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So, Daisy and I were discussing the exact location of the Research Hall and I thought you guys may be interested in our findings ;)

Comparing the Grand Cathedral in the Waking World and the one with Laurence’s human skull in the Nightmare, the research hall is clearly located above the nave of the cathedral. If you look down from the Living Failures arena (outlined in blue) you can see the Lumenflower Garden (red) where we fight the Celestial Emissary in the Waking World.

The Waking World Lumenflower garden and the one in the Nightmare (where we pick up the Blacksky eye) look a bit different but they both connect to the upper level of the nave, the narrow path we take to get to Ebrietas in the Waking World and where A Call Beyond is located. And if you need further proof that they’re the same place, here’s one of the most overlooked clues regarding the timeline:

  • Lumenflower Garden, present day. Moon Presence statues EVERYWHERE. The dream was created, Laurence was alive and well, he and his associates not only beckoned MP but even had the time to worship her. Gehrman was probably already in the dream, but Laurence promised that he was going to free him from it at some point. The Hunter’s Dream worked as intended for some time until Laurence turned into a beast.
  • Lumenflower Garden as it appears in the Hunter’s Nightmare which is supposed to be a snapshot from the past. No statues. No dream. No Moon Presence. Not yet. (crappy pic, I’m lazy today :P)

If you look up from the present day Lumenflower Garden you can see that there is a bridge above your head (it’s quite hard to tilt the camera tho. There are a bunch of unfinished textures that From doesn’t want you to see :P) that connects the Grand Cathedral to the clocktower. That ‘bridge’ is the Living Failures’ arena, the Lumenwood Garden.

Maria’s arena is suspended above the entrance of the Cathedral itself, right above your head as you walk up the stairs where the 2 Church Servants with the wooden weapons that inflict Frenzy are.



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Could we see some of Cody in Everdark? Hit me with those feels.

After the news hit, Cody had felt an unsettled feeling deep into his bones.

He had been specially made for General Kenobi, well technically all Jedi but… Obi-Wan was their Jedi, their first and there was a certain kind of pride in that. He had developed to fight at the other mans side, knew the others techniques and tactical mind and even had a damn hook for the mans saber when it was lost.

To know that he was in the Jedi temple, struggling how to cope and knowing that he was alone…

It didn’t sit right with Cody.

But its not like he could just show up at the temple!


He couldn’t…

Getting up and heading to his bunk and locker, Cody made up his mind while not letting his doubts get to him. He pulled out his dress grays, the closest he came to casual outside of the sweat slacks and he really didn’t want to show up in jogging sweats and a tank top at the freaking Jedi temple!

So his dress grays it was.

He even put on the stupid hat and made sure it wasn’t all crinkled before heading out, giving his vode the middle finger when they wolf whistled after him.

A speeder ride later and he was at the Jedi temple, walking past the sentinels he knew was watching the front entrance.

A few Jedi looked at him but no one stopped him so that was a relief.

Cody didn’t exactly feel like he belonged in the temple but then again, it was a Jedi temple and he was a vode, a clone. Looking around he frowned, wondering where to go before he took note of General Koon in conversation with a Jedi Cody was not familiar with.

He quickly approached them. “General Koon?”

“Hmm? Ah, Commander Cody.” The kel dor offered pleasantly, giving him a little bow. “What can I help you with?” His eyes seemed to curve a bit behind his googles and his respirator mask shifted. Cody assumed that meant he was smiling.

“I was looking for General Kenobi sir, do you know where I have to go?” He glanced about.

Letting out an understanding noise and held out his hand. “Please, may I borrow your arm and communicator a bit?”

When Cody happily gave him it, Koon activated his own and transferred over a map. “The temple is so big that most people, even Jedi, need a map to get around. You will find Obi-Wan in the Halls of healing as he still remains there most of the days after… the unfortunate discovery of bug eggs in the eye holes.” The kel dor sighed.

Cody grimaced at that but nodded. “Thank you sir.”

With that Obi-Wan found his way to the Halls thanks to the copied map and spoke to a healer, a padawan, to which room Obi-Wan had.

He was there, Cody was actually about to see his General.

Before he could even knock or start to feel nervous, the soft accented voice called out from behind the door with a bit of humor in it. “You can come in Cody, I’m decent.”

Blushing a bit at the reminder of walking in on his General once, Cody opened the door and stepped in, finding the redhead sitting on his bed cross legged with a pad resting on his lap. But the pad looked… different.

It was bulkier then the standard one and most likely modified so Obi-Wan could somehow ‘read’. Cody slowly made his way over to the chair by the bed on the left side, sitting down. “Hello General.” He greeted.

“Hello to you Commander.” Obi-Wan greeted in return with his cupid lips forming a soft smile. His beard looked… kind of ungroomed and around his eyes a crisp white bandage rested but the mans hair at least looked properly brushed even if out of its usual style.

‘Without his sight, he can’t tell how his beard looks anymore, he has to go by touch alone.’ Cody realized. It was saddening in a way Cody couldn’t quite put his finger on as he reached out and rested his hand on the others knee. “I came to see how you were General. The men and I have been… well worried and after the interview I got the boot in the rear so to speak to come check on you.” He murmured.

Obi-Wan moved his hand off the pad to rest his hand on Cody’s own, smiling faintly. “Thank you. I am… well healing is a word for what I’m doing. Adjusting too, I never realized how much I relied on my sight until it was taken away though it shouldn’t be surprising.” He sighed.

Then he went mute for a bit until he squeezed Cody’s hand. “Be honest with me Cody, how do I look? Everyone else says I look fine but… I know you will be honest with me.” The Jedi whispered.

Peering up at the other, Cody turned his hand slowly to hold onto the others.

“Well.” He started slowly then sighed. “For the most part you look fine, your robes are bit wonky compared to usual, your obi isn’t tied as neatly as you normally do and… well your beard…” He hesitated at that.

Obi-Wan squeezed his hand in encouragement.

“Your beard looks ungroomed, like you haven’t quite managed to settle it.” Cody finished.

There was a few moments and then Obi-Wan sighed, giving a nod. “As I suspected. Thank you Cody.” Obi-Wan brought his free hand to his face and rubbed his beard thoughtfully for a few moments before sighing again. “Its at times like this I miss being able to see the most.” He mumbled. “The day to day chores that needs to be done.” He explained.

Cody squeezed down on the Jedi’s hand, unsure what to say and perhaps just this once he didn’t need to say anything as Obi-Wan seemed to draw comfort from his presence alone.

Perhaps that was all someone needed sometimes.

Someone to be there for them.


One thing I love about collecting postcards (stlpostcardproject.com) is the adventure involved in tracking down sites that don’t immediately appear familiar. The Arcadia ballroom for example–I’d never heard of. Upon more research I linked it to a postcard I’d bought a while back but set aside–then I found the sanborns, then I went to the newspaper and found it had an interesting timeline and ended up as a well known bowling alley. More findings are found on the twitter thread here: https://twitter.com/PubPolHist/status/885986220941201408


I’m presently developing a new series of London district maps that shall be available to buy as fine art prints. Here are some snippets of four maps I’ve completed in recent weeks: Shoreditch/Hoxton, Greenwich, Islington and Hampstead.

They demonstrate the distinct “retro” design style which I am focussing on… each map shall come embellished with one or two illustrations of local landmarks, and I also intend to make them available in a variety of colours.

Later in the year I shall also develop a new series of maps of other cities and locations in Europe and around the world.

More designs and details of their availability to come soon!

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