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So, Daisy and I were discussing the exact location of the Research Hall and I thought you guys may be interested in our findings ;)

Comparing the Grand Cathedral in the Waking World and the one with Laurence’s human skull in the Nightmare, the research hall is clearly located above the nave of the cathedral. If you look down from the Living Failures arena (outlined in blue) you can see the Lumenflower Garden (red) where we fight the Celestial Emissary in the Waking World.

The Waking World Lumenflower garden and the one in the Nightmare (where we pick up the Blacksky eye) look a bit different but they both connect to the upper level of the nave, the narrow path we take to get to Ebrietas in the Waking World and where A Call Beyond is located. And if you need further proof that they’re the same place, here’s one of the most overlooked clues regarding the timeline:

  • Lumenflower Garden, present day. Moon Presence statues EVERYWHERE. The dream was created, Laurence was alive and well, he and his associates not only beckoned MP but even had the time to worship her. Gehrman was probably already in the dream, but Laurence promised that he was going to free him from it at some point. The Hunter’s Dream worked as intended for some time until Laurence turned into a beast.
  • Lumenflower Garden as it appears in the Hunter’s Nightmare which is supposed to be a snapshot from the past. No statues. No dream. No Moon Presence. Not yet. (crappy pic, I’m lazy today :P)

If you look up from the present day Lumenflower Garden you can see that there is a bridge above your head (it’s quite hard to tilt the camera tho. There are a bunch of unfinished textures that From doesn’t want you to see :P) that connects the Grand Cathedral to the clocktower. That ‘bridge’ is the Living Failures’ arena, the Lumenwood Garden.

Maria’s arena is suspended above the entrance of the Cathedral itself, right above your head as you walk up the stairs where the 2 Church Servants with the wooden weapons that inflict Frenzy are.

Something Special

Thomas Shelby x Reader

Summary: After a family meeting, the boys tease Tommy about marriage. Aunt Polly predicts he’ll find Mrs. Thomas Shelby soon.

Word Count: 2678

Warnings: Smut and cursing.

A/N: I honestly hope you guys enjoy this random idea that kept me up until 4 A.M.

The Shelby family remained lounging in the wager room after a family meeting. You sat on the stairs below Ada, who was plaiting a braid into your hair. You considered yourself fortunate that the family thought so highly of you. You were neither related through blood nor marriage, but they’d kept you close nonetheless.

Polly had been worried about the recent deals Tommy had been making. She’d done some digging with the help of Ada and the Londoners could not be trusted. You’d only mildly helped by pretending to be a flapper girl interested in a couple of “businessmen”. You were entirely too good at conversation.

The family meeting turned into quips. John had begged the point no one else could have gone undercover except for you because all the other girls were married women; all except Ada, but John claimed she was still a grieving widow.

Arthur took a stab at Tommy’s love life. He claimed he’d never find a woman at the rate he was aging.

“It’s not his age,” Ada roused from the stairwell,” it’s his goddamned moodiness.”

Laughter bellowed from everyone but Tommy, who was eyeing you with a look that didn’t forebode well with you. However, you’d never had trouble staring danger in the face. A smile tugged at the corner of your mouth and you turned your eyes away.

“Is it because you can’t get a girl off, Tommy?” John prodded him. “Or is it too small?” He grabbed at his junk. Ada and you groaned.

Polly slapped John,” Shut it, John. Your brother will find a wife in due time.” She glanced over at you, which caused you to look down at the floorboards. “Won’t you?”

Tommy didn’t even flinch. Arthur piped up before Tommy could reply,” She’s gotta have something no other woman has.”

“What, like three tits?” John leaned in. Esme seemed unamused from her seat next to John. You couldn’t help but laugh. Laughs were not in short supply around the family.

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Lost- Zach

“You’re new in town and you seem very intimidating but as it turns out you have an awful sense of direction even with a map and you’re actually adorkable so here let me help you” @onetruepairingideas

Lost- Zach

Summary: Zach’s the new student, so you show him around.

All morning you heard about the new guy. Basically every girl (and a few guys) were talking about how hot he was, and you were extremely intimidated. But nothing you heard actually prepared you for seeing him; he was beautiful to say the least. You heard he was tall but you didn’t realize he’d be a good foot taller than you. His looks alone would’ve made him intimidating if he wasn’t standing in the middle of the empty hall staring at a school map looking like a lost puppy. The bell had rung a few minutes ago so no one else was around to help and you took pity.

“Hey new kid!” You called making his attention snap up to you. You realized just how attractive he was; those beautiful brown eyes made you feel like melting.

“Do you need help?” You asked gesturing towards the map in his hand.

“Hey,” he said rubbing the back of his neck, “Yeah I’m a little lost. I need to find Mrs. Collins.”

“I’ll show you the way. This is my study period anyways, I’m Y/N.” You told him smiling up at him. You were extremely aware of the fact that you had to look up at him to make eye contact.

“That would be great. I’m Zach.” He responded walking beside you as you started leading him towards his class which was way on the other side of the school.

“I figured you were; the new kid has been all everyone talks about.” You admitted.

“All good things I hope?” He asked with a smirk.

“Mostly just the fact that you’re a giant.” You joked looking up at him pointedly making him laugh.

“I guess I could be known for worse things.” He said shaking his head at you.

“So I have a very serious question.” You said looking up at him and pausing trying to add effect.

“And what is that?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Do you fit through doorways? Or do you have to like duck?” You asked tapping your chin, he burst into laughter.

“Shut up, midget.”  He responded. You rolled your eyes at him and stopped in front of his classroom.

“This is you, I’ll see you around?” You asked slightly hopefully.

“I hope so.” He said with a grin before disappearing into his classroom.

Maybe Tomorrow (Elorcan Fanfic) [Chapter 1]

AHHHHHHHHH IT’S HERE DUCKLINGS! Chapter one of my Elorcan High School Fan fic! I hope all you lovelies enjoy :) The series is going to be called “Maybe Tomorrow” and it will have between 10-15 parts (depending on how much I write in each chapter). It took me a little while to get this one done only because I was kind of going through a writer’s block this month, but I’ve finally churned ‘er out for you guys (I try to keep my promises when I can). 

Chapter 2 is being released this friday, July 14. 

Chapters: [1] [2]

Parked in the student parking lot, Elide gripped the steering wheel of her car. She didn’t know why she was so nervous. This was a new a town, a new start.

But at the same time it wasn’t.

Elide’s parents had gone to Orynth High. They had told her stories about their time here, how they had met some of their closest friends here. How they had met each other here.

Elide had never stepped foot in this high school, let alone Orynth, the capital of Terrasen, but it still felt like apart of her was already here, waiting.

And quite frankly, she was scared of what exactly was waiting for her.

Elide took a deep breath and released her hands off the steering wheel. She was here now, and she would be here for the next two years of her life. Grabbing her backpack and school books from the passenger’s seat, Elide swung open the door and stepped out of her car. This was happening, and Elide needed to get through today. Just today.

And then she could focus on the next. And the next. And the next…

The school was massive. Elide could already tell that she would get lost in here more than once. Even this early in the morning the halls were packed with students. Kids meeting up with friends they hadn’t seen all summer, some freshman walking around the halls with maps of the school in hand, a few students throwing around a football in the hallway, some leaning against the aged lockers and reading, and some just walking around the school with the layout of the building so ingrained in their minds that they knew exactly where they were going. Elide took a few minutes just to take it all in. This place was definitely different than the private school she had attended in Morath. And boy, was she glad for it.

Hiking her backpack higher on her shoulders, Elide took a step and prepared to face Orynth high head on. She needed to find Mrs. Galathynius, her high school guidance counselor, who had also been, as she remembered, one of her mother’s closest friends.

But she didn’t get more than a few steps before someone walked staight into her and she fell.

“Ouch!” Elide yelped as she landed on her backside and dropped all of her schoolbooks. Elide looked up at the person who’d run into her and she found onyx eyes piercing into her own. They struck her to the spot, and Elide could only stare right back at them like a deer in headlights.

After a moment, the boy rolled his eyes and took a step away from her. “Watch where you’re going next time, won’t ya” He responded with annoyance before turning back to what he was doing. Elide realized that he was one of the boys throwing the football around. So a jock, then. 

Elide scoffed and rose to her feet. What had gotten him into such a mood she wondered. Elide would usually walk away, would usually let people step all over her and go on with their day. It’s what her uncle did.

But for some reason, Elide wasn’t in the mood to be “stepped on.” Maybe it was the new setting, but as his friend threw the football to him again, Elide stepped right in front of him and caught the ball just as he was reaching out for it.

“Learn some manners, won’t ya” Elide snapped back, pushing the football into his hands, picking up her schoolbooks off the floor, and making her way down the opposite side of the hall.

Elide wasn’t sure why she said it, but from reason, she couldn’t stand the idea of being pushed around in this new school. In the school her parents had attended. So she she kept walking down the hall and didn’t stop as she turned the corner and walked further into Orynth High.

“Who the hell was that?” asked Fenrys, walking over to Lorcan as the girl shoved the football into his hands and walked away.

Lorcan watched the girl walk down the hall, and only brought his attention back to Fenrys once she had turned the corner. Who did she think she was talking to him like that.

“I don’t know” Lorcan replied. “I’ve never seen her around here before so she must be a freshman.”
“Nah, probably not a freshman” Fenrys stated, plucking the football from Lorcan’s hands and tossing it in the air. “Connall and I already scoped out the freshman class and she ain’t one of them.”

“Well who cares” Lorcan practically growled at him, gesturing with his hands for Fenrys to throw the football at him.

“She’s hot, Lorcan” Fenrys said, his voice dripping with disappointment in Lorcan as he threw Lorcan the ball. “You should know at this point, that if they’re hot, then I care.”

Lorcan merely rolled his eyes and threw the football back at Fenrys. Whoever she was, Lorcan didn’t like her one bit. In all of his years at this high school no one had ever dared to come up and talk to him like that.

No one except Maeve. But Maeve was different, Maeve was special.

Maeve was-

Lorcan was interrupted by a football careening towards him and hitting him smack in his face.

“Jesus, Fenrys!” Lorcan yelled, covering his left eye with his hand. He could already feel the bruise forming.

“That’s what you get for not paying attention” Fenrys teased, and began to laugh at Lorcan.

“Not funny, prick” Lorcan replied, testing out the muscles around his bruised eye. “Now I’m probably going to have a black eye for the party on friday.”

“Aw, I’m sure you’re going to attract the ladies and men just fine cry baby, black eye or not.”

Lorcan only gave him a look with his eye. If only he knew that Lorcan didn’t really want anyone in this school, male or female. The only person he wanted in this school, that he loved in this school, was the leader of the cheerleading squad. She was the class president and the most popular girl in school.

She was Connal’s on-and-off again girlfriend.

She was Maeve.

Elide didn’t know where she was going, but she just kept walking. Her quick burst of confidence was quickly fading and she began to regret her snarky response to the onyx-eyed boy immediately. What was she doing, already making enemies at the school she was stuck at for the next two years of her life. She began to slow her pace as she fell deeper in thought.

Maybe her uncle was right. Maybe she did snap too easily. Maybe that was why she’d never really had any close friends.

No. No. She couldn’t think like that. She wouldn’t think like that.

Sighing, Elide hiked up her backpack and began walking down the hall again. She had asked one of the freshman to see their map and, once she’d located where Mrs. Galathynius’ office was and how to get there, handed it back to them before making her way to her counselor’s office.

After a few wrong turns and help from one of the staff members, Elide finally located the office. Elide took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Exclaimed a cheerful voice on the other side of the door. Elide opened it and walked into the small office.

Papers were everywhere. On the desk, On the floor, on the walls. On the two office chairs that she supposed where for guests. Various books and framed family photos resided on her desk next to giant stacks of papers, and the only source of light in the room -a small lamp in the far right corner- cast a rather intimidating shadow over everything in the office.

“Apologies for the mess. I would offer you a seat but, well, I needed the chairs to put some score reports” replied a woman with almost-white blonde hair. She wore a white blouse and a green and white necklace. Her hair was thrown up in an elegant bun and black, rounded glasses framed her face. Despite the mess of the office, Elide had the sense that this woman had worked here for a long time, and no doubt knew what she was doing.

“Hello, I’m-”

“Elide Lochan” The woman replied as she looked up. Pain and recognition shone in her eyes, so powerfully, in fact, that Elide had to look away from her gaze. “Yes, I know who you are dear.”

Elide swallowed. She wasn’t ready for this, she wasn’t ready to face this. She was foolish to think she could come to this school and everything would be normal and-

“Elide” Mrs. Galathynius said, interrupting Elide’s thoughts.

“Mrs. Galathy-”

“Call me Evalin, please” she replied confidently.

“Mrs. Galat-”

“If you called me anything other than Evalin I would consider it extremely offensive, as would your mother” Evalin replied, raising an eyebrow at her.

Elide swallowed and brought her eyes back to Mrs. Gala-, Evalin, once more. Pain still lingered in her gaze, but comfort now lingered there too.

Evalin cleared her throat. “Elide, I know it must be difficult seeing someone of your parent’s past. Especially since they are no longer with us” Evalin said cautiously, “But you should know that they were like family to me. They still are, and since they were my family, you are my family too.”

Evalin gave Elide a small smile and reached into her desk, shuffled through a few papers, and pulled out a wrinkled photo.

“I’d like you to have this” she said, handing the small picture over to Elide. It was of Elide’s parents, smiling at each other like two teenagers madly in love. They were teenagers, Elide realized, her mother looked almost exactly like her. The same dark hair, the same brown eyes, the same height. The same face.

Elide wanted to give the picture back to Evalin. Every wound that she had tried to stitch up began to tear again, began to bleed again, at the sight of her parents looking so young and so happy.

But instead, Elide gave Evalin a small smile and a quick thank you before putting the picture hastily away in her backpack. Her emotions were everywhere today. It made everything so much more draining.

“Now” Evalin said, the pain her voice now replaced with fervor, “About your classes.” Evalin looked through one of the giant stacks of paper on her desk and shook her head before turning to another overflowing pile of papers on the floor.

“Aha!” She said, pulling out a piece of paper from the middle of the pile and causing the whole stack of papers to fall and disperse on the floor.

Oblivious to the new mess, Evalin adjusted her glasses and began to look over the paper carefully.

“Let’s see then. Law 2, government and politics, public speaking 3… it seems you’re taking a lot of politically-related classes” Evalin commented, turning over the paper. “Do you want to be in politics?” She asked turning her attention back to Elide. She hesitated, lightly setting down the paper and saying, “Like your uncle?”

Elide swallowed. She could hear the disdain and pure hatred that leaked from Evalin’s voice at the mention of her uncle. Quite frankly, Elide spoke about him in a similar manner, but it was different hearing someone else talk about him the same way.

“That’s precisely why I want to be in politics” Elide responded, lowering her voice as if he could hear them, even all the way in the capital, and then raising it once more so that maybe he could hear her all the way from the capital. “So that I can stop people like him, and like Erawan, from becoming leaders in the world. I- I decided that no one in Terrasen should feel frightened and oppressed because of them. That they shouldn’t have to be represented by people like them. So if no one else is going to stand against them, I guess I will.”

Elide always felt proud when someone asked her why she wanted to go into politics. Proud because, it was the one thing in her life that she knew she wanted. And proud because it was the one thing in her life that didn’t hurt to talk about.

Evalin gave her a look that, if Elide wasn’t mistaken, looked like pride. “I think you and my daughter would get along” she said. “Her name is Aelin. She is an eleventh grader, like you, and she wants to get into politics as well.” Evalin gave a small chuckle, “She used to hate politics, you know. Couldn’t understand why her father loved being President so much.

“But then she met Rowan, and, well, I’ve never seen her so passionate about anything. You should talk to her.”

Just then, the warning bell rang in the hallway, disrupting the emotion that was beginning to build in the room and signaling all the students that first period of the first day of school would start in a few minutes.

Evalin hastily handed Elide her schedule and made to get out of her chair, but found herself surrounded by papers on both sides and could barely manage to take a step in any direction from her chair.

“It seems I may need to clean up a little bit” Evalin said, shaking her head and letting out a sigh. “Elide, I was going to walk you to your first class but-”

Elide couldn’t help but laugh at Evalin’s position. “It’s no problem”  She said, letting out a small giggle. “I’ll find my first class. Eventually.”

Evalin huffed and waved for Elide to leave the room. “Well go now before you’re late. And remember to go see my daughter when you can!” Evalin yelled as Elide exited her office.

Outside of Evalin’s office, Elide leaned against the door and watched the students rushing down the hallway to get to their first class. She could do this. She could do this.

Elide looked to her left, and then her right. She had no idea where room G246 was for her first class of the day: Law 2. But she’d find it. Eventually.

And she’d heal, she’d become a politician, she would do right by her parents.



READ IN 2016: Map of Fates (The Conspiracy of Us #2) by Maggie Hall

He smelled like something else, like pinpricks of light in the dark. Like boy. “It’s seductive, being wanted,” he said. It makes us less careful. “And it’s seductive wanting, It feels good. And it feels terrible at the same time.”


I’m presently developing a new series of London district maps that shall be available to buy as fine art prints. Here are some snippets of four maps I’ve completed in recent weeks: Shoreditch/Hoxton, Greenwich, Islington and Hampstead.

They demonstrate the distinct “retro” design style which I am focussing on… each map shall come embellished with one or two illustrations of local landmarks, and I also intend to make them available in a variety of colours.

Later in the year I shall also develop a new series of maps of other cities and locations in Europe and around the world.

More designs and details of their availability to come soon!

© Mike Hall