hall peak

Crimson Peak (2015) dir. Guillermo del Toro

The bleak house stood at the end of a red clay path, surrounded by dead brown grass and skeletal trees and backed by a dark gray sky. Gone were the boulevards lined with trees and topiaries. No porte cochère to shelter aristocrats’ coaches as they disgorged visitors; indeed, no visitors. 


Gif Sources: @lucreziaborgiad @enchantedbyhiddles

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Here’s something I found rather interesting, also perhaps a little creepy. They’re called “invisible mother” photos. They covered the mother so they could sit the children down and make them stand up right, they also created rather haunting phantom like figures. I think it fits with Crimson pretty well.


“To fully appreciate the character of Allerdale Hall one must begin by standing before the imposing facade and subsequently enter the shadows of the inner foyer. From here, the entrance opens into a splendid hall communicating with the grand staircase which one follows with the eyes up three storeys to a stupendous fresco of a devout nature. It is said that the eyes of these painted saints survey all that occurs -the good and the fearsome- within these walls.” (Crimson Peak, 2015)