hall of the animals


I’m usually extremely against process posts, but I have been working on this animation ever since Undertale was released and I’m near the end of this short film. Everything from the background art to character animation was all done by me, myself, and I. It has been the most draining animation I’ve ever done and quite frankly I don’t want to work on a fan created piece for a long time. Needless to say though, this has been very satisfying to complete. I plan on posting the final product on Undertales birthday.

For pals that don’t have legs, they are good dancers! This was supposed to be the idle animation that Cala does in her 2nd phase.

I was gonna make a few more gifs, but I’m really really tired of drawing on my phone so.. here’s these.

Commission me so I can afford a computer to play Cuphead on and animate!

the signs as classical music pieces

What would you serve her?

Some Pixel Art Practice! (Click to enlarge since Tumblr is weird)

I painstakingly re-created the animations and format of the VA-11 HALL-A menu and did my own sprite using Marilag.

I hope you all know this means I am going to make a million sprites from now on. This is too much power for one person to have.

LISTEN… there is still so much I wanted to do with this, but I’ve been working on it for actual mONtHs and as a bday present to myself today I decided to finish it sooo here ya go