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So, Daisy and I were discussing the exact location of the Research Hall and I thought you guys may be interested in our findings ;)

Comparing the Grand Cathedral in the Waking World and the one with Laurence’s human skull in the Nightmare, the research hall is clearly located above the nave of the cathedral. If you look down from the Living Failures arena (outlined in blue) you can see the Lumenflower Garden (red) where we fight the Celestial Emissary in the Waking World.

The Waking World Lumenflower garden and the one in the Nightmare (where we pick up the Blacksky eye) look a bit different but they both connect to the upper level of the nave, the narrow path we take to get to Ebrietas in the Waking World and where A Call Beyond is located. And if you need further proof that they’re the same place, here’s one of the most overlooked clues regarding the timeline:

  • Lumenflower Garden, present day. Moon Presence statues EVERYWHERE. The dream was created, Laurence was alive and well, he and his associates not only beckoned MP but even had the time to worship her. Gehrman was probably already in the dream, but Laurence promised that he was going to free him from it at some point. The Hunter’s Dream worked as intended for some time until Laurence turned into a beast.
  • Lumenflower Garden as it appears in the Hunter’s Nightmare which is supposed to be a snapshot from the past. No statues. No dream. No Moon Presence. Not yet. (crappy pic, I’m lazy today :P)

If you look up from the present day Lumenflower Garden you can see that there is a bridge above your head (it’s quite hard to tilt the camera tho. There are a bunch of unfinished textures that From doesn’t want you to see :P) that connects the Grand Cathedral to the clocktower. That ‘bridge’ is the Living Failures’ arena, the Lumenwood Garden.

Maria’s arena is suspended above the entrance of the Cathedral itself, right above your head as you walk up the stairs where the 2 Church Servants with the wooden weapons that inflict Frenzy are.


READ IN 2016: Map of Fates (The Conspiracy of Us #2) by Maggie Hall

He smelled like something else, like pinpricks of light in the dark. Like boy. “It’s seductive, being wanted,” he said. It makes us less careful. “And it’s seductive wanting, It feels good. And it feels terrible at the same time.”


The rightful One and the girl with the violet eyes.
The One, who walks through fire and does not burn.
The girl, born of the twelve.
Their fates mapped together become the fate of the Circle.
Through their union, the birthright of the Diadochi is uncovered.
The riches of Iskander, the power of Zeus, the means to vanquish the greatest enemies.
The One, when it is his, becomes invincible.

245. We are not allowed to find embarrassing items of other students (teddy bears, pants, etc) and hang them from the Great Hall Ceiling.

How are pants embarrassing? - PP

Because you don’t want everyone seeing your knickers now, do you? - SB

But everyone wears them. How can it be embarrassing if everyone does it? - PP

It’s the kind you have that’s embarrassing. For example, think Moony wants everyone knowing that he wears compression shorts? - JP

That’s only if I’m wearing anything at all. - RL

You lucky bastard. - SB


“I know Napoleon mentioned something being odd about the union, but he doesn’t say the Circle’s interpretation is necessarily wrong. It could still mean you and me together are a veritable treasure map. And even if that’s all made-up nonsense, it’d keep you safe from being taken by one of the others. And it’d give us a good deal of leverage over them, in case we needed it.”
He trailed off and quirked one eyebrow.
I shook my head. He wasn’t saying what it sounded like he was saying.
“Stellan …”
A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “That’s right, kuklachka. Congratulations to us. It appears you and I are getting married.” [x]

Vandead Carnival Kou Sub Scenario w/Subaru Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w/Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Sub Scenario w/Subaru   Sub Scenario w/Azusa   Chapter 3   Sub Scenario w/Kanato  

-Scene: Dining Hall- [Location on Map: Castle]

Kou: Subaru-kun’s silver hair is so nice~

Subaru: Tch. What’re you bringing that up for?

Kou: I’d like to have silver hair too, but it could only be for a month ♪

Don’t you think that his hair’s pretty too?

Yui: Yeah! I like Subaru-kun’s hair color.

Subaru: Bah… …!!  You guys are acting weird today.

Yui: (Is he feeling embarrassed? His face is a bit red… …)

Kou: Ahahah, cuuuute ♪

Subaru: Shut up! Don’t make fun of me!!

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239. We are not allowed to send owl droppings by owl to the owner of said owl.

This was a good one, wasn’t it James? - SB

It was disgusting! And at breakfast too! - RL

I didn’t ask you. - SB

It was fun. It did make the Great Hall stink, though. - JP

Prongs, we must make sacrifices sometimes. - SB

True. - JP

I’m out of here. - RL

He owl-ways leaves, doesn’t he? - SB

I’m leaving too. - JP

Credit to @tsundokued for the prank and commentary. I’m a sucker for puns. :)