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I'm doing Ancient Greece as my finals project for History Class! Anything you'd like/think I should include in my project?

well it’s completely up to you but a good bit of it can be the importance of the gods to ancient grecian society and how they honoured their gods? like a lot of what the greeks did were to honour the gods - the olympics were for zeus, many halls and temples had hearths for hestia

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Hi! Could you write n29 for the FS prompt list? Thanky you! <3

Here you go, Anon! Sorry for the long wait. This is short, sweet, and pure pregnant fs fluff. 💕 Enjoy!

#29: “God, you are so beautiful.

The halls were quiet, the staff all gone off to their late night lives. The longer he walked down the hallway the darker the walkway became, until finally the entrance of the lab beamed out into the dark abyss he was starting to adjust to.

Fitz walked into the lab, the lights striking his eyes in a sudden yet refreshing way, and his ears instantly filled with the most beautiful sound of a hum that echoed the facility. Fitz felt a soft smile creep on his face as he saw Jemma sitting on the stool at her and Fitz’s area of the lab. Her hand stroked her rounded, swollen belly as she hummed her favorite lullabies to herself.

Fitz stood there, silently, content to just watch his wife be at peace. She was his wife, pregnant with their baby. He never would’ve thought, out of the hundreds of obstacles the bloody cosmos had thrown at them, that they would be here. Safe. Together.

Jemma turned just slightly, looking over her shoulder to see her smiling husband. She gave him a smirk before looking back at her work. “You’re up late.”

Fitz took that as his cue to approach. With his hands in his pockets he walked to her side, glancing at her report she was working on for the morning.

Fitz shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep.”

She looked up, chin raised, brow furrowed. “You’re not having nightmares again are you-?”

Fitz laid a gentle hand on her shoulder and wagged his head, a reassuring face right along with it. “M’fine, Jemma. Nothin’ like that. Just couldn’t sleep without… well, you.”

Jemma’s worried expression turned into a loving one. “Always the romantic, aren’t we?”

Fitz scoffed a little through his nose. “More like always the worrier. I couldn’t bother sleeping not knowing if you were safe.”

“Oh Fitz,” Jemma turned her stool around so she could angle her body towards him. “Last time I checked, there wasn’t any space rocks lying around.”

He raised a brow, a playful look planted on his lips. “You know what I mean, Jemma.” He let out a deep sigh, his hand now resting on her stomach. He rubbed circles around, gazing down at his unborn child.

“Fitz,” she grabbed his hand, meeting his eyes. He found himself lost in her caramel gaze, nothing able to bring him out of it but her. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Fitz nodded, the blue of his irises swimming with memories. “I know.” He let out a shaky breath, his hand stroking her belly once more. “Doesn’t hurt to be cautious, does it?”

Jemma rolled her eyes at him, but the genuine and loving look in her eyes spoke differently. She understood, she knew just how he felt. “Can you believe it? In three months she’s going to be here. We can hold her and kiss her, sing to her, love her…”

Jemma was holding her belly, looking down at her rounded stomach when Fitz got down on his knees, meeting her belly at eye level. He wrapped his arms around her as he pressed his lips to the top of her stomach, a long lingering kiss before pulling away and meeting Jemma’s gaze again.

“I bet she has your​ eyes,” he muttered into the stretched fabric of her shirt.

Jemma ran a hand through his soft curls, playing with the ringlets that came out through her combing. “And your curls.”

Fitz oggled up at her, her eyes sparkling in the low light, her face beaming. He took in a deep breath, his chin resting on her belly. He was in awe of her. Sometimes he couldn’t believe she could possibly be someone he could call his. “God, you are so beautiful.”

Jemma’s beam turned more into a softly tinted blush, her fingers still mindlessly playing with his curls. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

He searched her, just taking in this moment of serenity and pure bliss. “I love you, Jemma Fitzsimmons.”

She grinned down at him, her thumb brushing his cheek. “And I love you, Leopold Fitzsimmons.”

Fitz rested his lips on her swollen belly once again, his eyes clamping shut.

They weren’t going anywhere, and neither was he.

They were in this together.

As a family.

They sat there in peaceful silence, until finally, they decided sleep was best. Fitz grabbed her hand, and they walked to their quarters hand in hand.

Husband and wife.



And nothing was going to change that - never again.

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12.12 coda

“Are you fucking kidding me,” Dean gasps. He pulls Castiel’s jacket off with both hands and doesn’t even bother shutting the door behind him. No point anyway. He bites down on Castiel’s lip without being cute about it.

“Dean,” Castiel hisses, helpless. His hands hover uselessly out to the sides as Dean pushes him deeper into his bedroom.

“‘I love you?’” Dean accuses, squeezing Castiel’s hips with those rough beautiful hands so hard that it would probably bruise anyone else. “Just like that, in front of everyone,” he says. He shoves Castiel down, hard.

Castiel bounces a little on the bed, right against Dean’s chest, quickly descending down on his. He looks like he was the one that got hit by a truck, eyes wide open in the oncoming headlights. “Dean.

“Don’t,” Dean growls, ripping Castiel’s shirt open. Buttons scatter to the floor. His skin is pale, smooth, unblemished beneath the cotton. Soft and pliant where his nails dig into it. “You couldn’t even look me in the eye, you coward.”

Castiel can’t deny it or defend himself.

“Your last words,” Dean adds, dangerously close to a sob. “Were going to be…”

He pulls back from Castiel’s face and pants into his mouth. His nose brushes against Castiel’s in a kiss of its own. His lashes are wet.

“I love you,” he whispers.

Castiel reaches up and wraps his arms around Dean’s neck, drawing him into a hug. He knows, intuitively, that Dean isn’t repeating his own words from before. He’s just stating a fact.

And quite a personal one, from the way his lip quivers. The kind of fact that’s unwavering, heartfelt and secret but truer all the same as the seconds tick by, which makes it that much harder to confess to somebody else.

All the breath in Castiel’s body leaves him at once, painfully. Dean doesn’t give him the chance to say anything else before he surges forward again and kisses him, wet lashes cool against his skin. He’s gentler with it than before. His hands, still tacky with dried blood, come up to loosen Castiel’s tie. It slithers limply in his grip, cool and silky, and Castiel gasps when the fabric slides across his nipple. Dean bunches it in his grip against his knitted-back-together side.

“The… door,” Castiel sighs.

Dean turns his head and kisses his cheek. His ear. The bolt of his jaw. Dragging his warm, slack mouth along the rough skin of his neck. “Doesn’t matter,” he tells him.

That’s his serious voice.

Castiel swallows hard. Dean licks a long line up the column of his throat.

“Just be with me,” Dean pleads. His hands go to Castiel’s belt. “God, I really thought I was going to lose you,” he laughs, a little hoarse.

“I really thought I was going to die,” Castiel confesses, just on the right side of hysterical. He lifts his hips up just enough that Dean can pull his pants down over the swell of his ass. Castiel hesitantly reaches up and runs one hand through Dean’s hair.

He walks his fingers down until he’s cradling Dean’s face. Their eyes catch, and hold.

Without another word, Castiel starts divesting Dean of his clothing. They kiss and they kiss and they kiss until their faces rub raw with stubble burn and their lips are red and wet. 

The door stays ajar, and the sounds of their hushed and anguished moans echo like old ghosts through the halls.


“There’s no way I’m ever going to end a movie on a negative note.” 

ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ — John Hughes (1950 - 2009)

Who Is It? (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: I love your Tony Starks daughter stuff! Can you write one where the avengers come back from a mission to avengers tower and Tonys daughter is sitting in the living room being like ‘hey I hacked into your system 'cause I’m your super smart daughter and have no where else to go’ and Tony starts to get really protectiv over her. And then finds out that she is falling in love with Peter, but Tony is basically the last one to find out? Sorry, that kinda got long ^^ I love the way you write btw :)

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Feeling the jet land let the Avengers take a sigh of relief. Another mission a success. They all hurried out of their uniforms and into the tower, hoping to put on a good movie, eat some snacks, and take a well-deserved nap.

However, walking in to the main room, they saw you on the couch with your phone in hand, looking bored. “Y/N?” Your dad, Tony called.

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In Norse mythology, a valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja “chooser of the slain”) is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. Selecting among half of those who die in battle (the other half go to the goddess Freyja’s afterlife field Fólkvangr), the valkyries bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin. There, the deceased warriors become einherjar.


Last night I experienced some @sixpenceee shit. I was walking around in my home town (which is actually really high in paranormal/spooky stuff like we have a new age store downtown. I live in the bible belt) and I had this pulling feeling to go down this road (first picture) and at the very end of it was this house (second picture) and I just got bad vibes all the way down the street. Before I go on I just want to mention I have a bit of a sixth sense. I get vibes from people or places and usually it’s only if I feel like they have bad intentions or if there is just a negative feeling or something, it’s a gut feeling and I usually listen to it. Anyway, about half way down there was this one road I felt like I needed to go down but the pull to this house was stronger.

I turned around to go back to the main road. The whole time though I kept turning around and checking out the house and stuff and I swear to god the hall light on the second floor was getting brighter the farther I walked away. I finally got to that crossroad again and I was just going to go back to the main road but I felt that pull again so I was like “this is a bad idea” but I did it anyway. Bad idea. I found out this crossroad ended near the cemetery. It was getting really dark and I knew it would be quicker to cut through the cemetery because it’s literally two blocks away from my house. So I went in. At night. There are only lights at the entrances and really dim ones on very few of the tombstones.

So I’m walking and I know I don’t need to freak out, it’ll just attract bad things but it was really dark and that house spooked me a bit. So I kept walking, occasionally turning on my flashlight on my phone to look at the paths a bit more clearly. I saw the gate near my house and thought this path I was on would lead me right to it but I took a step and stopped. There was no direct path, which was really weird because I swore there was a path there before. And I have a thing about cutting through the yard and being among the tombstones so I had to go around and take a longer path.

At this point I felt Something coming from the back/opposite side of the cemetery (for a small town, this is a huge cemetery) and I freaked and called my friend. I finally made it to my gate and went through. I was talking off my nerves and everything and I was starting to feel less bad vibes. I looked back and checked the gate a couple of times but one time I turned around and looked longer than just a glance and I got the worst feeling of the whole night. Whatever was following me made it to the gate. I’m a little mad I didn’t take a picture but I really didn’t want to stop for one. But just imagine a dark street with bare trees on one side of the road and some rough looking houses on the other with a gate at the end. And this gate is only tangible because of the yellow light cast upon it. Nothing seems to exist past this gate, there’s just black space behind it. It was eerie. I hightailed it out of there and stayed on the phone with my friend until I got home.


Starz “American Gods” Main Titles

Design Studio: Elastic
Director: Patrick Clair
Lead Compositor and Animator: Raoul Marks
Composite and Animation: Yongsub Song, Sam Sparks
Editor: Devin Mauer
Designers: Jeff Han, Felix Soletic
Storyboard Artist: Lance Slaton
Producer: Paul Makowski
Head of Production: Carol Salek
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Managing Director: Linda Carlson

Music by: Brian Rietzell
Sound Design: Echolab

I want an AU where Dean is a popular YouTuber who is married to Cas, but no one knows it. Cas is a high school teacher who is kind of awkward, but every once in a while he’ll mention a meme and all of his students are confused wonder how he knows that.

Then one day when he’s teaching he hears a group of girls giggling in the back of the class, so he walks back there and sees them watching one of Dean’s videos. It’s his “never have I ever” video, and right he’s talking about getting a speeding ticket. Right before the girls see Cas he hears one of them say “I wonder what kind of car he drives” so Cas responds, “Do not ever get Dean Winchester started on his car. He will never shut up.” as he takes the phone and walks away, leaving the girls dumbfounded.

hel · goddess of the dead and the underworld 

Hel, in Norse mythology, originally the name of the world of the dead; it later came to mean the goddess of death. Hel was one of the children of the trickster god Loki, and her kingdom was said to lie downward and northward. It was called Niflheim, or the World of Darkness, and appears to have been divided into several sections, one of which was Náströnd, the shore of corpses. There stood a castle facing north; it was filled with the venom of serpents, in which murderers, adulterers, and perjurers suffered torment, while the dragon Nidhogg sucked the blood from their bodies. Mention is made in an early poem of the nine worlds of Niflheim. It was said that those who fell in battle did not go to Hel but to the god Odin, in Valhalla, the hall of the slain. 

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