale as ever. They had been together for, what, at least six months now but a shirtless Kageyama still made Hinata feel breathless, like it was the first time he laid eyes on his setter’s toned form. He felt like he was staring for a bit too long, and when Kageyama remarked as much Hinata blushed and took out his own sunglasses. 

“I’m gonna go change into my swim shorts.” Kageyama barked at Hinata in what he described as Kageyama’s “I’m grumpy but not because of you”-voice. Hinata nodded and looked over to his other teammates.

Tanaka was shirtless, of course, showing off his muscles and flexing for Noya while Asahi looked on with a smile, sitting on his towel set in the grass under a tree. The tall boy was wearing his volleyball shorts but had traded his t-shirt for a white sleeveless top. As Hinata watched, Noya beckoned Asahi towards him and forced him to flex his arm so Tanaka could see. Tanaka’s friendly jealousy was overshadowed by Noya’s wonder at how his two hands together could not close the distance around Asahi’s bicep. Noya was now almost swinging from Asahi’s arm and the taller boy looked a bit sheepish. 

Suddenly Kageyama sat down right in front of him on his towel and his view was blocked.

“Are you gonna change into your swim wear or roast away in those clothes?” Kageyama asked Hinata with an inquisitive quirk of his eyebrows. The smaller boy was still wearing his black shorts and a black t-shirt, now noticing the heat his dark clothes had already gathered around him. He was not going to embarrass himself today, so he hadn’t even brought a swim suit, but he had known it was going to be hot so he brought an extra top. He told Kageyama to wait for him as he went over and changed it.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before!” Kageyama yelled after Hinata, feeling the changing booth wasn’t needed for a simple shirt change. Suga turned to Hinata with such a look of fake shock that it was hard for him to keep a straight face, even though he felt simultaneously embarrassed by Kageyama’s comment. It had been long enough but he still felt weird having the team know they were together.

Changed into his shirt Hinata walked back over to the others who were now grouped together, figuring out when to have their lunch so everyone could eat their sandwiches together. Hinata walked straight over and Kageyama followed him from his spot on their towels. As they stood around figuring out who wanted to play beach ball and if anyone needed sun screen Kageyama took his spot behind Hinata and wrapped his arms around Hinata’s now bare waist. The smaller boy shivered for a moment, but his boyfriends’ hands weren’t cold so it was easy to settle into his touch. Kageyama’s head rested on top of his orange curls, chin jutting out and shoulders hunched.

No one in the team even batted an eye at this public display of affection, but it hadn’t always been that way. It took several months for the team to realize that deep down Kageyama was the kind of guy who not only liked public affection, but had a bit of a possessive streak in him, at least when it came to Hinata. The smaller boy didn’t seem to mind being held by Kageyama and so the team got used to them sitting together somehow entwined be it holding hands during bus rides or Hinata in Kageyama’s lap when they listened to Daichi’s last pieces of advice before another practice match. 

“Why are you wearing a crop top?” Kageyama whispered in Hinata’s ear as Tanaka and Nishinoya debated the best level of inflation in a beach ball, Daichi and Suga already trying to make their way back to their place in the shade. 

“Because I like it.” Hinata replied, adding in a softer voice “and you do too.”

Kageyama actually blushed at that, remembering the half drunk confession he’d made to Hinata last summer when the smaller boy had decided to wear one of Yachi’s crop tops for their annual summer trip. 

“You’re right. I do like it.” Kageyama said and skidded his fingertips around Hinata’s abdomen, tickling and earning a loud laugh from Hinata. The others lifted their heads at the loud noise and Kageyama withdrew his hands from around Hinata’s waist. Tanaka shook his head with a smile, as if with some kind of maternal pride. The two of them stalked back to their own spot before they drew any more attention, and Tanaka headed over to the water with Noya and Suga. Daichi followed soon after.

“I think I’m gonna go swim for a bit, you wanna join?” Kageyama asked Hinata, who had already started digging out his sun screen. Though he wasn’t as pale as Kageyama, and had freckles dotting his shoulder’s from the small amount of sun he had already had this year, he didn’t want to accidentally burn.

“I’m gonna stay here, you have fun!” Hinata said and started rubbing the sun screen on his arms. Kageyama left with a look Hinata knew meant he wasn’t completely convinced with Hinata’s answer. Though they were together and boyfriends were meant to tell each other everything, Kageyama still didn’t know Hinata couldn’t swim. He had always been so concentrated on volleyball that he had never had the time to learn how to swim, and with his family never going on any spa holidays or spending time at swimming halls he never ended up in an environment where that skill could have developed. He knew he could learn it if he tried, but admitting that he was a 16-year old who couldn’t stay above water was not something he wanted to do today. He was going to tell Kageyama this summer anyway, and ask if the taller boy could help him learn while they were on vacation.

He wasn’t afraid of the water, he just knew that if he ended up further than his feet could reach the bottom he would struggle to stay afloat, and he didn’t want to struggle in front of everyone and no doubt earn their pity. 

His internal struggles were forgotten as Kageyama jogged over to him, hair smoothed back from his face, dripping water onto their joined towels. He was panting lightly from the run up but he smiled at Hinata.

“Can you come play shoulder wars with me and Tanaka and Nishinoya?” He asked, and, not wanting to refuse Kageyama something he clearly wanted, Hinata got up, shrugged off his top and trudged over. He was actually kind of excited about playing the game, as competitive as he could get, but the water still made him a bit wary. But they would be staying in an area where his feet could touch the bottom of the lake, he was sure.

As they were all in the water Tanaka and Kageyama dipped under the surface, rising with Nishonoya and Hinata perched on their shoulders. Daichi, watching from a bit further away where Suga was floating on his back in the water, counted to three and so the game began.

It was wild and quick and before Hinata realised what was happening he fell sideways into the water as he and Kageyama toppled over. He closed his eyes as his head went under water, toes reaching down for the bottom of the lake, simultaneously trying to get his mouth near the surface so he could breathe again. The bottom was further away than he had thought, and panicking he realized he was too deep. He tried jumping up and down but that didn’t bring his face to the surface, so he stuck up his hand and tried again, fear making his brain feel fuzzy and lightheaded. 

They had all gotten up after being knocked down and were waiting for Hinata to surface. Kageyama was confused, what on earth was Hinata doing down there? All the others had been up seconds after but the smaller boy still lingered below the surface. Then, suddenly a small hand bobbed up over the surface. Once, twice, and Kageyama realized what was going on. Hinata couldn’t swim. Hinata was drowning.

He sped into action, diving towards the hand and grabbing Hinata’s waist under the water, hauling the smaller boy behind him as he swam towards a shallower spot in the water. Hinata was coughing, gratefully breathing the air as Kageyama took him towards shore. 

They reached the others and finally Hinata’s feet could touch the bottom of the lake. He was okay now, no longer coughing but looking a bit shaken. He was looking down at his toes, blushing and embarrassed.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you couldn’t swim!” Kageyama chastised his boyfriend, Nishinoya and Tanaka’s mouths open in shock. They soon realized this moment was not theirs to have and swam further down to play with the beach ball as Kageyama pulled Hinata towards him.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of everyone and I figured you could teach me this summer but I didn’t want to skip this trip just because of that and I-” Hinata babbled on until Kageyama shut him up by pressing the smaller boy close to his chest in a tight hug.

“Of course I will teach you. But if you scare me like that again I’m going to kill you.” Kageyama’s steely voice faded into a more affectionate tone and Hinata happily buried his face in Kageyama’s drying chest. 

“I won’t” He mumbled and squeezed his arms around Kageyama’s waist even tighter. He supposed they would be telling this story years from now, at a time when Hinata could laugh at it.

Much to Kageyama’s annoyance, Hinata would not stop calling his boyfriend his “hero” in everyday situations, like when he brought over an extra drink from the vending machine at lunch, or late at night when they were cuddled up in bed, whispering it into the darkness before they fell asleep, entwined.

(thank u so much and sorry it took me like a year to answer this. At least it’s summer soon so it almost fits.)

Walk Away

Epilogue to CPD 4x11 written from Erin’s perspective and then Jay’s.


Erin closed the door softly behind her and peaked down the hall. As she suspected Jay was stretched out on the couch, feet on coffee table, watching tv.

Waiting for her.

Yet another thing to feel bad about tonight.

She toed off her shoes and shrugged out of her jacket. Releasing a slow breath she sulked down the hall towards him, head swimming with too many thoughts and feelings still.

She’d contemplated staying longer with Annie, consuming enough amber liquid to numb everything she didn’t want to feel but she knew the self loathing she’d feel in the morning would be worse than the disgust in being born of a woman who’s sole purpose in having children seemed to be using them to scam her way into a man’s wallet, and worse than the grief of loosing a father she never had to begin with.

Who was she kidding.

She knew Jimmy wasn’t her father. Knew all along there was a catch. But she let herself get sucked in anyway, again.

Like always.

Bunny crooked her finger and dangled images of a loving family in front of Erin and she just couldn’t resist the temptation of a good fairy tale. She knew who Bunny was, that she was incapable of any kind of maternal instinct or love but she suckered Erin in every time. The pathetic little girl just wanting to know what it felt like to be loved by a parent, wanted not for what she could offer but for who she was. Bile rose in Erin’s throat. God she was a pathetic, delusional mess. What kind of person let someone chew them up and spit them out then went back for more knowing damn well it was going to happen again?

And worse. Jimmy thought she’d been in on it. Thought she was no better that the scamming whore that bore her life.

Anne’s words repeated in her head. It wasn’t such a bad idea cutting all this out of her life, starting over somewhere new, reinventing herself, forgetting her past and becoming whomever she wanted to be. The idea of being free from Bunny sounded like winning the lottery right now.

Somewhere amongst these thoughts she was aware of Jay muting the tv and sitting up in anticipation of her but she couldn’t bring herself to make eye contact with him just yet.

“Hey,” he greeted her, she could hear the hesitation in his voice.

“Hey,” she barely whispered back as she perched on the edge of the couch facing him. She closed her eyes trying to find the words to tell him everything she needed o say.

“Erin, I…”

“I’m sorry,” she cut him off. She took another breath and risked looking up at him, risked showing him what she was feeling. “I’m sorry I took it out on you. It’s not your fault Jimmy’s not my father. It’s not your fault my mother is a manipulative bitch who I can’t seem to shake free from. It’s not your fault I buried my head in the sand hoping that this time there would be some kind of fairy tale ending. I shouldn’t have said the things I did and I’m sorry.”

Her voice hitched on the last words as the full weight of how she’d treated him settled on her. She’d hurt him. Again. Life had gone a few rounds with her again and instead of letting him bandage her wounds she’d come out swinging.

He didn’t say anything, just held her gaze. She wasn’t sure what he needed to see but she knew if she had any hope of making this right she couldn’t hide from him, so she waited while he searched her face. After a moment his eyes softened and he reached out for her, pulling her into a hug.

“I love you,” he whispered into her hair.

She let herself take comfort in his warmth for a moment. He was such a good man. Over and over he’d put up with her shit, and he was still here. Still had his arms out asking her to let him love and help her.

But could she ask this of him? Was it fair to repeatedly subject him to the shit show that was her past? How much more before he started resenting her for dumping all this shit on him? Had he really considered what a lifetime with her was going to entail? Could he duck and weave for that many rounds?

And if he finally gave up and walked away? If she finally drained all the love and kindness from him and he was left bitter and tired of her crap? What then? Could she survive that? Could she live with herself knowing she’s ruined the best thing that ever happened to her? Could she live with hurting him like that?

Erin fought the tears that threatened. She needed to know if he had though about any of this.

“Do you really want to do this? Do you really want a lifetime of dealing with my shit?” She asked into his neck, her heart breaking just saying the words.

She felt him stiffen then pull back to look at her. His eyes bore into her. Again she fought the urge to shut down and protect herself. If she wanted an honest answer she had to be honest herself.

His gaze was too much and she lost the battle with tears, one lone one escaping her eye and falling hot and heavy down her cheek. Jay’s hand came up to brush the tear away. Erin tried to duck her head, embarrassed by the tears, but he wouldn’t let her.

“Erin I love you. I promised you I’d always have your back remember? I meant it. I can’t imagine a lifetime without you. Even if it means dealing with your crazy mother.” He smiled sympathetically.

Erin dropped her head, the sweet sincerity of his words causing more tears to fall.

“I saw Annie tonight. She thinks the best thing for me would be to leave Chicago. Get away from Bunny and the past for good.” Erin confessed. She took Jay’s hand and laced her fingers through his. “But I’ve tried running before and well, we both know how well that turned out for me.” She laughed self consciously. “And I can’t, I can’t walk away from this,” she said, raising their joined hands. “I can’t walk away from us.” Erin smiled sadly up at him. “So if you really think you can do this,” her voice broke, tears betraying her again. She hated herself for crying.

“Erin,” Jay whispered, again pulling her close. “I’m not going anywhere.”

The emotions of the day gained the upper hand at his words and a few quiet sobs escaped her body before she wrestled her composure back. She pulled herself back up, swiping the tears from her cheeks. She would not give into this. This would not destroy her. At least she tried desperately to convince herself of that.

“There is something I could use your help with,” Erin confessed, embarrassed by her inability to handle things on her own.

“Of course,” Jay affirmed.

“I need to cut her out of my life. Once and for all. I just..” Erin trailed off. She just didn’t know how or if she was strong enough to do it. Could she rid herself of Bunny? Could she walk away from the what ifs and maybe this times? It was one addiction she didn’t know if she was strong enough to beat.

“Hey, he said, tipping her chin up with one hand and threading the fingers of his other hand back through hers, “we got this.”


When her key clicked in the door a sense of relief washed over him. Then the anger returned. Was this how it was going to be every time Bunny felt the urge to fuck around inside Erin’s head? Was he up for a lifetime of worrying about where she was and if she was self medicating her wounds every time her past came up to take a swing at her?

But he knew the answers before he finished asking the questions. He would be there. Because he loved her. Because he’s promised himself long ago he’d be the one person to stick by her no matter what. Because the incredible woman she was underneath all the pain and doubt and self loathing was worth fighting for. Because eventually she would stop running away from him and start running towards him when the scars got ripped open.

He was sure if he said that last part enough times he could make it come true.

He’d been sitting here all evening replaying their fight in his head. He’d apologized earlier, not because he was sorry for running the DNA, he wasn’t. He’d do it again in a heartbeat. No, he’d apologized because he was sorry he’d been the one to burst her bubble, sorry he’d lost his patience when he knew she was only lashing out because she was hurting, sorry he couldn’t protect her from this, from Bunny.

And honestly that’s all he wanted to do.

Protect her from her fucked up mother and a past that was so heavy it threatened to crush her now and then. He knew what it felt like to carry a heavy load and he just wanted to make hers lighter. She deserved that. Although tonight, as he watched her make her way towards him, her slumped posture and focus on the floor had him suspecting she didn’t believe that she deserved much of anything.

Jay muted the tv and sat forward. Anger filled him. God how he’d like to ship Bunny off to some deserted island. Keep cool he told himself letting out a slow breath. She’s hurting. But disappointment filled him when she’d sat on the couch without looking up at him, barely managing to return his greeting. It seemed he was going to have to get the ball rolling.


“Erin, I…”

“I’m sorry,” she cut him off. He watched as she pulled her spine up straighter and lifted her head to look at him, at last. “I’m sorry I took it out on you. It’s not your fault Jimmy’s not my father. It’s not your fault my mother is a manipulative bitch who I can’t seem to shake free from. I shouldn’t have said the things I did and I’m sorry.”

Jay searched her face. He chided himself for looking for signs that she was drunk or high. But after the way she’d gone mia all day, he didn’t know who would be walking though the front door tonight. The sincerity and regret he’d heard in her voice were there on her face in a rare display of openness. More importantly, she was sober.

He silently celebrated the small victory for her since it was clear she didn’t feel like she’d won anything. But going a round with Bunny and coming out of it on her feet was a major win for Erin. He reached forward and pulled her close. God what he wouldn’t give to take the sting out of this for her.

“I love you,” he breathed into her hair because he didn’t know how else to tell her he accepted her apology, he understood her pain, he’d be there for whatever she needed to get past this and he was ready to put this behind them.

She relaxed against him for a moment without answering. The fact that she didn’t return his sentiment was not lost on Jay.

“Do you really want to do this? Do you really want a lifetime of dealing with my shit.” She asked shakily into his shoulder.

Jay felt the heat of anger rise in his cheeks. She was pushing him away? Again? After all they’d been though? After everything he’d done to prove he’d be there for her? He pulled back to look in her eyes so he could confront her, if she was going to do this he was going to make her stare him in the face. He wasn’t going to let her off that easily.

What he saw in her eyes broke his heart. His anger vanished. Her eyes were filled with fear and saddens, a tear streamed down her face. She was scared of loosing him. Really? Did she doubt him still? Did she really think he’d scare off that easily? Of course she did. When had anyone ever proved her otherwise? Even Voight’s love came with a price tag.

He cupped her cheek with his hand and brushed at the wet path the tear had left behind with his thumb. How did he make this better? How did he make her believe in them, but more importantly, herself?

“Erin I love you. I promised you I’d always have your back remember? I meant it. I can’t imagine a lifetime without you. Even if it means dealing with your crazy mother.”

He caught the tears leaving her eyes as she ducked her head. He was filled with an overwhelming urge to push Bunny off a cliff.

“I saw Annie tonight. She thinks the best thing for me would be to leave Chicago. Get away from Bunny and the past for good.”

Nausea overwhelmed Jay. She was going to run. Despite his words, his continued effort to show her he loved her, she was going to bolt because things got tough. He felt his body shutting down, lungs constricting, heart slowing, to insulate him from the pain Erin was about to inflict by ripping his heart out.

Erin laced her fingers through Jay’s. The feel of her skin against his almost painful in anticipation of her next words.

“But I’ve tried running before and well, we both know how well that turned out for me. And I can’t, I can’t walk away from this,” she said raising their joined hands. Jay felt his lungs expand slightly. What was she saying? Did he hear her right? Was she going to face this head on this time? Was he finally a real priority even when she tripped into a pot hole?

“I can’t walk away from us.” Erin smiled sadly up at him. “So if you really think you can do this,” her voice broke, tears falling again. The tears got him. Nothing gutted him like seeing her cry.

“Erin,” Jay whispered, again pulling her close on instinct. “I’m not going anywhere.”
He reassured her.

Her body shook gently against his and he stroked his hand up her back. He was exhausted, having run an emotional marathon today, but if she truly meant what she just said he’d do it again for as many days as it took to get her past this.

He waited quietly while she composed herself, knowing drawing attention to her display of emotion would only embarrass her.

“There is something I could use your help with,” Erin hedged once she’d calmed.

“Of course,” did she really think there was anything he wouldn’t do for her?

“I need to cut her out of my life. Once and for all. I just..” Erin trailed off.

Jay fought the urge to jump up and whoop like he’d just won the lottery. He was sure helping Erin rid herself of Bunny was going to be the most satisfying thing he’d ever done. He tamped down his relief and smiled at Erin sombrely.

“Hey,” he said, tipping her chin up with one hand and threading the fingers of his other hand back through hers, “we got this.”

Get to know me meme ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As usual tagged by my man, the lovely @nevawaveharp

Name: Clara
Nickname: -sad music playing- I don’t have any besides Nerd and Terrorkossan (believe me that’s not nice and comes from my brother). When will my potential nickname return from the war?
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 166 cm
Orientation: Bisexual 🐝🐝🐝
Nationality: Swedish
Favorite fruit: Uhhh I like peaches and kiwi
Favorite season: Autumn by far!!! Always rainy and nicely chilly, perfect for this gremlin to stay inside
Favorite book: Fuck I don’t have one, currently I really enjoyed Hannibal Rising
Favorite flower: Cactus. I’m the least flowery person on earth
Favorite scent: Rain, subways when they don’t smell like piss, swimming halls, my cat
Favorite color: Green
Favorite animals: Cats in any shape and form. Oh and bears
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Why do I have to choose. I like all of these as long as they’re sweet
Average hours of sleep: Around six to seven hours
Cat or dog: Why must we fight. They’re all good dogs and kitties
Favorite character: Uhhhh I have like five billion but my all time fave will always be Locus, this terrible person
Number of blankets you sleep with: One
Dream trip: to my bed. I don’t like traveling
Blog created: Uhhhh sometime in 2014
Number of followers: would you believe it if I said 324 people? You guys are amazing for following my garbage blog

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The New Version (Prompt #28)

Requested by anon:  28 with Isaac Lahey!!!!!! :)

#28: I guess I need to try to change your mind.

A/N: FYI, this takes place shortly after Isaac turned and the kanima is on the loose. :) Have fun! 

„He’s staring again!“, you complain to your best friend Lydia as you lower your gaze onto your textbook. With ‘he’ you mean Isaac Lahey who is sitting at a desk at the other side of the library. And he doesn’t even care that you caught him in the act. His smirk just got a little bigger as your eyes locked for a second before you turned away. In the last few weeks this happened quite often.

Lydia doesn’t even look up from her work to check if you’re right. She knows you are.

“Well, yes. I told you that he’s totally into you. You should enjoy the attention, honey.”

“I would but this is getting unnerving!”, you grumble. You can still feel his eyes on you and try to ignore it but it’s not really easy. Great, now he even disturbs your study sessions! What’s next?

“I don’t know why you’re complaining. Didn’t you have a big crush on him”, Lydia mumbles matter of factly.

“Yeah, on the old Isaac Lahey! Before he turned into a werewolf and a douchey, arrogant prick.”

Lydia finally frees her gaze from the paper and shoots him a scrutinising look. He’s still gaping at you. And he’s still demeaning overly confident.

An amused smile plays around Lydia’s lips as she focuses back on you. “He definitely is. But he still looks the same. And I bet this version of him could be a lot of fun, if you know what I mean. You could try it.”

You snort heavily. You are not desperate enough to go for this.

“Forget it.”

She just shrugs and goes back to work, pursing her lips in disappointment. But you don’t care. You’re determined to lock this new Isaac out of your life.

It’s not so easy to do that if you’re having plenty of classes with him, though. Before he turned you loved that. Now it’s becoming a curse. You struggle to ignore him in Biology and are quite relieved as your teacher announces that you will work with the microscope and some samples today. That usually grants that it’s loud in class and everybody is distracted. It works at the beginning. Then you have to get up from your place to fetch the next sample from the shelf.

The problem is: it’s in the top one. You stand on your tiptoes to reach it but it’s hopeless, you have no chance. A huffed sound escapes your lips as you sink back onto your heels and glare at it. You don’t want to get a chair to climb onto. That would look absolutely ridiculous.

“Do you need help?”

You turn around only to discover Isaac standing right next to you. He grins cheekily while he observes your desperate attempts amused. It’s like his presence automatically heightens your annoyance level.

You cross your arms and watch him suspiciously.

“Maybe”, you admit involuntarily.

He doesn’t hesitate to pick up the sample. As he leans down to hand it to you, he stops for a moment.

“Oh, should I open it for you too?”, he teases you, blinking all too innocently.

You snatch the sample out of his hand. “Very funny. I might be small but I’m not weak!”

You unscrew it in a swift movement and are secretly relieved that it worked.

“Highly impressive!”, Isaac states. “You should audition for Wonder Woman or something.”

You just roll your eyes at him and strut off to your microscope. Unfortunately the classroom is very small and it’s far too easy for him to follow. And he’s even barefaced enough to sit down right next to you.

This erases your last bit of patience. You throw the sample onto the table, turn to face him and snap: “What do you want, Lahey?”

“Except for telling you how beautiful and stunning you are?”

It’s obvious that he hopes for a blush from you or at least a positive reaction. But you don’t fall for that.

“I don’t care for your cheesy compliments”, you retort coldly. “I don’t like this new version of you.”

“You mean the version that can take care of himself?”, he asks, leaning in so nobody can overhear your conversation.

You hold the intense gaze out of his dazzling blue eyes without blinking. “No. The version that acts like an indifferent jerk.”

“Alright, fair enough…just tell me one thing…”, he mumbles huskily while the smirk returns. “If you hate me so much, why does your heartbeat tell me that you like my presence quite a lot?”

He’s right. Your heart does beat faster since he came closer. You haven’t even realised and it irritates you. Nevertheless, you are determined to beat him at this stupid game.

“You have to doublecheck your werewolf senses, Lahey”, you hiss. “This doesn’t mean that I’m attracted to you. It’s hatred flowing through my body.”

Finally the smirk breaks and he leans back with a frown, licking his lips absent minded. You are already feeling triumphant. Maybe he’ll give you a rest now. You couldn’t have been any clearer.

“So there’s no chance you’ll go out with me?”


I guess I need to try to change your mind”, he simply states before he gets up, flashes you a bright smile and walks off to his original seat.

“Good luck with that”, you mutter under your breath, being positive that he’s still able to hear you.

He keeps that promise. You are almost losing your temper while he constantly tries to prove to you that he’s not the big asshole you accuse him to be. He waits at your locker, he seats himself next to you in your classes and he doesn’t even bother about your bad mood. Lydia finds that hilarious but you can’t really laugh about it.

All of this leads to your desperate need of getting your head free and spending some time on your own. Therefore you drive to the swimming hall on Friday evening. So late that nobody will be there anymore. That’s your typical routine and it’s soothing as hell as you finally glide into the water and swim in a steady pace. As you climb out again and dry your hair, your mind is finally released from Isaac Lahey and all your other little problems. They really queue up sometimes.

Before you step outside into the cool night air, you pull your wet hair into a lazy bun and get your keys out of your bag. The parking lot is dark by now. And your car is the only one that’s left. You shiver as you realize that it’s somewhat creepy out here. Usually you don’t care but sometimes you remember that Beacon Hills isn’t necessarily a safe town.

You overcome the distance to your vehicle with quick strides and exhale relieved as you sit down on the driver’s seat and close the door. You throw your bag on the passenger’s seat and get out your phone to plug it into the radio station. With a small smile and while biting your lower lip in concentration, you flip through your music to find the right playlist.

That’s when suddenly a loud bang resounds and your car wobbles jerkily. You lose grip on your phone as you push out a startled sound and stare up at the roof.

“What the hell…”, you mutter to yourself, frowning. It definitely sounded like something heavy landed on your car.  But now it’s quiet again. Too quiet.

The realization of what’s going on hits you but it’s already too late. Your door gets ripped open and all you can do is scream as the claws dig into your arm and skid you out of the car. You land hard on your back right on the gravel of the parking lot, the air is pushed out of your lungs. You gasp while the panic bubbles up in your stomach. With a painful moan you straighten up only to find the hideous creature cowering in front of your car.

The kanima.

Your eyes widen as you stare at him. Then he slowly comes closer to finish you off, bloodlust written in his eyes. Your fear threats to paralyze you but you force yourself to crawl backwards, ignoring the little stones that dig deeper into the palms of your hands.

He’s faster. Of course. It’s only a question of time until he kills you and you know that. You already accept inevitable death as someone suddenly jumps between you and your enemy.

An angry growl escapes his throat as Isaac, fully transferred into his wolf form, lunges himself at the kanima. The creature crashes against your car which makes you wince and collapses on the floor. He’s not dead, though. He gets back up in no time but obviously lost the courage to attack again. With a last hiss into Isaac’s direction, he heads off into the darkness.

Isaac hesitates for a moment, probably not sure if he should try to follow. He decides against that. Instead, he turns around to you. His yellow eyes switch back to blue and concern settles in.

You know you should thank him. He just saved your life, for god’s sake. But all you get out is an irritated: “Are you following me?”

He snorts in disbelief. “Seriously?”, he asks you. “Well, you told me to check my senses. Maybe I just smelled the danger?”

“Hilarious”, you scoff before you heave yourself up and wipe the gravel from your hands. As you straighten up, though, a sudden nausea overcomes you and you sway slightly. His hands grab your arms to steady you.

“Are you alright?”, he questions.

You take a deep breath, annoyed by your own inaptitude. “I’m fine.”

“Sure? You hit your head pretty hard.”

You look up at him, convinced that he’s just mocking you. But there’s nothing but concern written in his eyes. Huh.

“You’re indifferent, remember?”, you huff, shaking off his arms.

“Not when it comes to you”, he claims.

You press your lips together and consider this for a moment. Then you remind yourself that you don’t fall for this and stomp off to your car.

“You have to go out with me now!”, he calls after you, almost in desperation.

You turn on your heels and raise your eyebrows. “And why’s that?”

“Well, I saved your life”, he says, the smirk reappearing on his face. “You owe me.”

You do owe him. You couldn’t bicker with him now if he hadn’t shown up, that’s for sure. And doesn’t he deserve one little date after all? The old Isaac Lahey kinda showed tonight and you still like him.

Therefore you sigh, shoot him a defeated smile and say: “Alright. One date. It’ll better be a good one, Lahey.”

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Be My Princess: Prince Academy AU

Be My Princess: Prince Academy AU

You are a new student in this prestigious school on a scholarship.

Whose route will you choose?



It is a beautiful day… the day where dreams come true and people are going to love each other.

Oh, who am I kidding?” I sighed to myself once again. The light shining into my room is so bright that it is almost mocking at my plight. I stood up immediately to close the curtains, wallowing in self-pity yet again.

I had graduated from college several months ago, and I have been waiting for my acceptance letter, my patience beginning to wane. Over the time, the only letters that I have received were kind rejection letters.

There is also the fact that I couldn’t find any holiday work and not to mention that I don’t have a boyfriend, or even many friends at that matter.

I am barely hoping anymore.


“Honey! Another letter is here!” My mum yelled from the doorway, her voice reverberating throughout the whole house and snapping me out of my reverie.

Upon hearing her voice, I jumped out of my bed at once, my heart pumping with adrenaline despite my brain telling me to give up.

“This one time, please.” I muttered all the way, practically sliding down the stairs and somersaulting to the living room.

Over the time, I have indeed become anxious and even disheartened. However, another spark of hope has ignited in my heart today again, surprisingly.

I will probably never give up until all the universities in the world reject me. Well, to be frank, there aren’t many universities to even begin with in the first place.

I hurried over to the dining table, digging through the neat pile of parcels and letters before settling on the one with my name printed on it.

My eyes widened at the sight of this glossy envelope, it was emblazoned with the insignia of Nobel Michel University.

My hands are shaking as I fumble clumsily at the glued mouth before roughly ripping it open. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before reading it out loud.

“Congratulations, you have been selected for admission in the University of Nobel Michel…. You are also eligible and have been henceforth signed up for the scholarship program… We look forward to see you in our campus… Attached are the arrangements for your class schedule and the address of your dormitory…. If you have any enquiries… - MUM!”

I couldn’t believe what I have just read, even after pinching my own cheeks in an attempt to wake myself up.

After making my whole family check and scrutinize the admission letter for me, I have finally found myself accepted into the most prestigious school in the world.

There is actually hope in this world…


My family had sent me to the Oriens airport, where I will be boarding a private jet to the school. The world of riches is inevitably different from my world, but a private transport is way too much of a luxury.

But, nonetheless, I am determined to take this chance to earn my right in the society. I am going to work hard, hone my talents and expand my knowledge bank.

I am going to be somebody.

That is my thought as I stepped into a completely different dimension.


It is the first day of class. I had arrived beforehand to familiarize myself with the school compound naturally and the summer break has finally ended.

There is only one word to describe the school, huge.

An old medieval castle was restored and refurbished into the current school that it is now, headed and owned by Nobel Michel, a wealthy old man with bloodline of historic royalty.

There is a student dormitory, which is located behind the main school compound. There are two buildings, separated by the two genders, facing each other. An exotic garden of different plants lied in between as a boundary.

There are also facilities that catered to the students’ needs for extra curriculum activities. There is a sports hub, with an indoor sports hall and a swimming complex, that is located at the right wing of the school and is directly situated beside the men’s student dorm.

There are five floors in the main school building, four levels for the different years of the university education. The freshman takes the second level; sophomore takes the third and so on. The first level is the school’s cafeteria; serving delicacies from the six different kingdoms and the food are famed to be at world-class restaurants’ level.

The school is beyond prestigious, simply famed for their facilities and amenities. The education it had offered is prominent as well.

Nobel Michel University has prided itself in its classroom teaching, where it still continues the teaching method on a small group basis. The teachers are all recruited based on their excellent background, many of them with worthy qualifications.

However all of these luxuries don’t come for naught, it has a strict education system. If, however, a student is to be found breaking any of its rules, the student will be expelled and subsequently fined a hefty sum.

I couldn’t help but shiver at that thought, considering that I am on a scholarship. I know that if I couldn’t achieve the appointed grades, I will be liable to the punishment as well.


The first bell has ringed and I hurriedly head to the classroom.

It is the first day of school and I have taken more time to ensure that I looked immaculate for my first impression.

The hallways are like labyrinth, it has taken me a while to navigate to my classroom on the corner of the second level.

My black loafers clunked against the polished marble floor as I marched speedily to the classroom. It has appeared that running in the hallway is prohibited and all students are supposed to uphold themselves regally.

After what seems like an eternity, I finally entered the class at the exact time the first bell rang.

I opened the door, my face probably flushed from all that speed walking.

Oh well, at least I am punctual.


Luckily, my homeroom teacher hasn’t arrived yet, although most of the students have already been seated.

My eyes roamed around the spacious room, glancing at the few empty seats scattered around.

There are only six empty seats, located beside six different attractive-looking men.


There is a violet-haired man, looking stern and fierce as he stares at the clock, frowning at the time.

There is a blonde man, looking engrossed in his book, his features scrunched in concentration.

There is a brunette, he is gazing lazily outside of the windows, looking bored before the class has even begin.

There is another brown-haired man, who was already engaged in a conversation with a few others.

There is a man with emerald eyes, tapping his fingers on the table, looking annoyed.

There is a silver haired man, who seems to be writing poetry in his book, his handwriting beautiful and cursive.


Choose who do you want to sit with:

[Joshua Lieben]

[Wilfred Spencer]

[Glenn Casiraghi]

[Roberto Buttons]

[Keith Alford]

[Edward Levaincos]



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